Death in Paradise Season 12 : Release Date, New Cast, Plot & Other Major Details

The investigative team that viewers have grown to know and love saw a little bit of a shakeup in Death in Paradise season 11. The will-they-won’t-they drama between Joséphine Jobert and Neville Parker came to an end when DS Florence Cassell, who played her, left (Ralf Little).

After demonstrating that she is exactly what Neville and the team need, the most recent recruit Sergeant Naomi Thomas (Shantol Jackson) has assumed the position of DS.

Darlene Curtis (played by Ginny Holder), who joined the team as a volunteer police officer, has also made a reappearance. In 2018, Holder’s persona was last observed on the programme.

The adjustments appear to have been well-received by BBC fans, as seen by several of them tweeting their enthusiasm.

“Hell yeah! We are thrilled for Darlene and for the team that she will fit in so well. #DeathInParadise,” one observer tweeted.

one more said:

Wow, this has been the best series ever. I adore the new squad. Love Darlene and the great team.

Ralf Little, Tahj D Miles, Jackson Shantol, Don Warrington, Liz Bourgine, DIP Harry Lizard, and Ginny Holder worked together to solve murders in the first episode of “Death in Paradise” without Josie, which was a little strange.

But what further changes may we expect for season 12? What is known is listed below.

Death in Paradise season 12 potential release date: When will it air on BBC?

Fans will be happy to know that Season 12 of Death in Paradise has officially received BBC approval. Together with the 11th season, the series was originally ordered in 2021.

Executive producer Tim Key stated in a press release: “We are incredibly proud of series ten and thrilled we’ll be returning to Saint Marie to continue the story. We can’t wait to start again since we have big ideas for the future and lots of surprises in store. This year, our incredible cast and team delivered despite all odds.

Additionally, Tommy Bulfin, the commissioning editor for the BBC, said: “We’re incredibly proud of Death in Paradise and know how popular it is with viewers, providing some much-needed escapism in addition to fascinating whodunnits and profoundly rewarding narrative twists. We hope viewers enjoy the tenth anniversary series, which premieres tonight. Series 11 and 12 also promise to be exciting.

The show generally films for several months every year, but production hasn’t yet resumed. Don Warrington, who portrays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson in the show, spoke candidly about the possibility of a return.

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We haven’t started yet; we’re still in England, he told Radio Times. We probably begin some time in May. Therefore, I’m not sure what we’ll do when we arrive there.

Even though May is already well under way, there is still no word on whether season 12 filming has begun. By early 2023, if production gets going soon, we should have the following season.

Death in Paradise season 12 cast: Who’s coming back?

Sadly, we are aware that Florence’s eleventh season was her final one. Josephine sent her followers and her character farewell in a tweet, writing: “Well, that’s it. Here we are. It’s Florence’s big departure. Some of you had previously known this was going to happen for a while. Congratulations, then. The real detectives are you. To replace me, you need travel to Saint Marie. Without a doubt, you would do superbly.

“When I left at the conclusion of series eight, I assumed it would be permanent,” she continued. I agreed when asked if I would like to return but I knew in my heart that it wouldn’t be for ever.

“It was crucial to me to travel with Florence to her destination and to ensure her safety. It’s completed now. I realise it’s strange to say, but I’m confident that she’s okay and will eventually move on, allowing me to bid her farewell and let her go. The turning of the page is lovely.

Death in Paradise, season 11 of BBC, starring ralf tiny as Di Neville Parker and DS Florence Cassell
She continued, speaking to her audience as well as the cast and crew, “I have learned a lot over the last few years and I’ve met beautiful individuals. I’ll never forget what a wonderful adventure it was. So I want to say thank you to everyone who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to appear on the show.

“I want to express my gratitude for all of the love and support you have shown me since the very first day. It is significant. I cherish you. Be careful. Death in Paradise, long live.”

Those who were expecting for her return might be disappointed by how conclusive she was, but hey, she might make a few cameos in the future. Let’s keep our faith in the future.

Little undoubtedly wants that to occur.

The actor stated, “I believe I was very, very blessed to have Josie and for Neville to have that relationship with Florence. Josie’s a touch of class, a fantastic performer, charming, wonderful in the character and generally people have loved my stint at the helm of this show, I hope.

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“I believe that when they worked together, the audience responded to them very favourably, which made my task of trying to endear myself to the public simpler. I was obviously devastated to see her leave, so it would be wonderful if she decided to return for a reunion show.

Jobert is willing to get back together, but perhaps not in season 12 (via Hello!o).

“Production was extremely nice! They assured me, “We won’t kill you off, just in case you want to return someday and say hello—not as a ghost, but as a living individual! […] of course! It would be too soon for it to happen next year, she suggested. “People will wonder, ‘What’s she doing?’ Leaving, returning, departing, and returning. I mean, girl!” But perhaps in a few years, why not?

As previously stated, Don Warrington confirmed to Radio Times when filming might start that he will be playing Commissioner Selwyn Patterson again.

Following the season 11 finale, Ralf Little tweeted: “Thanks to everyone for watching @DeathInParadise series 11; I’ll be back as DI Neville Parke. It brings me great pleasure to confirm that I will be returning to Saint Marie for series 12 because it is an honour to play Neville and serve as the show’s executive producer.

In a recent interview with Hello!, he discussed the potential direction his character could take in season 12. He said: “Be mindful of the detectives being too happy, because if they’re too happy there’s nowhere else for them to go… although it would be really nice. The fact that Tim Key, our executive, never wants Neville to look too cool is one thing that drives me crazy.

Then I exclaimed, “Come on dude! I love to scuba dive, snorkel, and go jet skiing on the weekends since I’m an adrenaline junkie. All of these activities are fantastic in the Caribbean. Therefore, I would say, “Perhaps Neville could be on a jet ski?” Tim responds, “NOT a chance,” making it clear that he is fixated on never letting me look cool.

Given their recent returns and promotions, Darlene Curtis played by Ginny Holder and Naomi Thomas played by Shantol Jackson, respectively, are very likely to make it to season 12. The same goes for Tahj Miles as Officer Marlon Pryce and Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey.

Death in Paradise season 12 plot: What will happen?

Of course it won’t be a “JoseVille” romance, but Neville Parker might be feeling the love? Fans should also anticipate the show’s customary jaw-dropping twist. Izzy, Neville’s sister, has arrived in Saint Marie as a result of unreturned messages that motivated her to surprise Neville by dropping by.

Although the length of her stay has not yet been determined, Elizabeth has announced (via Hello!) that Izzy and her character, Mayoress Catherine Bordey, would share “an major narrative this season.”

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It’s feasible that this tantalising plot will continue into season 12!

Whatever happens, don’t anticipate Neville getting off easy in season 12.

“Watch out for the detectives getting too happy; if they do, they have nowhere else to go. However, that would be quite wonderful. One thing that drives me crazy about Tim Key, our executive, is that he never wants Neville to seem too cool,” Little remarked (via Hello).

Then I exclaimed, “Come on dude! I love to scuba dive, snorkel, and go jet skiing on the weekends since I’m an adrenaline junkie. All of these activities are fantastic in the Caribbean. Therefore, I would say, “Perhaps Neville could be on a jet ski?” Tim responds, “NOT a chance,” making it clear that he is fixated on never letting me look cool.

“We’re already discussing this man who is fortunate enough to reside in paradise; he needs some adversity! He hasn’t vanquished them—they still exist—but he is on a nuanced and exquisite path, and if he hadn’t found love with this attractive, clever, charismatic, and fascinating woman, it would have been like, “Oh come on.”

Death in Paradise season 12 trailer: When can I watch it?

Even if a 12th season has been confirmed, it won’t be released with a trailer for a time. But keep an eye on Digital Spy because we’ll let you know as soon as one arrives.

Every Friday at 9:00 p.m. on BBC One, Death in Paradise series 11 airs. Additionally, BBC iPlayer offers streaming access to it.

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