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Busta Rhymes’ Wife: Exploring the Woman Behind the Iconic Rapper

The focus is currently on Busta Rhymes’ wife, who has drawn a lot of interest and left a lot of people wondering.

Fans are clamouring for information about his present and previous relationships as curiosity in his love life grows.

Rapper Busta Rhymes is not married and is not currently involved in a relationship, according to reports.

Despite having a number of relationships with alluring women, some of which led to the birth of his six children.

Busta Rhymes had a major relationship with Jill Miskelly over his life.

They had a daughter named Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly during their relationship.

Busta Rhymes had a significant relationship with Joanne Wood as well.

Sadly, Joanne’s lesbian identity caused their relationship to terminate.

T’Ziah Wood-Smith, T’Khi Wood-Smith, and Trillian Wood-Smith are their three children, and despite their separation, they enjoy having them all together.

Busta Rhymes wife & children

The various facets of Busta’s life are reflected in the distinctive identities and talents of each of his children.

Mariah, who was born in 1998, is the child of Busta Rhymes and Jill Miskelly, an ex-girlfriend.

T’Ziah Wood-Smith, the oldest child of Busta Rhymes and his ex-girlfriend Joanne Wood, was conceived on February 26, 1993.

T’Ziah has proven to be an exceptional basketball player and has chosen to play for the Quinnipiac Bobcats men’s basketball team to further his interest.

Another kid of Busta Rhymes and Joanne Wood, T’Khi Wood-Smith, was conceived in 1999.

T’Khi is driven to achieve his goals in the sport of football and has set his sights on a football career.

Trillian Wood-Smith, the newest member of the group, was born in 2001.

Trillian is expected to continue on his father’s musical legacy since Busta Rhymes is his father and has demonstrated talent and interest in the music industry.

Busta Rhymes has a daughter named Cacie Smith from a previous relationship with Rhonda Randall.

She is vital to Busta Rhymes’ family, even if her birth year and interests are not mentioned.

It is important to note that Busta Rhymes has another child, bringing his total to six; nevertheless, the specifics regarding his sixth child are not given.

Busta Rhymes child custody battles

Busta Rhymes’ previous relationships with his ex-girlfriends had some difficulties, and one of them, Jill Miskelly, even took him to court in 1999 to prove his fatherhood through a test.

His paternity for his daughter Mariah, who was born in 1998, was established by the test.

Busta had already been paying $1,200 a month in child support before the test findings were known.

Busta Rhymes is proud to be a parent to his daughter Mariah right now.

Currently going by the name Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly, Mariah prefers to use her mother’s last name, Miskelly.

Busta Rhymes also shared a daughter, Cacie Smith, with Rhonda Randall, with whom he had a relationship.

In addition, Busta Rhymes and Joanne Wood fought over who would get custody of their kids.

They participated in a protracted legal battle, and Joanne has publicly acknowledged Busta’s animosity towards her.

Wood said in 2006 that the antagonism was brought on by the fact that she is a lesbian and not because she is a bad mom to their three children.

Busta was upset, according to Wood, because she loved another lady more than she loved him.

Burton Joseph, the judge for the Nassau County Family Court, finally decided that Busta Rhymes was a better candidate for parenthood than Joanne Wood.

Busta Rhymes prevailed in the contentious custody dispute, ensuring the welfare of his kids.

Rhymes gets special award for lifetime achievement

Busta Rhymes received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2023 BET Awards.

He shed tears during his acceptance speech as he thought about his responsibilities as a father and the costs he paid to advance his career.

Busta Rhymes acknowledged the times he had to be away from his kids to make sure they were okay and thanked them for their love and support.

He expressed his joy at finally getting to see them together at such an important time.

Busta Rhymes said to ET’s Kevin Frazier that he was contemplating all the people he wanted to thank but was unable to do so because of time restrictions.

He also apologised for maybe missing important junctures in his kids’ lives.

He did, however, thank them for their patience and how proud they were of him.

A video package showcasing the artist’s accomplishments in music, film, and television was shown after the artist’s moving acceptance speech.

Reputable individuals including Dave Chappelle, Pharrell Williams, Janet Jackson, and Diddy acknowledged their appreciation for Busta Rhymes’ outstanding career.

Busta Rhymes’ passionate speeches during the Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony added a special sense of personalization that both the performer and the audience will remember. He spoke about motherhood, his profession, and his children’s unwavering support.

Last but not least, if Busta Rhymes’ wife had been alive, she would have been quite proud of him.

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