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All American season 5: What happened to Coach Baker on All American?

More emotion and heartbreak than we anticipated have come with All American season 5! We had to say farewell to a much-loved character in episode 11, “Time,” who passed away off-screen. And that figure was Billy Baker, also known as the incredible Coach Baker.

“Lost One,” was aired on February 20, 2023, showed the consequences of what occurred to the coach. He was after all adored by so many people, especially his lovely family. With this unexpected loss, both they and us will require a lot of assistance. The focus of episode 12 was on his family and everyone he knew, and how they are all dealing with his death.

The CW has already given the show a season 6 renewal, so we know this storyline will last for some time. This will propel the stories of many of the people because Billy is such an important character.

What specifically occurred to the coach, then? How was he killed? The solution is provided below.

What happened to Coach Baker on All American?

Coach Baker is a well-liked figure, so the way we had to say farewell to him was very appropriate. He always looks out for his teammates, and when he believed Jabari was still on the bus, he did the same. Off-screen, his demise occurred, but we may infer that it occurred when Billy got back on the bus and it slid off the cliff it was perched on, preventing him from escaping in time.

Why then did the show go this direction? The decision to depart the sports drama was made by Taye Diggs, who has played Coach Baker since the show’s first season. He’s prepared to pursue other acting roles. While we will undoubtedly miss him and Billy, we can’t hold it against the actor if he wants to explore other opportunities in the business.

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