What Exactly Is A Bruxa In The Witcher? Is Vereena A Bruxa Or Higher Vampire?

We all know that The Witcher’s diverse cast of supernatural creatures plays a part in its appeal. Of course, a Witcher’s job is to pursue and slay these monsters, especially if they pose a threat to people. A Bruxa, who served as Geralt’s primary foe in episode 1 of season 2 of The Witcher, is one of the monsters that we first encountered. But in The Witcher, what precisely is a Bruxa?

In essence, a bruxa is a subtype of a vampire with unique abilities. They are similar to other vampires in that they must consume human blood to exist, though. However, bruxae are typically stunning women who were formerly witches and later transformed into vampires after living out their mortal lives.

The Witcher’s biggest drawback is how many of the monsters that emerge in it are based on various legends and folklore. Of course, the bruxae are similar in that Portuguese culture served as their genuine inspiration. Nevertheless, The Witcher features a wide variety of monsters, including vampires. And by learning more about it, we will value this masterpiece even more.

What Is A Bruxa In The Witcher?

It is no secret that The Witcher is a tale about a man who is a member of a covert organisation of monster slayers. Therefore, it stands to reason that if there is a monster slayer, there must also be creatures that need to be eliminated. As a result, there are many distinct monsters in The Witcher in all of its incarnations.

We were instantly introduced to a new kind of creature that we hadn’t seen in season 1 of the live-action version of The Witcher in season 2. In the same way that Renfri made a small contribution to the direction of the tale in season 1, the first episode of the second season focused more on that monster while also making a small addition to the plot.

We saw the Witcher and his child of destiny journeying across a frozen plain on their way to Kaer Morhen, the secret keep of the Witchers concealed deep in the mountains to the far north of the continent, when the narrative of Geralt and Ciri resumed in the first episode of season 2. Geralt and Ciri, however, had to take a detour to a mansion situated in the forest since they needed to find shelter.

Because he said that the home belonged to an old acquaintance, Geralt wanted to visit it. A terrible creature that resembles his old companion makes its appearance. The beast, however, continued to be Geralt’s familiar buddy who could recognise him and related the tale of how he came to be a beast by curse. The Witcher’s first episode bears many similarities to the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.

Nevertheless, Ciri discovered while residing there that there was something else concealed within the home. This creature appeared as a stunning young woman named Vereena, who appeared to be nice toward Ciri but actually had other intentions. However, as the story went on, Geralt recognised this creature for what it was—a bruxa. But precisely what is a bruxa?

Actually, the vampire race has a subtype called bruxas. In essence, a bruxa possesses extraordinary strength and speed like all vampires do. In order to survive, it also has to suck blood from its victims. To the dismay of his friend who adored the monster, Geralt was motivated to hunt down and ultimately kill Vereena because she was preying on other people.

A bruxa is a giant winged bat-like creature that may change into a young girl, in contrast to the most of the vampires we are aware of, who are virtually always in their human form. According to legend, bruxae were just witches who completed their mortal lives before becoming bruxae when they underwent the vampire transformation.

What Are A Bruxa’s Powers?

A bruxa is a tremendously potent vampire with many diverse talents that are beyond superhuman, as depicted in The Witcher.

A bruxa may change into either a human or a winged creature, in addition to having extraordinary strength and speed. This is how bruxae can blend in among people.

One of the most prominent characteristics of a bruxa is that it is one of the few vampire races that is unaffected by sunlight. That implies that killing a bruxa cannot be accomplished by waiting for the sun to rise. Higher Vampires, Mulas, and the other vampire species are not harmed by the sun.

Finally, in episode 1 of season 2 of The Witcher, the bruxa spoke to Ciri and predicted that Geralt would kill her at some point in the future, demonstrating that she was able to communicate telepathically.

Is Vereena A Bruxa Or Higher Vampire?

As previously stated, Vereena is the aforementioned vampire whom we first encountered in The Witcher’s second season, episode 1. But is Vereena a Higher Vampire or a Bruxa?

Despite the fact that bruxae are extremely powerful, Vereena is a lower class of vampire called a bruxa. In contrast, Higher Vampires are a whole distinct race of vampires according to The Witcher’s mythology.

Higher Vampires resemble humans and cannot be differentiated from them even with the help of a Witcher’s medallion, in contrast to bruxae, which have wings in their true form. Additionally, Higher Vampires possess certain skills that Bruxae do lack. Additionally, Higher Vampires do not require blood to survive, in contrast to normal vampires, albeit they still consume it for the experience.

Notable Bruxae

In The Witcher books and video games, there are two additional bruxae in addition to Vereena. They are Queen of the Night and Orianna.

Before being killed by Geralt, Orianna was a bruxa who resided in Toussaint. The Queen of the Night, on the other hand, is frequently referred to as a higher vampire due to her status rather than her species. She is still a bruxa, though, and in the Witcher games, you can decide whether to kill her or spare her.

Bruxa vs. Higher Vampire: Who Is More Powerful

No matter how strong a bruxa is, it is nothing compared to a Higher Vampire. Higher Vampires are the highest and most powerful subspecies of vampires according to The Witcher’s literature, and they are also very rare and powerful. There is a distinct subspecies for Higher Vampires, which are vampires with special abilities and are virtually undetectable due to how well they blend in with human society. While many different vampires that are powerful enough are regarded as higher vampires (like Queen of the Night), they are not the only ones.

Where Can You Find Bruxa In Witcher 3?

While bruxae are present in The Witcher and The Witcher 2 games, they are absent from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s first release. You can, however, use a bruxa Gwent card. When the Blood and Wine expansion was released, The Witcher 3 added the ability to battle bruxae. They can be found in Corvo Bianco, the prison remains, and the olive garden in the northeast, between Basane Farm and Dun Tynne Crossroads, and in the west.

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