Is Chainsaw Man The Biggest Anime Since Demon Slayer? Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, the animated phenomenon about exterminating demons, may be familiar to you. But what about the devil-killing manga Chainsaw Man? It will soon have an anime that may easily surpass Demon Slayer in popularity. Demons, devils, and potatoes, yes? Chainsaw Man stands out from its slaughtering rivals despite some instantly noticeable changes in the baddies thanks to its recognisable personalities and difficult-to-stomach setting. The anime is being made by MAPPA, one of the industry’s most consistently outstanding studios, which is the cherry on top.

When will this finally end? Later this year, according to the studio. The only thing they teased was a 2022 premiere date, however Crunchyroll recently revealed that they had licenced the anime. As soon as the episodes are released in Japan, they’ll start streaming it with both English subtitles and dubs. Expect to be unable to watch the entire anime in one sitting because it will air one episode per week. But if the manga is any indication, a significant event occurs in each chapter, creating a story that is incredibly intricate. It will start out slowly, but eventually expand until it covers the entire world.

Denji, a teenage devil hunter with an extraordinary power who is eager to do whatever to lead a comfortable life, is the protagonist of the series. Although the tale is surprisingly deep, it initially appears to be a normal battle series that depends heavily on striking visuals. Denji tackles a world that is becoming more and more disordered while navigating heart-pounding fights. It is simultaneously comical and dramatic, thrilling and contemplative. Denji is forced to recognise the preciousness of life’s briefness by the losses he endures, the atrocities he witnesses, and the horrors he produces. The non-bloody scenes are therapeutic and contagious humorous, but they also have the potential to be heartbreakingly depressing. The intensely violent sequences are also hilariously ridiculous and horribly disturbing.

The foundation is just so solid. Throughout the book’s slightly less than 100 chapters, Fujimoto presents a large number of notable characters and memorable confrontations that combine to develop Denji’s simpleminded (and often hilarious) worldview into one that is profoundly relevant. Additionally, it has at least 11 million books in circulation, a Harvey award, and a sizable following in terms of sales. Because of COVID constraints, the books could not be published quickly enough to keep up with demand when VIZ released the first English-language edition in October 2020. Even at one point, individuals were bidding on eBay for three times the sticker price just to get a copy. The series maintained its position on Amazon’s list of best-selling manga when supply was able to keep up with demand. The 11th and final volume is scheduled for release in the US this June. The anime will draw on all of it and more, having already had its own cultural moment.

And most importantly, the anime will be amazing because MAPPA is in charge of it. The Jujutsu Kaisen anime and the last season of Attack on Titan, both marvels in their own right, were created by these anime masterminds. They constantly create realistic and compelling adaptations of highly regarded manga thanks to their smooth animation and exquisitely detailed drawings. It’s obvious from the few teasers and stills they’ve published that Chainsaw Man will be a masterpiece. The more subdued character-focused moments appear to have just as much weight as the absolutely insane brutal action passages.

The manga’s current hiatus is a problem. When the ostensibly final chapter revealed a further arc that would carry on Denji’s tale, it caught everyone off guard. But it has yet to take shape. It’s unclear how much of the tale will be covered in the first season, but if it takes years to write and produce Chainsaw Man’s next unquestionably fantastic chapter, the franchise may quickly lose steam. (UPDATE: After an 18-month break, Shonen Jump has confirmed that the manga will resume on July 12).

One further positive aspect of Chainsaw Man is its active fan base. There are the cosplayers that receive billions of views on TikTok whether they are cosplaying anime or not, the YouTube boosters who dissect manga for hundreds of thousands of views, and the subreddit with over 100,000 memelords and fan artists.

Chainsaw Man Anime Release Date

CHAINSAW MAN fans have been given a huge update about the release date of the highly anticipated adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s wildly popular manga, with Crunchyroll securing streaming rights.
Once the anime starts, this is almost certain to become more serious. maybe in 2022 second half.

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