20 Best Batman Villains List To Prove Batman Didn’t Have It Easy

Batman villains are at the top of the food chain when it comes to DC supervillains. These criminals stand in stark contrast to the crime-fighting Caped Crusader, embodying the most evil aspects of Gotham City’s dark, grimy, and unsettling playground, while Superman’s universe is an example of bright heroism.

The villains who torment it from within its darkest recesses define Batman. They all fall within a few shades of grey of the Dark Knight, which is what distinguishes them from one another. Additionally, they like to dance with the devil under the dim night.

Shawn S. Lealos’ revision was made on March 21st, 2022: Batman has been around longer than any other character in comic books today, excluding Superman, and his collection of memorable villains continues to be the largest and most extensive. The greatest Batman villains not only continue to be well-liked but also constantly reinvent themselves in order to keep up with the hero they oppose. The latest illustration is The Riddler’s reimagining in The Batman.

Batman’s enemies are a diverse group that includes both criminals without superpowers and, to a lesser extent, those who do. The fact that the non-powered villains frequently outperform their superpowered counterparts is what makes them so distinctive. The list of the best of the best and the greatest bad guys for the Caped Crusader now includes five additional legendary villains in the universe of Batman.


He is truly the Bane of Batman, the height of physical and mental wickedness. He spends his youth killing people with a knife hidden in a teddy bear as a byproduct of a difficult existence spent growing up in a corrupt prison. Bane decides to attack Gotham after narrowly escaping death due to an experimental super-soldier programme that allows him to become hooked on Venom and break out of his prison.

Bane is a tactical and strategic mastermind in addition to being a giant of a metahuman. He achieved his infamous defeat of Batman and breaking of his back in this manner. Due to his perseverance, Bane has since developed into one of the most lethal Batman villains created in recent memory.

Black Mask

He was the offspring of conceited, affluent parents who prioritised their social standing over their child’s welfare when he was born Roman Sionis. As a result, he developed an obsession with the concept of masks. In addition to inheriting the family riches after killing them both, he used the chance to reinvent himself by sculpting a black mask out of his father’s coffin and rising to the top of Gotham’s criminal underworld.

The Black Mask maintains a terrifying dignity rooted on good old-fashioned sadism and the use of a well-fired gun, unlike many of the greatest Batman villains who utilise over-the-top dramatics and bizarre gimmicks to fuel their crimes.

Carmine Falcone

The Batman movie is drawing a lot of attention to Carmine Falcone, but he has been a formidable foe for Batman since the 1980s. Carmine Falcone made his DC Comics début in Year One, which is where the upcoming film is based on Batman when he was the same age as he was in.

When it comes to the criminal underground of Gotham City, there have been many villains in the Batman comics, but Carmine stands out above the rest. Due to The Batman possibly holding him accountable for the deaths of Bruce Wayne’s parents, his origin in the film helps him exceed them all.


Any superhero worth his cape has at least one foe who can change their form. For Batman, it’s Clayface, a huge mud monster with the power to morph his body, transform his limbs into a variety of weapons, take on the appearance of anyone, and melt almost all physical attack in order to render it useless.

Despite having a shady past, Clayface has been Batman’s most interesting adversary since the 1940s. Batman: The Animated Series from the 1990s, which combined his previous comic equivalents and served as the visual model for subsequent appearances, provided the character’s greatest and most tragic iteration.


Deadshot began as a Batman adversary, yet over time he came to be most known for The Suicide Squad. Over time, he also became into a key antagonist for Batman, despite the two of them having a hesitant respect for one another. Batman would never accept that Deadshot is a killer, but he also upholds an honour code.

Because he is the Man Who Never Misses, Deadshot is a consistently dangerous villain. He no longer engages Batman as frequently as he once did, but when he did, their conflicts frequently came to a stalemate.


Deathstroke was originally a Teen Titans villain, but thanks to movies like Batman: Arkham Origins and more current publications, he has developed into one of the greatest Batman villains. He is one of the very few combatants that have defeated Batman more than once. The world’s best assassin, Slade Wilson, was the subject of a failed super-soldier project.

The conflict between Deathstroke and Batman has taken many different forms. But typically, Deathstroke is paid to murder the Bat or is seeking retribution for a previous loss. Deathstroke is even capable of defeating heroes like the Flash since he is unrelenting when he has a target and has tactical skills on par with Batman.

Harley Quinn

The bubbly murderer Harley Quinn completes the Gotham City Sirens. It’s quite a testament that a sidekick who debuted on a kid-friendly animated TV programme has swiftly elevated herself to the position of one of Batman’s most well-liked allies. originally planned as a one-off for the Joker’s Favor episode of Batman: The Animated Series.

She was brought back several more times because the character became such an instant hit. She then made her comic book debut and swiftly rose to fame. Then came a single series and a comic featuring the aforementioned Sirens. In addition to her success with the mallet, Margot Robbie’s interpretation of the character in the DC Extended Universe has made her a Hollywood star.

Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange, one of Batman’s first foes, made his appearance in Detective Comics #36 from 1940. In terms of backstories, Strange’s is an enigma. He essentially just showed up and immediately started causing issues. Since then, he has emerged as a recognisable antagonist from comic books, video games, and even television programmes.

He is undoubtedly insane, but he is also highly intelligent because he was one of the few people to figure out who Batman was. Not only that, but Batman has referred to this adversary as the most deadly man in the world. Coming from a man who was previously referred to as the same by Superman, this is unsettling.


If Hush played more than one villain role in important plot points, he might be rated higher. Hush was a fantastic adversary, but this one deserves to be listed among the finest Batman villains. First of all, unlike The Riddler in the animated films, this is Hush from the comics.

Bruce Wayne’s boyhood pal Hush was also raised by affluent parents, just like Bruce. Hush’s parents, on the other hand, were brutal, and he grew up despising his existence and Bruce’s life, whereas Thomas and Martha Wayne were loving parents who taught Bruce to be a hero. The solution to this puzzle cemented Hush’s reputation as a memorable antagonist.


Professor James Moriarty is Professor Sherlock Holmes, while The Joker is The Joker for Batman. Batman is nothing like Joker, and vice versa. Both of them have damaged minds as a result of their difficult lives and perceive Gotham as damaged. Joker views it as a wonderful joke that has earned him mayhem and destruction, whereas Batman sees it as something to be fixed. No one is higher on a list of Batman villains.

Beginning in the 1940s, the Joker and Batman have been enemies for a very long time. He has a wide variety of origin tales and has frequently been portrayed as an enigmatic figure. Their disputes have varied from adorable and colourful antics to intense, sinister, and occasionally scary conflicts. The Joker is a constant antagonist for Batman in comic books, movies, and video games.

Killer Croc

Killer Croc is one of the best Batman villains when done well. The character has since been reduced to a huge mutant lizard with little motivation other than wanting to eat Batman. But when he first appeared, Killer Croc was a much more compelling antagonist; in fact, some people think that the background of this character served as the real inspiration for Tim Burton’s Penguin in Batman Returns.

It seemed only inevitable that Waylon Jones would turn into a bloodthirsty cannibal after being constantly mistreated as a child and being born with a rare scaly skin condition. He spent a brief period of time gaining acceptance with a touring circus before arriving in Gotham City. Croc has become a genuinely terrifying renegade by allowing his affliction to rule his life.

Mr. Freeze

Despite all appearances, he isn’t a cold-blooded killer at heart; instead, he is one of the most tragic Batman villains and couldn’t give a damn about wealth or power. Saving his ailing wife Nora is all Mr. Freeze is concerned about. Victor Fries, a talented scientist, puts his wife into cryostasis after she develops a rare deadly illness. Due to interference by the business’s dishonest owner, Fries is changed by his own technology.

Fries is now unable to survive outside of subzero conditions or the unique outfit he creates. Freeze is one of the greatest Batman villains due to his propensity to do heinous crimes, not because he is bad, on the contrary. He’s just a desperate man who will do anything to win his wife back, even if it involves going up against Batman.

Poison Ivy

One of the most recognisable Batman villains is Poison Ivy, an eco-terrorist, who may have been forgotten by those who suffered the consequences of 1997’s Batman & Robin. This Gotham City siren is a dangerous adversary due to her extensive control over plants. Any man, even Superman, may be persuaded to carry out her will.

She develops into the hungry Poison Ivy who is fixated on defending the planet’s plant life after being forced to swallow — or was injected with, depending on the origin narrative — a toxic plant. Although she intends to end all human existence, despite the fact that this may seem like a noble goal, Batman will have to step in.


Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul operates on a totally different level than the majority of the best Batman villains, who confine their nefarious activities to Gotham City. The Demon’s Head, a super-smart, enigmatic assassin, gives the rogue gallery some much-needed gravitas. Ra’s is a man who is tired with the worst human misdeeds and wants to restart the world by committing genocide.

Additionally, he admires Batman to the point where he persistently tries to persuade the Caped Crusader to succeed him as League of Assassins head and wed his daughter, Talia Al Ghul. Ra’s Al Ghul has become into somewhat of an overused cliche puppet master figure as a result of his popularity surge brought on by Batman Begins.


Dr. Jonathan Crane was raised in an abusive environment that permanently damaged him; despite this, he managed to become a clinical psychologist and a psychology professor. He is expelled for discharging a gun in class, though, and this inspires him to become the Master of Fear.

The Scarecrow preys on the people of Gotham with a commandeering creepiness, using a chemical that makes victims confront their greatest fears. Batman’s ability to instil fear in criminals may be his most effective weapon against crime, but Scarecrow’s capacity to unleash that fear’s terrifying talents means that he has defeated him.

Talia al Ghul

More than almost any other enemy on Batman’s list, Talia al Ghul has done a lot to damage his mental and emotional state. Other than Catwoman, she was the only villain from the Batman series to win Bruce Wayne over. In addition, she gave birth to Damien Wayne, the son of Batman.

Batman was tormented by Talia as she persisted, and he soon found out that his son had grown up around Ra’s al Ghul and the League of Assassins. When Batman’s kid did return home, Talia was the one who had him killed, making her one of the Dark Knight’s most despised foes.

The Court of Owls

The newest Batman enemies are the members of the Court of Owls, and they are among the most formidable and dangerous. For more than a century, this organisation has controlled Gotham City from behind closed doors. They initially appeared in the DC New 52, and Scott Synder created them as the worst of the worst.

These are millionaires and billionaires that founded a clandestine organisation that controlled the actions of both heroes and villains and contributed to the corruption of Gotham City. They remain dangerous and deceptive, employing assassins known as Talons. The group is the biggest danger to Batman and is nearly hard to defeat.

The Penguin

The Penguin has long been a staple in the Caped Crusader’s rogues gallery, embodying the finest of Batman villain campiness. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot III made his debut in 1941’s Detective Comics #58 and initially started off as your typical thief. The persona developed into a prominent Gotham crimelord over a long period of time.

Despite being the hideous representative of the city’s criminal underground, Penguin has also demonstrated a practical, occasionally even feigning-legitimate business side, carrying out his nefarious deeds primarily in the interest of pursuing personal and monetary gain. The man with a thousand umbrellas has proven to be sophisticated and intelligent, heightening his risk.

The Riddler

The Riddler appears to belong to a distinct category of villains. He’s not really frightening or violent, at least not all the time. Instead, he adds some humour to Batman’s often grim and dreary universe. This mysterious villain is a cunning crazy who is determined to challenge the greatest detective in the world to a game of deduction.

At worst, he can keep up with the Gotham Guardian thanks to his cunning and fixation with defeating Batman. The Riddler can be incredibly dangerous, as evidenced by his manipulations in Batman: Hush and his calamitous rule in Batman: Zero Year.



Two-Face, formerly known as the White Knight of Gotham, is arguably the most tragic foe Batman has ever encountered. He was formerly the city’s honourable, crime-fighting district attorney, but after a vengeful mob boss threw acid in his face, he was horribly scarred. His already divided personality causes him to become Two-Face, a guy who is fixated with duality and chance as determined by a coin toss.

Neither fans nor Batman can ever be assured how the Batman adversary will behave because to the unpredictable nature of his coin. He is also one of Bruce Wayne’s few friends and confidants, which gives their interactions a more personal touch. Overall, aside from the Knight of Vengeance himself, few have embodied the contrast of good and evil like Harvey Dent. Two-Face and Batman are the two sides of the same coin, both representing the finest and worst of Gotham.




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