Unscripted Drama: The Intriguing World of Botched and Scripted Shows

“Botched,” which stars Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow as doctors, is one of the most watched programmes on e! Since its 2014 debut, the show has delighted audiences with true tales of people who had horrible experiences with cosmetic surgery in the past and are now looking to make things right. Even while things aren’t always as easy as we would want, we nevertheless eagerly await the specifics of each new case that the show tells. To what extent, though, is the series true to its claims? Here is what is known regarding the same, though!

Is Botched Scripted?

No, we don’t think “Botched” is a predetermined programme. Given how badly some of the featured patients appear to be struggling before their surgeries are completed as part of the show, the series undoubtedly has a shock factor. Having said that, the series’ surprising components serve to emphasise its main point, which is to demonstrate how frequently medical operations go wrong, particularly in the context of cosmetic surgery. There have been cases where patients have neglected to follow up with necessary maintenance, even if some of the problems may have started as a result of the previous physicians that the cast consulted.

The straightforward approach Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif take to every case sets the E! show apart from other programmes that highlight cosmetic surgery. Even though they constantly look willing to assist the patients in any way they can, it is uncommon for them to guarantee a 100% successful outcome. Medical professionals clearly always attempt to respect patients’ desires, but they also appear to think that a critical aspect of their work is establishing reasonable expectations for the people they are caring for. Therefore, the idea of self-acceptance is the most important lesson that the majority of the cast members learn.

Though the show’s portrayal of the risks associated with cosmetic surgery may seem like a harsh dose of reality, it is balanced by the professional judgement and work of the medical professionals who serve as the show’s main cast members. Nevertheless, Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif have also had to deal with a number of court cases involving unsatisfied patients. Page Six revealed in 2018 that a patient who was supposed to star in “Botched” ultimately sued Dubrow for $3 million. However, the news source also hinted that the patient’s failure to follow doctor’s directions may have played a significant role in the suffering the patient experienced from Dubrow’s treatment.

Image Credit: Brandon Hickman/E! After Sandy Scoggins and her attorneys wanted $10 million, Dubrow also filed a countersuit, arguing that the allegations against him were based on fabricated facts. In 2016, a man named Eric Klein filed a lawsuit against Paul Nassif, claiming that the television personality had performed a rhinoplasty on him, leaving him unable to blink. As of this writing, the specifics of the legal process have not yet been made public.

One could question the validity of the two doctors’ work in “Botched” given their involvement in court cases. Still, these medical professionals rank among the most highly esteemed people in the field. Our confidence in the show’s nature has been restored by the fact that the majority of the patients who are featured in it have been quite positive about the care they received. Overall, it appears that the show is true to its claims of accuracy and presents real-life issues and solutions from people who merely want an appropriate resolution to their difficulties.

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