Goldy: Where is Monster Factory’s David Goldschmidt Now?

Monster Factory is a phenomenon among wrestling fans around. With its genuine portrayal of a world that few people get to experience from the inside, the Apple TV+ documentary series has won viewers’ hearts. Even individuals who may not be familiar with wrestling as a sport find inspiration in the life tales of those working in the industry. David Goldschmidt, also known as Goldy, is one such example. Goldy fought hard to overcome numerous challenges and gain recognition for his efforts. We’ve got your back if you’re one of his devoted followers and want to know more about him.

Who is Goldy?

Goldy’s older brother introduced him to the world of wrestling, and from a very young age, he became quite interested in it. He grew up largely watching World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) programmes, but he was also aware of companies like Ring of Honor (ROH). In fact, none other than the legendary John Cena served as one of his greatest sources of motivation. Yet, the boy didn’t start seriously considering becoming a professional wrestler until he was 14 years old.


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Goldy was watching a video of an independent wrestling event when he noticed one of the contenders was being booed a lot by the audience. Goldy wished he could be the kind of person who others cherished hating. The wrestler, though, claimed that he was concerned that his uneasiness might provide a challenge. Goldy struggled with meeting new people and socialising from an early age. In some of these situations, he would even become physically ill.

Goldy’s love of wrestling, though, seemed to help him get over his fear. His parents, Edward and Julie Goldschmidt, talked about how they were taken aback by their son’s propensity for making friends after joining the Monster Factory in the documentary. The wrestler, who was 17 when he entered the institute, had been in touch with coach Daniel McDonald, a.k.a. Danny Cage, for years prior to that. There was a cap on the age at which persons might begin training at the time.


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Danny would agree even if Goldy had asked if he could come anyhow to help with anything. However, it appears that the former never accepted his offer. Danny said that he believes Goldy has what it takes to succeed as a wrestler, but that he needs to develop his social skills. Goldy made the decision to adopt a persona that would cause boos, living up to his fantasies. He was aware that people would have preconceived notions about him based on his conventionally attractive appearance and the fact that his parents were prosperous.

Despite this, the wrestler not only decided to adopt these ideas but also emphasised them to create the persona that fans have come to both love and despise. Moreover, Goldy is close friends with Sean Vanore and Brett “Wet Brett” Waters; together, they go by the name The Golden Age. The three embrace the adage “Born Better,” play up their identities, and frequently adopt a cocky posture when in the ring.

Where is Goldy Now?


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Certainly, Goldy appears to be succeeding in his career as a wrestler. Goldy even paid a visit to the NJPW Dojo in October 2022 as a result of numerous chats with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) commentator Kevin Kelly and the wrestler’s outstanding performance at the Monster Factory showcase event in June 2022. He has competed in a number of matches for the All Elite Wrestling (AEW) organisation, where he is also starting to gain recognition.

Goldy is more than ready to develop as a wrestler, and he keeps using social media to advertise himself and any events in which he participates. Also, he has been quite giddy to discuss his part in the Apple TV+ documentary and appears optimistic about any upcoming chances. It’s interesting to note that he and the other members of The Golden Age operate a store where customers can purchase the wrestler’s official gear.

Goldy regularly uploads a variety of films with his buddies on websites like YouTube, which aids in developing their brand. The wrestler is well-known for his promotional videos, in which he combines cockiness, confidence, and tenacity in a style that is both fascinating and entertaining. He also competes on the American Xcellence Wrestling (AXW) circuit and has won numerous championships throughout the course of his career.

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