Elle Fanning Boyfriend: Is She Dating Max Minghella From The Social Network?

The relationship between Elle Fanning and Max Minghella may serve as living proof that discreet relationships can endure in Hollywood. They were initially linked immediately after meeting on the set of the 2018 film Teen Spirit (which Max, by the way, wrote and directed), and they have since kept their relationship largely discreet. Mostly.

So grab a snack if you, too, are curious and want to learn everything there is to know about Elle’s boyfriend before continuing.

For starters, Elle’s boyfriend is v creative

Max’s role as Nick Blaine on The Handmaid’s Tale may be his most well-known role, but that is merely one of the numerous projects he has worked on. As an example? He played Richie Castellano on The Mindy Project and Divya Narendra in The Social Network, respectively.

The actor has experience working behind the camera, having written and directed the film Teen Spirit, which is how he and Elle first got to know one another. But more on that in a moment. Enjoy this adorably adorable clip of them with the rest of the cast in the interim:

His family is all about show business, bb

There is so much skill in this family. To begin with, Carolyn Choa, Max’s mother, is a choreographer who has performed for both the English National Opera and the Metropolitan Opera in New York. She is particularly well-known for her work as a member of the cast and crew of Madam Butterfly and The English Patient. Casual! Even Max admitted to Esquire that “movies has been the one thing [they both] bond over and cherish” in May 2019. He continued by saying that his mother “introduced [him] to all of the notable directors.”


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Anthony Minghella, Max’s father, tragically passed away in March 2008 at the age of 54. As the Oscar-winning filmmaker of films including The English Patient, Cold Mountain, and The Talented Mr. Ripley, he too made his impact on the entertainment business. What about Hannah, Max’s older sister? She is, in fact, the chief of motion pictures (! ), according to Deadline, a position she obtained after running TriStar Pictures and TriStar Television. Hello from the Minghella family? Please adopt me!

He grew up in London but studied in the United States

The multi-hyphenate was born in London’s Hampstead neighbourhood, to be more precise. Max has frequently talked about how growing up in an immigrant family—his mother is Chinese and his father is Italian—made him closer to his parents.

The actor soon moved to Columbia University to pursue a history degree. “I hadn’t finished high school in England, so until I went back to school, I lacked the credentials to enrol in an English institution. The simplest method for me to further my education was to move to America and simply take the SATs, “He revealed to Interview how he came to enrol at the New York City Ivy.


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When questioned the reason behind his decision to continue his study, he confessed openly (and hilariously), “In all honesty, it’s probably the shame of having highly educated parents. They might have felt a little embarrassed. They truly hoped that I would improve despite the fact that I have always been a lousy student, and I guess I kind of hoped for them too. In hindsight, it was probably an apology for dropping out of high school and entering the acting business when I was young and naive. However, I’m very appreciative for the experience; whatever the reason I went, it was undoubtedly a good thing. In that period, I formed important ties. It also saved me from making a lot of poor professional choices.” Nice touch, Max! Touché.

One play in particular inspired him to be an actor

Max once admitted to DuJour magazine that he first became interested in acting as a teenager after seeing Kenneth Lonergan’s play This Is Our Youth. “I had absolutely no interest in becoming an actress. That play drastically altered my life, “says he. “That was the one thing that really piqued my interest.”

He also said to Esquire, “I had never performed before until I did the first few of things. Ever. Therefore, the first time I saw how I performed was in these blockbuster films, when I wasn’t doing a very good job.”


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Max, though, acknowledged that he was a “very douchey kid in school.” Up until his pal Josh jolted him back to reality: “He lost it on me when we got out of the car because I was on the phone the entire time, making rolling calls and never acknowledging him or saying, “Thank you for picking me up.” At the age of 17, that was a serious wake-up call.”

He and Elle met on set

This love story began on a movie set, just like many others in Hollywood. Elle played Violet, a Polish girl with *many* difficulties in her path who is anxious to become a pop sensation, and Max wrote and directed Teen Spirit. Max claimed that owing to the “huge list of prerequisites,” Elle was “the only actress who could have carried” the story in an interview with Entertainment Tonight from April 2019.

“You need to be able to sing, dance, and, you know, speak Polish convincingly, put on a British accent, act the appropriate age, and carry the movie with a remarkably nuanced performance.

She managed everything with such professionalism and discipline, and she never complained, which is a lot for one person “He bragged.


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During the interview, Elle also commented and said, “We just really enjoy working together, you know? That was really, really unique.”

When the couple was first spotted holding hands in Florence, Italy, and then once more on a date in London a few weeks later, romance rumours about them began to circulate. Jet setters, let’s go! When they were in London, a person who saw them said, “They seemed so relaxed and content.” When they were together looking at things, “they were extremely low-key and comfy with each other, glancing over for one another and conversing quietly to each other.”

They made their debut as a couple at the Met Gala

The pair decided to boost the ante and make their red carpet debut as a couple at the 2019 Met Gala because, you know, getting to know one other on a real Hollywood set simply wasn’t enough. Could they be any cooler, really? A negative response.

Elle recently accompanied him at a pretty big movie premiere

The long-term relationship was clearly visible at Max’s Babylon premiere at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles, and Elle even shared a sweet Instagram video of the two of them:

And here’s a photo of a real “chef’s kiss” from Getty Images, my favourite website for stalking celebrities.

arrives for the world premiere showing of “Babylon”

Max considers himself a serial monogamist

Nice to know! The actor admitted to being a serial monogamist in an interview with Esquire and said he never dated anyone who he didn’t plan on marrying in the future. This was how he felt even as a teen. You have it now!

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