Where Was ‘Mare of Easttown’ Filmed? Mare Of Easttown Filming Locations

In HBO’s Mare of Easttown, Kate Winslet plays a detective who is investigating a horrific homicide. Mare Sheehan, played by Winslet, was once crowned the town’s golden girl after making the game-winning shot in a basketball match in her small Pennsylvania town. People still refer to Mare as Miss Lady Hawk after 25 years, but Mare feels much more like a has-been.

The great interpersonal drama Mare of Easttown alternates with searing crime drama. But if it weren’t for its bleak, unvarnished, and true portrayal of life in small-town Pennsylvania, it wouldn’t work nearly as effectively. The brick buildings, Irish relics, and pervasive Wawa coffee cups identify Mare of Easttown as being in Delco, Pennsylvania. Bu

But where was the HBO series “Mare of Easttown” filmed? Here is all the information you require for Mare of Easttown’s locations.

Where is HBO’s Mare of Easttown set?

The setting f or Mare of Easttown is Delco, or Delaware County if you want to get technical. Though it is a fictionalised version of Easttown Township in Pennsylvania, Mare actually does reside in a town by the name of Easttown. Northeast of Philadelphia, Easttown Township is nearer to Valley Forge, the King of Prussia Mall, Villanova, and Conshohocken. Even while it’s not exactly “Delco,” it’s still a Philly suburb, as at least one local explained to me in an email. (Hey, I’m from the state of Delaware. Even for residents, the suburbs of Philadelphia merge together.)

Inside Mare of Easttown‘s Filming Locations: Where Was the HBO Show Filmed?

Mare of Easttown was filmed in Delco, as opposed to other shows that try to have Toronto or Georgia stand in for a locale. However, a different area of Delco was where the majority of the filming took place. Brad Ingelsby, the show’s writer and creator, revealed that the studios were in Aston, Pennsylvania, and that production had begun at Sun Center during the panel discussion for the show at the Winter 2021 TCA.

Therefore, all of the actors were locals, and all of the locations were, I believe, a few miles from Sun Center. Inglesby stated, mentioning that his wife is from Aston, “Some of them we went a little bit deeper out, but for the most part, that was sort of our nucleus, Sun Center right in Aston, Delaware County, and then we kind of exploited that to stretch out a little bit.

“Delaware County and that part of Southern Philadelphia really does seem extremely unique in its own way,” stated Mare of Easttown director Craig Zobel during that same TCA panel. “We wanted to make sure we got as much of that in the frame as much as possible.”

Kate Winslet, who starred in Mare of Easttown, continued by saying that even though she didn’t make it to the King of Prussia mall, a famous shopping destination in the Philadelphia suburbs, she did develop an obsession with the nearby Wawa.

Winslet remarked that “Wawa was a significant part of my life for well over a year” and mentioned that her co-star Evan Peters developed an obsession with the eatery’s renowned Gobbler sandwich.


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