The Batman’s Barry Keoghan Joker Fan Art That Everyone Is Talking About

A lot of Batman movies were created and released in theatres even before shared worlds became popular. The Batman by Matt Reeves, which presented a fresh narrative outside of the main DCEU timeline, carried on this trend. Barry Keoghan’s portrayal of The Joker made his film debut as well, and in recent sequel fan art, he was given one of the villain’s iconic faces.

The Riddler, the Penguin, and Catwoman were just a few of the characters that Robert Pattinson’s titular character dealt with in The Batman. Fans were shocked when Joker played a tiny part, sowing the plot seeds for a potential sequel. If Warner Bros. decides to go with the developing franchise, we can now see what he would appear to be as the Clown Prince of Crime thanks to fan art on Instagram. The video is below.


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How awesome is it, really? Fans are wanting to see Barry Keoghan in a more conventional outfit for a potential sequel project even though we saw Joker behind bars in The Batman. For the generations of Bat-fans out there, the classic purple suit and green shirt combination would be exhilarating. We’ll simply have to wait and see what director Matt Reeves has in store.

The Joker only appeared in one brief moment in the theatrical version of The Batman, but it was fascinating to see Barry Keoghan, star of Eternals, switch from Marvel to DC for the occasion. He was in Arkham Asylum, making it clear that Mr. J already has a connection to Robert Pattinson’s interpretation of Batman. Additionally, he appeared to get along well with Paul Dano’s Riddler, which may be a dangerous combo if/when they manage to escape.

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A deleted sequence from The Batman that featured Barry Keoghan’s Joker was posted online a few weeks after it debuted in theatres. In it, he engaged in conversation with Batman early in the film as the Dark Knight tried to learn more about the Riddler. The tension between the two characters was as anticipated, and Matt Reeves has already hinted at some of his ideas for the beloved DC villain.

You may see that additional scene from The Batman here as a reminder. Though Matt Reeves and team are undoubtedly playing things safe, we get a lot more of Barry Keoghan’s scarred visage.

Warner Bros. hasn’t formally stated that The Batman will get a sequel just yet. However, the film’s critical and commercial success should increase its prospects of receiving a sequel for the big screen. With a Penguin spinoff on HBO Max, Matt Reeves is already extending his perspective on Gotham City.

HBO Max is presently offering The Batman for streaming. Check out the 2022 release dates for movies to help you schedule your next cinematic outing.

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