After Elsa Pataky’s Interceptor Hits No. 1 Spot On Netflix, Chris Hemsworth Is All Praise & Love For Her

Chris Hemsworth is on schedule to energise theatres with Thor: Love and Thunder this month, but for the time being, he’s recognising another Hemsworth family member who’s making waves in the film industry. The Netflix movie Interceptor, starring the Marvel actor’s wife Elsa Pataky, rose to the top of both the streamer’s U.S. trending list and the list from the couple’s stunning home country of Australia.

Through his most recent Instagram post, Chris Hemsworth proudly celebrated his wife’s success. He posted a picture of the Netflix trending movie lists for Australia and the United States in it. The fact that he put hearts around the icons for Elsa Pataky’s new project, showing the depth of his affection for both her and the film itself, made it much sweeter. You can read Hemsworth’s description of the movie as a delectable vintage action movie in the post below:


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The actress has some really impressive arm muscles, and she sure looks badass with that duct tape wrapped around her bicep. It’s quite obvious from her performance in Interceptor that her character, J.J. Collins, is a real-life rival to Chris Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake in Extraction. In fact, I’m itching for a crossover or team-up between the two Hemsworth family leaders now that they’ve both had these similar action roles.

Elsa Pataky may have displaced her husband as the reigning action star with her performance, as the film paints the actress in an entirely new, badass way. She established a family routine with her spouse and became extremely fit for the part. The cherry on top has to be earning those top spots on the streamer’s list. Her husband has has experience with having a #1 movie because Extraction was once in that position.

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As endearing as she appears to be in the film and as well-liked as it has proven to be, fans’ comments on Chris Hemsworth’s tweet are concentrated on a totally different element of it. It’s interesting how Andrew Garfield has taken some of the attention. Many comments mention how Garfield movies have surpassed Interceptor as the second-most popular movie in both nations. The Amazing Spider-Man is currently at number two in the United States, while Hacksaw Ridge has occupied that position in Australia. While I’m always up for some Garfield love, I’ll be honest and say that my attention is more focused on the news that Chris Hemsworth’s Gilmore Girls is the Netflix algorithm’s top pick for television shows.

But putting Andrew Garfield and Gilmore Girls aside, it’s quite great that a fierce woman is controlling Netflix’s top slot in several nations. I’m hoping this won’t be the last time Elsa Pataky plays the lead in a big-budget movie like this.

Get a Netflix account and watch Interceptor if you’re interested in doing so. Additionally, keep a look out for additional noteworthy releases by browsing our list of forthcoming films.

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