‘The Bad Guys’ Cast : Meet The Actors Who’ve Voiced The Animated Characters

The Bad Guys is the newest animated feature film from Dreamworks Animation, the animation company behind Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, and The Boss Baby. It is based on the well-known children’s book series authored by Aaron Blabey. The animated adventure is certain to amuse kids and their families who are looking for some talking animal entertainment. The Bad Guys, directed by Pierre Perifel, follows a group of merry criminals, including Mr. Wolf (Sam Rockwell), Mr. Snake (Marc Maron), Mr. Piranha (Anthony Ramos), Mr. Shark (Craig Robinson), and Ms. Tarantula (Awkwafina), as they try to change their ways and become good citizens, only to have the lure of “one last job” follow them along the way.

This cast and character guide for the animated film The Bad Guys, which is currently playing in theatres all around the US, is provided in anticipation of its release.

Sam Rockwell as Mr. Wolf

Mr. Wolf, a grey wolf who serves as the boss of the Bad Guys gang, has a charisma that rivals his pickpocketing prowess. Wolf’s life is turned upside down when he finds that doing good is more fulfilling than the most successful crime. Wolf is always prepared with a plan and the criminal ability to pull it off.

With roles in Seven Psychopaths, Iron Man 2, Moon, Fosse/Verdon, and even winning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Sam Rockwell is one of the most respected performers currently working in film and television. Rockwell is a persistent presence in the entertainment industry and a beloved personality to movie and television fans everywhere because of his ability to do humour and drama with equal ease and power.

Marc Maron as Mr. Snake

Mr. Snake, an Eastern brown snake, is Mr. Wolf’s deputy and best friend. He can squeeze into the smallest spaces and open the tightest safes, making him a crucial member of the Bad Guys gang. On other occasions, though, his pessimistic attitude on life and snarky demeanour also come off as annoying, particularly when Mr. Wolf thinks it’s time for the Bad Guys to turn “good.”

Popular comedian, on-screen talent, and host of podcasts Marc Maron. Since its launch in 2009, Maron’s podcast WTF with Marc Maron has become particularly well-liked and has welcomed a wide variety of guests, including Barack Obama and renowned talk show host David Letterman. Maron has made numerous film and television appearances, including in GLOW and his own sitcom Mar on, for which he won numerous awards for his portrayal of cynical wrestling promoter Sam Sylvia.

Anthony Ramos as Mr. Piranha

Mr. Piranha, a Bolivian red-bellied piranha, lives up to his reputation as a short-fused scrapper whose ferocious punch is matched only by the odour of his burrito-fueled farts. What he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in attitude.

Anthony Ramos has made a name for himself as a budding young talent that is poised to rock the entertainment industry. Ramos, an actor and singer, gained notoriety for his twin roles as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in the stage production of Hamilton. Ramos has since gone on to play prominent roles in a number of well-known films, including A Star is Born and In the Heights. The next two films he will star in are the high-budget blockbusters Distant and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

Craig Robinson as Mr. Shark

The adage “you never see a big white shark coming” certainly applies to Mr. Shark, the “master of disguise” of the Bad Guys gang, who gained notoriety by accomplishing the seemingly difficult task of stealing the Mona Lisa while disguising himself as the Mona Lisa. The group’s sweetheart, Mr. Shark is a sensitive soul with a razor-sharp smile who only has good intentions.

A comedian, actor, and singer, Craig Robinson. Robinson finally found success with his portrayal of Darryl Philbin on The Office after years of playing minor roles in movies and television. He went on to play prominent roles in movies including This is the End, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Morris from America, for which he won multiple awards.

Awkwafina as Ms. Tarantula

The smallest member of the Bad Guys is also its smartest member. Ms. Tarantula, called Webs, is the group’s most skilled hacker, and her lightning-quick typing speed is equaled only by her biting one-liners. Webs is your go-to spider-woman if you ever need someone to break into a system with high security!

Rapper, comedian, and actress Awkwafina originally gained notoriety in 2014 with the release of her debut album Yellow Ranger. After that, Awkwafina went on to star in films including Ocean’s 8, Crazy Rich Asians, Jumanji: The Next Level, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and The Farewell, for which she won a Golden Globe.

Richard Ayoade as Prof. Rupert Marmalade

Prof. Rupert Marmalade is a generous man who deserves to receive the Golden Dolphin Award for his humanitarian efforts. He is also the ideal target for the Bad Guy’s most recent crime because his heart is greater than his tiny guinea pig body. Unbeknownst to Mr. Wolf and the others, Marmalade would be the key to their decision to join the good guys.

British actor, comedian, and director Richard Ayoade makes movies. Ayoade’s debut came through his roles in the well-known sitcom The IT Crowd and the cult British comedy series The Mighty Boosh, for which he received a BAFTA TV award for his portrayal of the clever yet reserved IT worker Maurice Moss. Submarine, a comedy about coming of age, and The Double, a thriller, were both directed by Ayoade.

Zazie Beetz as Diane Foxington

With her big ideas and unwavering confidence, Governor Diane Foxington has no qualms about disparaging the Bad Guys on live television. However, even she had to be impressed when the Bad Guys made the decision to turn “good,” especially in light of Mr. Wolf’s sincere efforts to modify his behaviour.

German-born actress Zazie Beetz originally gained notoriety for her Emmy-nominated performance as Vanessa in Atlanta. Beetz would go on to have iconic roles in Joker and Deadpool 2.

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