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Dr. Fred Fason: The Psychiatrist Making a Difference in Mental Health

If there’s one thing that no one can disagree with, it’s that the case of Betty Gore’s alleged murder on July 13, 1980, by Candy Montgomery was both wicked and unsettling. This is due to the fact that, as thoroughly examined in both HBO Max’s “Love & Death” and Hulu’s “Candy,” the latter did cut her ex-friend with an axe at least 41 times, but it was done out of genuine self-defense. But for now, if you just want to know more about the one person who exposed this aspect of Candy’s reality, psychiatrist Fred Fason, we have the pertinent information for you.

Who Was Dr. Fred Fason?

Despite being the second of Idelle and Eugene Fason’s three children and being born on August 9, 1928, in Central Texas, Fred sadly didn’t enjoy the most stable upbringing due to World War II. He also served in the Navy during the last years of the war despite his youth, but he quickly started completely new jobs in an effort to move past the horrible events. In fact, he succeeded in making a name for himself as a reputable real estate agent in Southern California before deciding to try his hand at economics and earning a Bachelor’s degree from SMU.

dr fred fason psychiatrist net worth,dr fred fason psychiatrist

But in the end, Fred discovered his true calling in medicine, which inspired him to enrol in Baylor College to acquire the fundamentals before completing a three-year residency in Psychiatry at the UCLA Medical Centre. At same time, he also earned certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, which allowed him to open a private practise in Texas, namely in Houston. The truth is that he progressively became one of the greatest in his area by combining his intelligence, good humour, and fatherly charm with his need for continuing education.

Dr. Fred soon found himself providing psychiatric services for both criminal and civil court situations, up to and including federal level trials, as a result of his rising reputation. Yet when he was contacted by Candy’s attorney, he actually wasn’t interested in taking the case since he thought any judicial work was poor PR, at least until he knew some of the specifics involved. Thus, in order to gain a thorough understanding of July 13, 1980, the doctor consented to meet with her for diagnosis as well as to schedule a second hypnosis session.

dr fred fason psychiatrist net worth,dr fred fason psychiatrist

After all, the self-described River Oaks psychiatrist was also a well-known clinical hypnotist with years of experience treating pill-dependent public personalities like socialites and impotent millionaires. Dr. Fred used a conversational approach to win his patients’ trust and make them receptive before literally sending them to sleep with the snap of his fingers. He also used a soothing voice that was deep but soft. That’s how he discovered that Candy’s conflict with Betty over the affair she formerly had with the latter’s husband resulted in a “dissociative reaction” that caused the self-defense overkill.

What Happened to Dr. Fred Fason?

Dr. Fred readily took the witness stand in favour of Candy at the time of her murder trial, despite the fact that he believed his testimony in court always led to his obtaining bad press. That’s because he was engrossed in the details of her case and needed the jury and the rest of the world to understand exactly what his patient had said when he forced her to relive the crucial day while she was hypnotised. In the end, he was successful in his mission since Candy was acquitted of all charges related to Betty’s murder. As a result, he returned to Houston’s private practise.

dr fred fason psychiatrist net worth,dr fred fason psychiatrist

According to what we know, Dr. Fred Lanier Fason worked in medicine for as long as he could before eventually ceasing to do so as his age and health declined. He eventually passed away on July 25, 2012, at the age of almost 84. We say “peacefully” since he died in his sleep at home from entirely natural causes. He was left by three sons, two adorable grandkids, and an ex-wife. He was preceded in death by his parents, his older sister, his younger brother, and his daughter.

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