The Real Story Of Diego From Blow – What Really Happened?

In the film Blow, Johnny Depp’s character George Jung had Diego Delgado as a business partner (2001). The plot of the drug-related crime thriller Blow centres on George Jung, an ordinary man from a working-class family who has seen poverty and suffering and who decides to become wealthy by getting engaged in the drug trade.

Despite several strong performances from its lead cast, particularly Johnny Depp’s, the movie only did well at the box office. The story of the movie was excellent and was based on genuine occurrences, however the production was disappointing.

Many critics claimed that this movie was heavily influenced by other crime classics like Goodfellas and Boogie Nights. Some commentators commended the film’s overarching themes, such as how George’s collapse demonstrated that not everything would go as we had hoped in this ruthless and terrible world. Overall, the film had a solid theme and a good humanitarian plot.

The movie, which is based on the same-named book, tells the true story of George Jung and his relationships with a number of powerful drug lords, including Pablo Escobar and Carlos Lehder, among others. Diego Delgado, played by Spanish actor Jordi Molla, was one of the movie’s most intriguing characters. Diego’s character in Blow is based on real-life drug lord Carlos Lehder. a prominent figure in the Medellin cartel and a drug lord. Today, we’ll examine Diego, a.k.a. Carlos Lehder, and what transpired to him.

Who Was Diego From Blow?

In the 2001 film Blow, a prisoner named Diego is shown as offering the protagonist, George Jung, a business opportunity to partner with him and enter the cocaine trade. George used to be active in the marijuana industry, but after meeting Diego, he began to understand the greater picture and realise where the big money lies, which led him to become involved in the illicit drug trade.

After being released from prison, George and Diego team together to launch a cocaine business, but as their venture increases, so do their risks, and Diego is soon imprisoned. Following his detention, George joins forces with Derek, and the two go on to become two of Pablo Escobar’s most successful business partners. When Diego learns about Derek after being let out of prison, he becomes furious with George for concealing Derek’s identity.

But as time goes on, we learn that Diego betrayed George by teaming up with Derek and excluding him from future negotiations. Diego plays a significant role in the movie by demonstrating to George how harsh the drug trade can be and how a buddy today could become an enemy tomorrow.

What Happened To Diego From Blow, In Real Life

Diego, alias Carlos Lehder, was Pablo Escobar’s companion in real life when the United States government began its search for the big Colombian drug lords. Carlos & Pablo became politically active as a result of this. However, Pablo and Lehder’s collapse started following the murder of the justice minister, “Rodrigo Bonilla,” whose demise turned every minister in Columbia against Pablo and Lehder.

Lehder found it challenging to remain hidden in Norman’s Cay after corruption in the Bahamian government came to light. Lehder, who was formerly one of the richest drug traffickers, became bankrupt after all of his bank accounts, houses, and wealth were seized.

After one of his employees revealed his information to the authorities, he was soon detained by the military. Some accounts claim that Pablo Escobar was truly responsible for Lehder’s arrest. Lehder became an informant after being apprehended, giving the military all the inside knowledge they needed to bust the Columbian drug gang. This information eventually proved to be extremely helpful.

Lehder was finally released from prison in 2020 after serving his sentence on the grounds of prostate cancer and was then transported to Germany. Lehder is still alive today, and he is 73 years old right now.

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