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Britney Spears Security Slap Video: Analyzing the Controversial Incident

The security slap video involving Britney Spears has received a lot of attention. There has been media attention on the incident involving Britney Spears and a San Antonio Spurs security guard.

Spears alleged that a security guard struck her in the face on July 5, 2023, as she approached Victor Wembanyama.

After an inquiry by the LVMPD, neither party will face any charges.

Spears’ assertion that she simply touched the basketball player on the back appears to be supported by recently made public CCTV footage.

The Alleged Slapping Incident

The event happened at the ARIA Hotel in Las Vegas, where supposedly both Britney Spears and the San Antonio Spurs were staying.

The pop artist can be seen sprinting up to Wembanyama, who was walking with security, and patting him on the back in a video footage of the security slap that TMZ was able to secure.

Then, between Wembanyama and Spears, the security guard’s arm flies out and slaps them.

A police report on the incident, which People was able to get, states that the security officer “used enough force when pushing Britney’s hand away that it caused her hand to hit her face, causing her sunglasses to fall off.”

This refutes Spears’ assertion that the security man backhanded her without turning around.

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No Charges to be Filed

The battery incident reported on July 5, 2023 at 11 p.m. has been thoroughly investigated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

According to the inquiry, no charges will be brought against the involved person.

Britney Spears claimed that security had attacked her, but there was insufficient proof to support her claim.

Wambanyama’s Statement

Victor Wambanyama, the first overall choice of the San Antonio Spurs, has since spoken on the incident.

Wambanyama claimed that the event occurred when he and his guards were strolling in a packed hallway in a video posted on Twitter by KENS reporter Nate Ryan.

He heard someone calling his name again and over, and when he didn’t answer, they suddenly grabbed him from behind.

Wambanyama claimed that security staff interfered by shoving the person away, but he was unable to pinpoint who was responsible.

Later, Wambanyama discovered that Britney Spears had grabbed him.

Wambanyama, however, claimed that he didn’t stop to look since he was told not to and instead kept moving forward.

The Aftermath

Spears used social media to convey her version of the incident, which she later called as a “traumatic experience.”

Spears added that neither Wambanyama, his group, nor the participating security people offered her an apology.

The Spurs organisation has not released any formal statements regarding the incident.

Fans of the Lances have expressed their outrage through internet entertainment, and many have asked that the safety officer implicated in the incident be excused.


The recently made public video film appears to refute Spears’ earlier claim that the security guy was being sneaky with her.

Even though the LVMPD has finished its investigation and no charges will be brought, the event has infuriated Spears’ supporters. The Spurs have not yet made a remark about the situation.

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