What Is An Explosively Formed Penetrator (EPF Bomb) That Was Shown In The Terminal List?

The story of “The Terminal List,” a 2018 film based on the 2018 book of the same name by former Navy SEAL and American novelist Jack Carr, centres on Lt. Commander James Reece (Chris Pratt), a Navy SEAL platoon leader who loses both his crew and family in quick succession. Reece comes to feel that he is the victim of a vast conspiracy, despite the fact that practically everyone else disagrees, and he starts looking for individuals he believes are to blame for the deaths of those close to him.

Reece pursues Steve Horn, the CEO of Capstone Industries, in episode 5, “Disruption,” after coming to the conclusion that Horn is to blame for the passing of his wife, daughter, and fellow soldiers. Reece chooses to attack Horn with an EFP bomb. Here is all the information you require. Spoilers follow.

What Is an EFP Bomb?

In the movie “The Terminal List,” Reece attacks Horn with an EFP bomb. Former Army pilot Liz Riley (Tyner Rushing), Mexican businessman Marco Del Toro (Marco Rodriguez), and former SEAL turned CIA agent Ben Edwards all assist Reece in his quest for vengeance (Taylor Kitsch).

Liz is determined to assist Reece in taking down Horn in episode 5, but she starts to worry as Reece continues to have migraines, psychosis, and memory loss as a result of his brain tumour. Liz says she won’t be a part of anything that will put defenceless citizens in danger as he suggests he plans to kill Horn in the streets of San Francisco in broad daylight. Reece reassures her that because EFP is so accurate, this won’t happen.

The assault takes place in front of Capstone’s corporate offices. Horn is ready to enter his armoured car when Liz disperses the police. Constance Wu’s character Katie Buranek, a journalist, choose this time to confront Horn. She tries to flee but when she sees Reece is in the van just next to Horn’s car. Reece detonates the EFP device after Horn spots him and Reece. Horn and a couple of his security detail members escape the explosion, but Reece shoots them one by one. Katie makes it out alive, and it appears that no bystanders are hurt.

Are EFP Bombs Real?

Yes, EFPs do exist. The abbreviation stands for an explosively created penetrator or projectile. They are also referred to as self-forging pieces or warheads. It employs the explosive charge’s effects to propel a metal plate toward the target by turning it into a projectile; therefore, the name.

EFPs were developed by American oil corporations in the 1930s for use as oil well perforators. They first appeared in battle during World War II. EFPs fall under the category of a particular kind of shaped charge. They differ from a typical charge in that the former produces a specific kind of projectile that maintains its shape and penetrating power despite travelling a considerable distance. This is lacking in conventional charge. The more the missile goes, the more momentum it loses. EFPs have historically been employed to assault armoured vehicles (just as we see in the show). Examples allegedly include the murder of German banker Alfred Herrhausen in 1989.

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