All Beauty And The Beast Characters We Loved & Hated Over The Years

Without a doubt, one of the most watched animated movies of all time is Beauty and the Beast. The 1991 film musical, which celebrated the sheer excellence of the entire narrative, the passion injected, and the magnificent songs that were used, became the first animated picture to ever be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Without a question, the characters themselves are what made this movie a genuine hit. The characters in this movie, whether in the 1995 animated version or the 2017 live-action adaptation, have truly become some of the most recognisable in cinematic history. The characters in the movie have a diverse range of characteristics, all of which are likeable in their own unique ways.


One of the movie’s main characters and someone who goes through a remarkable metamorphosis is The Beast. Of course, the Beast first struggles with his ability to control his fury because he has a very short fuse and loses his temper often.

However, the Beast obviously transforms throughout the film. His demeanour softens considerably, and he starts to concentrate on truly understanding the people around him through listening. It reveals his funnier and softer side, which makes him eventually quite likeable.


Without a doubt, Belle was the most endearing character in Beauty and the Beast. Although she is the princess in this situation, she does not fit the mould of the traditional character who would fill this role. Belle is a brilliant, kind, and considerate person who always puts others before herself.

Instead of focusing on the Beast’s outward look, she is able to evaluate him on the basis of his genuine inner personality. She is friendly to everyone, including Gaston, who she mostly manages to treat with respect. The most endearing character in this movie is Belle, who is unquestionably one of the most well-known Disney princesses of all time.


Simply put, Chip is a very endearing and adorable character. He is the protagonist’s child, therefore everything he does has an element of innocence to it. Chip has a strong desire to learn new things and is extremely curious about everything.

Because of his interest, he ends up playing a crucial role in the movie and making sure Belle and Maurice are safe. But because Chip is young, everything he does is always done with a sense of humour, which immediately endears him to many people.


One of the most well-known Disney characters of all time is Cogsworth, and he truly does have the right intentions. He is likeable since he genuinely cares for the Beast and the wellbeing of everyone else in the castle.

Cogsworth, on the other hand, has a reputation for being extremely grouchy and prefers to always follow the rules, never deviating from them. Nothing wrong with that, but it just doesn’t endear him to the same degree as other characters.


Even though Gaston is the film’s antagonist, there are still times when you may root for him. Gaston is undoubtedly one of the greatest Disney villains because he is so vibrant, engaging, and charismatic. A certain amount of Gaston’s likeability comes from the fact that he exudes confidence.

However, due to the way he acts occasionally, it’s impossible to give him a high rating. Gaston is a haughty bully who bullies others, bullies Belle, and bullies everyone else. He tries to kill the Beast voluntarily because he seems odd, which makes him generally dislikeable.


LeFou actually finds himself torn between two worlds throughout the movie. LeFou is, at his core, just a really decent person seeking companionship and acceptance. He only tries to impress people and make them laugh, which is what makes him pretty popular.

He does, however, spend all of his time with Gaston, attempting to assist him as much as possible, and because of the way he acts beside him, he is prevented from being too endearing.


Every time he appears, Lumiere infuses the movie with a dazzling vibrancy, illuminating it with his fervour and charisma. His kindness is evidence of his one and only goal, which is to serve and make sure that everyone is content and having a good time.

Unlike his colleague in crime Cogsworth, Lumiere might not always consider his actions before taking them. But generally, that’s what makes him so endearing. He makes an effort to make things as enjoyable as possible for everyone else in the castle, but when he has to take a stand for them, he is pleased to do it as well, growing into one of Disney’s finest sidekicks ever.


Maurice is undoubtedly a good man who only wants to do what he can to provide his daughter the best life he can. While some people are quick to label him “mad,” the truth is that he is simply an extremely creative person who is constantly trying to come up with something new.

Maurice is tremendously compassionate and clever. Since it is just him and Belle, he wants to ensure that she is always safe. When he returns from the castle, he uses all of his resources to enlist the help of others to save her, demonstrating the depth of his devotion.

Mrs. Potts

In this film, Mrs. Potts serves as the motherly figure, and it’s impossible not to like her. She has a soothing influence on everyone in the movie and puts in a lot of effort to keep the castle in tip-top shape and everyone as content as possible.

She is kind to everyone and genuinely wants to be helpful, especially with Belle and the Beast’s romance. Mrs. Potts strives to instil in them both the moral principles kids need to know, and the fact that she has experience makes her immensely likeable.


The feather duster in the animated movie Beauty and the Beast is called Plumette, but she doesn’t have a name. However, Plumette is given a far bigger prominence in the live-action version, particularly since she is Lumiere’s romantic interest.

She has a cute and playful persona that is always presented in a nice way, which undoubtedly makes her likeable. Plumette, in contrast, falls barely short in a movie populated by important characters.





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