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David Stone: Where is Charles Capone’s Accomplice Now?

In April 2010, Charles Capone killed his estranged wife, Rachael Anderson, in Moscow, Idaho. NBC’s “Dateline: Secrets of the Snake River” tells the story. Even though her body was never found, Charles’s partner, David Stone, testified against him in court. This helped the judge find Charles guilty and put him in jail. David was also given a sentence because he helped Charles hide his crime. So, do you really want to know what happened to Rachael and where David is now? Let’s find out.

Who is David Stone?

David C. Stone, who used to be in the army and lives in Moscow, Idaho, worked as a volunteer firefighter after he left the army. At the beginning of 2013, he was arrested for the murder of Rachael Anderson, the wife of his friend. Reports say that the last time anyone saw Rachael was on April 16, 2010. The 40-year-old mother of four from Clarkston, Washington, was going through a breakup with her husband, Charles A. Capone. The couple got married in September 2009, but within three months, Rachael filed for a divorce.

charles capone today,charles capone obituary,rachael anderson,anthony pardon,is charles capone related to al capone

On April 16, 2010, she went to her ex-auto husband’s shop in Moscow, Idaho, to find out what was going on with the white 1997 GMC Yukon she had borrowed. One of her daughters told the police that she was missing after she didn’t show up to the pathology lab where she worked for two days in a row. On April 21, her lost car was found near a bus station in Lewiston, Idaho. Before she went missing, Rachael had told Charles many times that he was harassing and following her.

In April 2013, Charles and David were arrested and charged with killing Rachael. But David made a deal with the prosecutors and agreed to testify against Charles when he was on trial for murder. In Latah County court in December 2013, he pleaded guilty to not calling the coroner or police to report a dead body. His lawyer said that he had nothing to do with the murder and had come in after it was done. His lawyer also said that David wanted to talk about what he knew about the crime.

Bill Thompson, the prosecutor, said during his plea hearing, “Mr. Stone has given information that we hope will help the police find Rachael.” Documents filed in court show that on April 16, David said he saw Charles choke his ex-wife. He also said Charles had made threats against his family, so he helped Charles get rid of the body. He helped Charles put the dead woman’s body in the back of his Dodge Durango SUV and cover it with trash bags. They drove to a bridge and threw the body into the Snake River, putting heavy snow chains on it to sink it.

Where is David Stone Now?

After that, they just left her car in Lewiston. During the trial, he said that he was afraid of Charles because he had a “Satan-like” look on his face when he was killing his ex-wife by strangling her. Documents from the court show that David said his time in prison had made him want to do the right thing. But Christopher Porter, who used to work with David for the city of Moscow, said David first asked him to kill his wife, Alisa Stone.

charles capone today,charles capone obituary,rachael anderson,anthony pardon,is charles capone related to al capone

Corporal Tim Besst of the Latah County Sheriff’s Office said Christopher told him that David had promised him $10,000 to kill Alisa, who had a large life insurance policy. But he broke off the plan and told Christopher that he and Charles had agreed to kill each other’s spouses. Tim said, “At the beginning of March 2010, Stone called Porter and told him he didn’t need him to kill his wife anymore. Stone said that he and Capone had come up with a plan to kill the wives of each other.

As part of the deal he made, David was given a prison sentence of between three and seven years on October 29, 2014. But because he had already done his time, he could get out in a year and a half. The sentence was given by taking into account how long Rachael was missing before the case was solved. Amber Griswold, Rachael’s daughter, read a statement at David’s sentencing that said he tried to hide the crime.

She said, “His choice has had a big effect on us.” David said sorry to the family and said, “It would be wrong to say I could understand how you feel. I want to say that I’m truly sorry.” He said that he had been sad ever since that terrible day. The 52-year-old was sent to Region 4 in Idaho on July 27, 2016, according to the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole in Boise. Now in his late 50s, he still lives in Region 4, which is made up of the Idaho counties of Ada, Boise, Valley, and Elmore.

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