Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife : Who is Denise Lombardo And What’s Her Net Worth?

Jordan Belfort, a notorious stockbroker on Wall Street, once married Denise Lombardo.Yes!!!Jordan divorced her in order to be with Nadine Caridi, a lovely model and the Duchess of Bay Ridge. Even though you don’t know much about her, isn’t it already a success to know that she was Jordan Belfort’s first wife?

Who Is Denise Lombardo?

In the United States, Denise Lombardo works in the real estate sector. Her occupation had no impact on how she appeared to the general population, though. She was Jordan Belfort’s first wife and a well-known stockbroker. She was born in Ohio, USA, on November 11, 1962. She is 59 years old, a Scorpio, and her zodiac sign. She belongs to the Caucasian racial group and is an American national.

Early Life And Education

The mother of Denise Lombardo is Ann Lombardo, while the father is Anthony Florito. She was raised in a home with three other sisters and was born into an Italian family. At Bayside High School, she finished her education.

She continued her education at Adelphi University to work for her English Literature bachelor’s degree after graduating from high school. She later earned her bachelor’s degree in science and business administration from Towson University. She even obtained a Master of Education in General Educational Leadership and Administration from Australian Catholic University.

Career Graph

Denise Lombardo’s career graph shows a lot of ups and downs. She dabbled in a few other professions before settling down to work as a real estate agent. She worked in sales at the Modern Medical Systems Company from 1993 to 2000.

She left that position in 2000 and went on to work for the Home Depot Company as a flooring specialist. She even served as an assistant on a few fashion-related projects for Stefano Bravo, Genny-Byblos, Blu Marine, and Laurevan Shoe. From 2006 to 2008, Denise also worked at the Smith & Nephew Company.

She has, nevertheless, been a real estate agent since 2010. Now, she can pursue her aspirations in this sector. She currently works for the Douglas Elliman Prudential Elliman Company as a real estate agent with a license.

Personal Life Details

Can you picture Jordan Belfort marrying his childhood sweetheart given his controversial life? No matter how strange it sounds, it was actually true. In Bayside High School, Jordan Belfort first met Denise Lombardo, with whom she later began dating.

In 1985, the pair was married, and they remained united until 1991. Jordan began having an affair with the stunning model Nadine Caridi about that time. Denise divorced Jordan after learning of his extramarital relationships. She had just turned 28 years old.

Jordan Belfort and Denise Lombardo don’t have any kids together. The couple is unrelated to one another other than the fact that she is Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, we are referring to the same Jordan Belfort that Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed in the well-known film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Cristin Milioti portrayed the role of Denise Lombardo in the film. However, as the film demonstrates, Denise had little effect on Jordan because he married Nadine shortly after their divorce.

Life After Divorce

Back to Denise: Ever since her divorce, she has kept her private life private. Rumors, however, claim that she wed Mlady after divorcing Jordan, her longtime boyfriend. However, Denise dated Mlady before meeting Jordan, so it appears that their relationship has been reignited.

Sources say that Mlady and Denise Lombardo married each other in 1994. Lombardo has not affirmed or refuted this theory. Therefore, it is safe to state that Denise and Mlady make a good dating match.

Denise does not, however, have a social media account with any well-known platforms. It demonstrates her private nature. Additionally, the wealthy realtor prefers to keep her private life hidden from the prying eyes of the press because of her renowned relationship with Jordan Belfort, which did not end well.

Net Worth

Denise Lombardo holds a degree in science. So, instead of wallowing in regret after her divorce from Jordan, she quickly rose to prosperity. Her estimated net worth at this time is $9.5 million. Her successful careers as a flooring specialist, salesperson, and real estate agent account for the majority of her net worth.

After divorcing Jordan, Denise even received a lump sum settlement payment. Jordan was the Wall Street wolf, and Denise was allegedly paid $3 million in alimony. Her excellent current net worth can be attributed in large part to this money.

1: What Happened To Jordan Belfort’s First Wife?

Ans: Jordan Belfort has already gone through five divorces in his life. This cycle was initiated by her first marriage to Denise Lombardo. From 1985 through 1991, the pair was married for six years. Denise divorced Jordan and relocated to Naples, Florida when he started an extramarital relationship with Nadine Caridi, the Duchess of Bay Ridge.

2: What Is Denise Lombardo Doing Now?

Ans: After her divorce from Jordan, Denise Lombardo experimented with a few different careers. She worked on as many projects as she could during that time, from the sales department to the flooring speciality. In 2010, she finally decided to make a career out of real estate, and today she works successfully with the Douglas Elliman Prudential Elliman Company.

3: Is Jordan Belfort Married Today?

The answer is no longer a lone wolf, Jordan Belfort. The media recently learned that he had wed Cristina Invernizzi, whom he had been dating for two years. The couple wed recently in Las Vegas in front of friends and family after meeting in 2019. Argentina-born Cristina Invernizzi works as both a model and an actress.

What We Think

If you’ve seen the film “The Wolf of Wall Street,” you undoubtedly already know that Denise Lombardo was a reserved, timid woman who didn’t like Jordan’s opulent lifestyle. Denise has succeeded professionally as a realtor since their divorce, but she has also learnt to keep her personal life secret. She has made a sensible choice, in our opinion, not to continue being a well-known person, and we fully appreciate that.


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