An Inside Look At Conor McGregor’s Relationship With Dee Devlin

Conor McGregor is undoubtedly one of the most well-known and adored figures in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, despite the fact that he may not be the best fighter to ever compete inside an octagon. Because of the rage he directs at opponents, the destruction he causes, and the flamboyance he brings to the sport, his followers have given him the nickname “The Notorious.” Only a few fighters have been able to defeat the fierce Irishman throughout his ten years on the circuit, but only one has been able to control him off the mat. That would be Dee Devlin, his true love, who supported him when he quit his day job to gamble in the fiercely competitive combat arena.

Since Tito Ortiz began dating Jenna Jameson, a star of the adult film industry, in 2006, McGregor and Devlin have probably been the UFC’s most prominent power couple. But unlike the high drama involving the boxer and the pornstar, McGregor and Devlin’s disagreements are kept a secret. Despite the fighter’s history of making headlines for the wrong reasons, Devlin has been a calming, practical influence on him. She has three children with the combatant, manages his finances, promotes him on social media, and even participates in his training regimens, so she is much more than just arm candy. One of the most intriguing relationships in modern popular culture is one that her silent power kept her boyfriend on the straight and narrow.

Dee Devlin was around long before the fame

They were still some years away from being tabloid fodder in 2008 when Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin first started dating. While she was a high school dropout who wanted to become a model, McGregor had left his plumbing apprenticeship to pursue a career as a professional mixed martial artist fighter. Prior to his prolonged engagement with her in a nightclub in Dublin, where they had simply had a passing acquaintance, their relationship had been more casual.

McGregor told VIP, “I asked her to come over and we just started speaking. I prefer good girls, and she appeared like a nice girl. Devlin claimed that she felt attracted to him right away. “He makes me laugh and keeps me entertained since he is so amusing. I greatly respected his commitment to his training as he was actively engaged in it when I first met him.” Early in McGregor’s career, Devlin had a front-row seat, and she has continued to do so.

Dee Devlin officially works for Conor McGregor

When people have high aspirations but little money, as was the situation with Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin, maintaining a relationship can be difficult. But if there were any indications that their relationship might have suffered during those lean years, they are not well chronicled. As he revealed to VIP, Devlin was the main breadwinner early in their relationship and drove him to the gym every day. In the early morning hours, her partner would shadow box in the bedroom while she slept. A few months after his first UFC triumph, McGregor told the publication, “Dee is a lifesaver for me. “There is no doubt that if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be doing this. All of this is being done for her.”

That is not to argue that Devlin has stopped contributing in any way. As reported by FanSided, after their relationship became serious, McGregor hired Devlin as a member of his management team and assigned her the responsibility of managing all of his financial affairs as a result of winnings and endorsement contracts for anything from his clothing line to whiskey. She is also his personal stylist and plans his public appearances. Regarding her other half’s ascent to Independent in the UFC ranks in 2015, she remarked, “He’s always been incredibly confident.” We simply always knew he would reach this level, and every few months, it just continues getting better and better till the sky is the limit.

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They’ve sued the media for breach of privacy

It appears that Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin don’t mind having their pictures taken in public. When they attend events together, the UFC champion seems to enjoy the spotlight, occasionally mugging for the cameras and even giving Devlin public kisses and hugs. But anyone who takes pictures of his house or his kids without getting his permission breaches a line that the renowned fighter has clearly marked in the sand. When a couple filed a lawsuit against British tabloid Sunday World in 2016 for violating their privacy, the magazine learned the hard way about that caveat. According to The Irish Times, the image in question was of their home’s outside in Kildare County with a few expensive cars parked in the driveway. McGregor and Devlin allegedly also demanded that Sunday World take the picture off from their website.

Three years later, McGregor had another privacy breach, but this time he was the target of legal action. According to a press release from the Miami-based Cueto Law Group, their client Ahmed Abdirzak was assaulted by the combatant, who later smashed his cell phone after the person took his picture. After that, Abdirzak filed a lawsuit against McGregor seeking damages for “counts of battery, assault, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” After Abdirzak refused to assist with authorities, the charges were ultimately dismissed, according to The Guardian.

Their relationship has endured several criminal charges

Dee Devlin understood it would be a long commitment when she said she would support Conor McGregor. She told VIP, “I’ve always backed him, so I’m delighted that it’s worked out for him, and for us, actually. But despite her achievements, Devlin clearly has a lot on her plate dealing with her main man, who has a tendency to lose control. According to the AP, police accused McGregor in April 2022 when he was operating his Bentley with six traffic violations, including two for hazardous driving. The case is still pending.

Several assault offences are also listed in McGregor’s arrest history, including the one where he is said to have hit a DJ in the face during a fight at a party in Italy in 2021.

According to The Guardian, the fighter was fined more than $1,000 for hitting a bar patron in Dublin in 2019 but avoided going to jail. He was detained in Brooklyn the year before for throwing a metal dolly at Khabib Nurmagomedov, a UFC rival, who was on a bus leaving the Barclays Center. In addition, he has been the target of sexual assault lawsuits. According to The Sun, one of these cases involved an allegation that he exposed himself to a woman in France. Authorities cleared McGregor of criminal charges after a more serious encounter with a lady in a Dublin penthouse in 2019; nevertheless, he is still facing a significant lawsuit as a result of that occurrence, according to The New York Times.

Help is available if you or someone you know has experienced a sexual assault. Visit the website of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network or call the National Helpline of RAINN at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

He proposed on her birthday

Conor McGregor wouldn’t be the kind to seduce Dee Devlin every day with poetry and flowers when it came to romance. Instead, he has long asserted that his love for his life and his commitment to his sport go hand in hand. He once said, “Damn straight!” to VIP. “That in itself is romantic; I’m risking my life for my girlfriend.” On August 8, 2020, Devlin’s 33rd birthday, McGregor proposed to her using the traditional knee-drop and a sizable rock to adorn her finger. Such loyalty to her is one thing, but commitment is another. Given that the couple had been together for 12 years and were already parents to two kids at the time, as well as the fact that McGregor was financially secure with a personal net worth of nine figures, it seemed logical for them to move their relationship further. How exciting, my future wife’s birthday! With a picture of the couple and the glittering ring he had just given Devlin, McGregor shared on Instagram.

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Following his UFC victory against Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, McGregor announced his retirement a few months before getting engaged.

He wrote, “Thank you all for the incredible memories. What a journey it has been! People speculated that McGregor’s retirement would allow the couple to start planning their wedding, but it turned out that he still had unresolved business in the octagon.

Dee Devlin rarely misses Conor McGregor’s fights

Without his partner, none of Conor McGregor’s professional fights would be complete. Rushing onto the ring, Dee Devlin gives her favourite fighter a big hug and kisses him as he carries the Irish flag. The two have engaged in this post-scrap custom ever since his maiden UFC undercard triumph in Sweden in 2013. She has supported him through all 28 of his professional fights, with the exception of his most recent contest, which he lost to Dustin Poirier in 2021 and broke his left leg as a result, according to People. It turns out that he insisted she stay away from the Las Vegas event because he thought that having Devlin and his three children there would make him less focused before the fight.

McGregor told BT Sport, “I’m in a savage mode, no family around, you know I’m a bad man without the fam.

“You know it just doesn’t match,” she said, “going from planning to kill a man and then coming home and snuggling the kids and feeding them bottles at night.” Given that they reportedly engage in a regimen the night before a contest, it’s extremely possible that McGregor missed Devlin at the fight. More information about that behavior—which most fighters avoid before a fight—was provided in an interview Conan O’Brien gave in 2015, which was published by Independent: “I most certainly do not subscribe to that superstition. I definitely indulge in as much sex as I can.”

Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin’s luxe life outside the octagon

Dee Devlin must have been pleased that Conor McGregor’s ranking as the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2021, with a net worth of $180 million, recognised their years of laborious effort. Although the UFC fighter had fought twice that year, losing both times to Dustin Poirier and breaking his left tibia in the later fight, there wasn’t much to back up that value inside the octagon. McGregor, who has a 22-6 win-loss record in mixed martial arts, once had a run of seven victories while rising through the UFC ranks. But after losing three of his previous five fights, his most recent statistics were less outstanding. As reported by CNN, McGregor was hobbled by a busted leg, the worst injury he had ever sustained on the mat. McGregor had previously said he would retire three times before opting to return.

However, this time, McGregor said on Twitter that he would fight on: “Dustin is a heck of a competitor and I look forward to going again.” But after that year, McGregor spent about $3.6 million on a Lamborghini yacht, which has been the perfect way to spend more time with Devlin and their three kids. Since then, the family has travelled in their opulent boat throughout the Mediterranean.

Dee Devlin tattooed her fiancée’s name to her torso

A tattoo with an indelible stamp can express one’s personality far more strongly than a diamond, which may be everlasting. Dee Devlin may have had that in mind when she decided to surprise Conor McGregor with a distinctive tattoo just below her left breast shortly after accepting his sparkling engagement ring. According to The Scottish Sun, McGregor stood by her side and held her hand as the tattoo artist painstakingly etched his first name in calligraphy, followed by what appeared to be an electrocardiogram readout connected to a heart. She posted the picture on Instagram with the caption: “my universe I will always and forever love you.”

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Devlin also has a tattoo on her leg, but compared to McGregor’s epidermal canvas, her body art is significantly less numerous. In addition to his name and the word “Notorious” on the front, the tattoo also features Arabic lettering on the left thigh, a winged cross with a helix on the back, roses on the forearm, a tiger on the abdomen, and a crown-eating gorilla. He told Conan O’Brien, “It’s nice and low-key. I put the king’s crown on because I “felt like the king gorilla,” which required me to consume the heart. His fiancee’s name is sadly absent from his tattoo collection, at least for the time being.

TConor McGregor and Dee Devlin’s racy video

Conor McGregor has maintained a firm resolve to keep matters pertaining to his children and property private ever since he first shot to athletic stardom. However, it appears that this reserved attitude does not extend to private times spent with longtime partner Dee Devlin. McGregor shared a rather suggestive Instagram video from the deck of his pricey yacht in August 2022. Since then, the video has been removed. According to Dublin Live, the video just depicts the fighter’s torso and the top of Devlin’s head in a downward angle until the camera pans up to an ocean horizon just before the clip comes to a stop.

Following that, a still image of McGregor lounging in a lounge chair on the yacht with the caption “If you’re getting it, get it top floor of the triple deck” was posted, but was then removed. Both posts had a tag for Devlin. Even if the social media posts were brief, they were long enough for others to decide whether the deed was genuine. More anecdotal proof that McGregor deserves the title of “Notorious” can be found in the fact that the majority of them thought what they saw was the real deal. No one in the video directly commented on the deleted posts.

They stopped at McDonald’s in pajamas in Abu Dhabi

Conor McGregor hasn’t competed as of this writing, choosing instead to spend more time with Dee Devlin and the kids. He is usually spotted cruising saltwater channels in his opulent yacht. One of those journeys took them to the United Arab Emirates in November 2022, just in time for the celebrations surrounding the season’s last Formula 1 race. This included a wild party at one of Abu Dhabi’s upscale nightclubs, which McGregor captured on Instagram. Fans caught a unique contrast the following morning when they observed the couple dining at a McDonald’s while still in their jammies. Even McGregor and Devlin, who are considered affluent, can consume pints of fine liquor but still have a craving for hash browns and Egg McMuffins.

McGregor might have to limit the fun sooner rather than later if rumours are true, though. Sometime in 2023, McGregor may be scheduled to face American welterweight fighter Justin Gaethje, who, like the Irish fighter, lost his most recent contest, according to rumours circulating in the UFC. But he still needs to submit to six months of anti-doping testing in order to be eligible. McGregor can count on Devlin to support him every step of the way if he decides to ditch his pyjamas in favour of fighter trunks and through the administrative red tape.

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