Explained: Complete History Of Dom And Letty From Fast And Furious

The fact that the Fast and Furious franchise has a lengthy history of putting the relationships between the main characters at the foreground of each film sets it apart from other high-octane action films that have a group of anti-heroes saving the world repeatedly. Few stories in the wildly popular series so far can compete with the story of Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz.

The couple’s ups and downs and near-death encounters have been crucial to the success of the trilogy and have produced some of the best moments overall since since Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel started playing the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde in The Fast and the Furious back in the summer of 2001. Let’s pass the time while we wait for Fast X to be released by going back in time and discussing the Fast and Furious couple’s past.

Dom And Letty Met And Became Friends As Kids

In The Fast and the Furious, Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) claimed that her brother and Letty had been friends since they were little. They were out on a date with Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) (Letty lived down the street and had a thing for working on cars). Mia explained that although the two neighbours’ friendship formed the foundation of their relationship, things only got better from there as Dom started to admire Letty as a teenager.


In one of the many flashbacks in F9: The Fast Saga, as a young Letty (Azia Dinea Hale) waved off Dom (Vinnie Bennett) and his brother Jakob, we finally got to catch a glimpse at this time in Dom and Letty’s life (Finn Cole).

The Couple Later Became Two Major Players In The Toretto Gang

Prior to the events of The Fast and the Furious, Dom and Letty would grow to be two of the Toretto gang’s key figures, further solidifying their bond both on and off the street-racing circuit. Letty was worried about her boyfriend’s run of thefts throughout the entire movie, but she didn’t allow that stop her from being by his side for pretty much all of his big plans.

The unsuccessful highway robbery in the final act of the movie, when the entire gang was essentially split apart after it was revealed that Brian was working undercover, was when their relationship was put to the biggest test (at that time in their tale, at least). However, the couple would ultimately be hitched (this was later revealed in a Furious 7 flashback).

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Dom And Letty Got Back Together Following A Multi-Year Split

It was revealed that Dom and Letty had broken up after that highway robbery gone wrong when Dom, a wanted man, left the country in the short film Los Bandoleros, which is set five years after the events of The Fast and the Furious. After Letty finally found her man a few years later, they gradually reconciled.

The couple would eventually be married around this time, although their nuptials weren’t depicted until much later, in a Furious 7 flashback (more on that later).

Letty Was Believed To Have Been Killed In A Fiery Crash

Early in the 2009 sequel, Mia Toretto revealed to Dom that Fenix Calderon (Laz Alonso), the malicious character she was working for, had killed Letty. This was one of the most stunning scenes in Fast and Furious and the franchise as a whole. After learning this, Dom embarked on a journey of vengeance to track down the killer of Letty and get revenge on him for snatching off his beloved.

However, it was revealed in the Fast Five end credits sequence that Letty was still very much alive but was experiencing severe amnesia as a result of the attempted murder.

Letty Returned But Had No Recollection Of Her Past With Dom

When Fast and Furious 6 was released, Letty was one of Owen Shaw’s (Luke Evans) most skilled drivers and a willing worker. Letty turned against her boss as time went on and, at the end, hooked up with Dom and company as her true character started to emerge.

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Not everyone got the happy ending they wished for because Letty was still unable to recall her time with the crew, her connection with Dom, or any of the wonderful moments they had enjoyed over the course of their lengthy association.

Letty Reunited With Dom And Her Memory Was Restored

Given that the film functioned as a two-hour homage to former Fast and Furious star Paul Walker, who tragically passed away in a car crash in late 2013, Furious 7 will always go down in history as the most poignant instalment in the series. But another emotionally charged element of the wildly popular blockbuster was Dom’s struggle to find Letty and aid her in remembering their past, a mission that proves to be challenging.

Dom and Letty worked on their romance while driving through several skyscrapers, flying in vehicles, and engaging in combat with previous UFC champions. Letty finally remembered everything, including the fact that they were secretly married, which Dom had concealed since “you can’t tell someone they love you.” Dom’s attempts to get Letty to recall everything weren’t immediately successful.

Dom Betrayed His Crew, Including Letty, To Save His Son

Dom and Letty had a decent start to The Fate of the Furious since they were finally able to enjoy their long-awaited honeymoon in Cuba’s capital city of Havana. The techno-terrorist Cipher (Charlize Theron), however, caused trouble in paradise by holding Dom’s unnamed son and the child’s mother captive and threatening to kill them both, forcing Dom to work for her. But Letty wasn’t going to abandon her husband, and she kept finding the good in him.

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Dom eventually changed the situation by revealing that he had been working against Cipher the entire time and had only been trying to protect his child. In the end, Dom and Letty (along with the rest of the team) got back together and gave the infant the name Little Brian.

Dom And Letty Settled Down To Focus On Family, But Not For Long

Dom, Letty, and Little Brian were having the time of their lives as F9: The Fast Saga began, but trouble was soon to follow. The Toretto gang battled Cipher once more as well as several fresh bad guys, including Dom’s younger brother Jakob Toretto, delaying their retirement (John Cena).

Dom and Letty got back together in the F9: The Fast Saga finale after parting ways to stop Project Aries (a very potent hacking tool) from going online. This time, they were back in Los Angeles where they used to hang out, renovating the old Toretto mansion to begin a new life.

You can catch up on the tale so far by viewing the Fast and Furious movies streaming, regardless of what the future holds for Dom, Letty, or the rest of the Toretto crew in Fast X.

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