10 Best ‘Ben 10’ Aliens We All Loved & Hated At The Same Time

The idea that 10-year-old hero Ben Tennyson could change into one of ten different aliens to rescue the day by using extraterrestrial technology known as the Omnitrix was one of the main ideas behind the 2005 animated series Ben 10. Ben can integrate the DNA of many alien species into himself with this technology, which resembles a wristwatch, to temporarily become that species and employ their special abilities to stop bad guys. Since the first episode aired, the series has expanded significantly beyond the original ten aliens, with more aliens being added and, in some rare instances, creatures being removed from the Omnitrix’s database. Some aliens were destined to stick out, whether that be for their abilities or for their memorability, with five distinct shows recording the multitude of aliens Ben has employed over his career combating villains. The top 10 aliens that Ben Tennyson has contacted with the Omnitrix are listed below.

Alien X (Alien Force)

Despite the fact that we have only discussed an alien that uses atomic energy, the strongest extraterrestrial in the Omnitrix is Alien X. It is a DNA sample from a Celestialsapien, a race of superhuman individuals with the capacity to perform any task they choose. There is a limit to this enormous power, which makes it appear to be somewhat powerful. Every Celestialsapien have two personalities (or, in Ben’s case, three), and before anything can be done, all personalities must agree on a goal. This is true even for actions as simple as moving, which can be challenging while attempting to engage an enemy in rapid-fire battle. As a result, Ben rarely truly employs Alien X, and his transformation into the alien is typically saved for emergency situations when he needs a significant advantage over his adversaries. However, it has been seen to be his most potent creature, as when he persuaded the personalities to assist him in producing a nearly exact duplicate of the world after the original one was destroyed.

Ampfibian (Ultimate Alien)

Ampfibians are best described by drawing comparison to jellyfishes. His extending tentacles can be used to shoot electrical energy back out once it has been absorbed by him. Ampfibian doesn’t have to rely solely on absorbing his enemies’ strikes because he is more than capable of producing energy on his own. He has amazing swimming skills and can breathe underwater. Ampfibian can also turn invisible, which when combined with his capacity for flight makes him a challenging opponent to attack. By detecting the electrical pulses in people’s brains, he can also read their thoughts.

Atomix (Omniverse)

It shouldn’t be questioned how powerful you are when your abilities involve the production and control of atomic energy. That is specifically the case for Atomix, who can easily destroy foes with pure energy. He can also produce nuclear energy and gamma radiation, which can be used to create an orb missile. He is dangerous to approach since he has the ability to melt nearby items by activating the cylinders that run along his body. Atomix possesses the capacity to fly, and his power is so great that he can knock something nearly beyond a planet’s atmosphere with only one kick. However, such unbridled strength comes at a high endurance cost that can exhaust Atomix. Additionally, the devastation that these powers can cause is impossible to restrain because of how terrible they are.

Blitzwolfer (Original Series)

Blitzwolfer is the werewolf-like creature found in the Ben 10 world, continuing the theme of classic horror creatures. He is a natural tracker and hunter thanks to his extraordinary senses of smell, hearing, and night vision. He also has a prehensile tail, which helps him catch up to prey thanks to his improved agility. Additionally, Blitzwolfer has the capacity to produce an ultrasonic howl, which he may employ both defensively to deflect missiles and offensively to paralyse opponents. He can also utilise the cry to launch himself into the air like a rocket, further enhancing his mobility. His razor-sharp teeth and claws, which can easily rip through even tough metals, are another component of his attacking arsenal.

Diamondhead (Original Series)

Diamondhead was one of the simple yet distinctive aliens that the original series was skilled at producing, and it may have been the one that stood out the most. He can change the shape of the light green crystals that make up his entire body at command. This enables him to transform his arms into a multitude of weapons for both defence and offence. When he can’t get close, Diamondhead may also shoot crystal shards from his body, giving him a deadly distance option. Additionally, he has the ability to create crystals, which enables him to strew the battlefield with either cover or powerful projectiles. He can deflect lasers away from himself and absorb pure energy with his incredibly strong body. Despite having a straightforward appearance, Ben frequently chose Diamondhead due to the unmatched adaptability of his outfit.

Humungousaur (Alien Force)

Ben 10: Alien Force features the humongousaur a tonne since it is a tried-and-true illustration of how sometimes you just need more muscle to defeat your foes. The capacity to increase in size from ten feet to sixty feet, which also boosts his strength, is one of Humungousaur’s powers. He can absorb more blows than certain other aliens at Ben’s disposal because his hide is armoured. He can even produce shock waves by clapping his hands together, demonstrating how strong he is. Humungousaur’s advantages serve as evidence that occasionally a straightforward design can be very effective.

Juryrigg (Ultimate Alien)

Ben’s physical characteristics can be changed by using alien DNA, but it can also change his mental characteristics! This is illustrated in an intriguing way through his usage of the alien Juryrigg. This extraterrestrial has a Gremlin-like appearance. His insatiable desire to disassemble and reassemble technology into all kinds of different gadgets and tech is the basis of his powers. He has the intelligence to carry out these behaviours because of this habit, and he will seize any chance to tamper with machines. Although he greatly likes to disassemble things, he can also create things, though they are typically “jury-rigged” and will eventually break. Additionally, he completes this in a matter of seconds, making no piece of machinery immune to potentially disastrous deconstruction.


Rath (Alien Force)

Rath is one of Ben’s more memorable aliens, maybe in part because John DiMaggio, a great voice actor, provided the character’s voice. Rath is an Appoplexian, a species that resembles a tiger-like, buff, bipedal creature. Rath has enormous retractable claws on each wrist, in addition to his superhuman strength and agility. These claws are razor-sharp and have an adjustable size. But Rath has one quality that makes him both his strongest suit and his biggest weakness: unrivalled aggression. Rath has very little fear and nearly never backs down from a challenge, regardless of how unlikely it may appear that he will ultimately prevail. This can provide him a psychological advantage because many foes will run away in dread of what he will do to them.

Swampfire (Alien Force)

The introduction of aliens that were similar to those found in the original series but held their own skills that made them distinct as well was something that frequently occurred between the series’ change from the original series to Ben 10: Alien Force. The best illustration of this is provided by Swampfire, who at first glance resembles Heatblast from the original series in that both characters have the ability to project fire outward. Swampfire, however, broadens on talents because he also possesses plant-based abilities. Swampfire can, among other things, regenerate severed limbs and use a technique known as chlorokinesis to command plants. This gives him the ability to regulate the rate of plant growth and employ plant vines to catch and ensnare adversaries. Swampfire can produce mud that adheres to practically everything and use his plant-based abilities to heal others. Overall, his kit builds on an earlier alien’s foundation and significantly increases the range of available powers.




Whampire (Omniverse)

The first entry on the list is an alien that is similar to vampire fiction made popular by Bram Stoker in 1897. The skills of Whampire, a member of the Vladat species, are in accordance with those of a vampire alien. Using Corrupturas, which are tiny mind-controlling critters that the Vladat produces and implants onto the foes of those they want to dominate, he can hypnotise adversaries and manipulate others. Whampire can also absorb the energy of living things by sucking on them, similar to how vampires are said to sustain their life force by consuming the blood of their prey. The science-fiction adaptation of the traditional Gothic creature of the night in this reality includes the ability to fly and change into a bat.

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