Explained: How Does Santa Die In The End Of Christmas Bloody Christmas?

How about a Christmas movie with a gory finish to spice things up after you’ve binge-watched all the ones with a warm and endearing story? “Christmas Bloody Christmas” delivers what the audience wants to see. The movie is appropriate for individuals who despise the joyful event a bit too much because it contains gore, violence, and profanity. Riley Dandy, Sam Delich, and Jonah Ray play the main characters in the film.

The horror film, which was directed by Joe Begos, depicts the survival journey of Tori, a young girl who only wants to party and get intoxicated. She runs across the town to avoid being killed as a robot Santa breaks down. The film uses the cliche of advanced technology gone awry. The malfunction results in the horrible murder of numerous innocent persons. One tenacious survivor, though, perseveres all the way to the very end of “Christmas Bloody Christmas.” Let’s learn more. Spoilers follow!

Christmas Bloody Christmas Plot Synopsis

In a vinyl record store, Tori and Robbie are employed. The store immediately establishes the gloomy mood of the film with its gothic furnishings, ominous atmosphere, and neon lighting. The proprietors of a toy store down the street, Lahna and Jay, are good friends with Tori and Robbie. The four buddies get together at the toy store on Christmas Eve for a drink and to exchange gifts.

RoboSanta+, a robotic Santa, may be found in the toy store. RoboSanta+ begins to malfunction and move on its own as Tori and Robbie leave the store. RoboSanta+ wanders the toy store and grabs an axe without any guidance or assistance. While having sex in the abandoned toy store, Jay is abruptly struck in the back with an axe. Lahna calls out for assistance, but no one hears her.

Meanwhile, Tori and Robbie continue their miserable Christmas celebration at a bar. They discuss music, how much they despise Christmas, and the best carols written for the occasion. The RoboSanta+ product recall from numerous stores around the nation is mentioned on the news channel on television. They switch off the TV because they find the news dreary. After leaving the bar, Tori and Robbie head over to her house. There are also her sister and brother-in-law. Tori sees the killing of a youngster next door as she goes to the kitchen to make more beverages.

She summons Robbie to the kitchen and describes the danger after being startled and terrified. After vanishing from view, RoboSanta+ breaks through Tori’s window. Tori’s sister and brother-in-law are killed by it. Robbie and Tori narrowly escape with their lives. Robbie is struck in the head with the axe as it turns its attention to them. Tori succeeds in escaping once more. When police arrive, they discover a large number of dead bodies.

RoboSanta+ goes around in quest of Tori after causing chaos at the police station and killing the sheriff. Through all of the follies of the wicked robot, she is the only one who survives. The grisly conclusion of the film reveals RoboSanta+ and Tori’s destiny.

Christmas Bloody Christmas Ending: How Does The Santa Die?

The robot keeps getting back up despite being shot several times. The robot is shot by the police, and Tori even accidentally runs a car over it. RoboSanta+ is able to withstand significant damage without even the slightest problem. Sheriff Monroe and another officer fire at it once again as it reaches the police station, but to no avail. No human being can match the enormous, powerful robot. RoboSanta+ also escapes a fire that starts in front of the police station.

From the police station, Tori takes a revolver and a taser in case she needs to defend herself. She tases RoboSanta+ when he discovers her at the station hiding under a desk, making another break for it. Tori and the robot are both tenacious in their chase. One wants to kill everyone, while the other is focused on escaping the situation unscathed.

Again, RoboSanta+ is after Tori. It also doesn’t work to throw it out the window or set the robot ablaze. The movie’s finale occurs at her record store where they ultimately arrive. The movie concludes exactly where it began in a poetic full-circle sequence. With a big sword, Tori stabs the robot, then turns on the sprinklers. The robot’s exposed wires and circuitry rust in water. Tori electrocutes RoboSanta+ to assure its demise.

The film appears to be a reflection of how quickly technological progress may spiral out of control. Despite being created by humans, technology is still capable of going horrifically wrong and leading to a situation akin to a slaughter. In the film, countless helpless humans suffer horrifying deaths at the hands of a supposed friend robot. The robot’s construction is also so durable that it survives attacks from bullets, fire, and water. In the present era, where technology has taken over the entire planet, people worry that artificial intelligence will exterminate the human species.

Is Tori Alive?

Our powerful female protagonist escapes the bloody Christmas Eve events unscathed. She uses all resource she has to battle the robotic Santa to stay alive. Given the upsetting events of the evening, it is admirable to see her fight to the bitter end. Tori is present when every one of her loved ones passes away. She must watch helplessly as the robot slaughters everyone in his way, including her sister and her closest friends.

As she tackles the robot Santa alone, Tori demonstrates her tenacity and bravery. She chooses cunning methods and finds a solution. She fights with her brain instead of her adrenaline, which is why she is still the sole person still alive. She utilises electricity and water to harm RoboSanta+ because she is aware that it is a robot. Under duress, even the police officers started shooting at it, but they were unable to defeat the malicious robot.

Why Does The Santa Kill Everyone?

The robot’s capacity to operate independently and murder innocent people serves as the foundation for the entire movie’s premise. The townspeople are unable to figure out what is causing the normally benign Santa to go berserk as the robot begins its murdering spree. It takes the weapon by itself and begins to hunt down targets for no apparent reason.

We learn right away that the US Department of Defense actually manufactures RoboSanta+. The US military created robots to fight America’s enemies around the world after spending over a trillion dollars on cutting-edge technology. The firm that created and produced RoboSanta+ so that it could take the place of mall Santas nationwide is called Sowell Robotic Products. The military-grade technology used to create RoboSanta+ gives it a full range of motion.

The irony comes from Sowell Robotic Products’ assertion that the robot was created for the common population so that they might benefit from the technology. They further claim that the robot is designed to protect children and families. On the other hand, the truth is very terrible. RoboSanta+ starts killing defenceless victims without any justification, far from keeping people safe.

The robot’s military-grade construction makes it likely that it reverted to its original defence firmware, though. In spite of the odds, the robot proves to be deadly because America is known for employing brutal tactics to subdue enemies abroad. For a robot that is primarily built for murder, its dysfunctional behaviour makes sense. RoboSanta+ was built using cutting-edge technology, but it is still unable to discriminate between the country’s enemies and the common public. In hindsight, the robot follows its orders flawlessly.

Because of their unpredictable conduct, the corporation is recalling all of the robot items, according to the news stations in the film. Sowell Robotic Products is taking responsibility for its mess and setting things right, as seen by the recall. Given that it conveys a significant concept, it is among the better components of the movie. Companies ought to stand up and admit their errors. Additionally, they will do their utmost to correct the mistakes going forward, which makes them more humanitarian.

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