Eva Amurri’s Boyfriend: Who Is Susan Sarandon’s Daughter Dating In 2022?

After divorcing her ex-husband Kyle Martino, Eva Amurri has discovered love once more. Who is the boyfriend of Eva Ammuri? Actually, her boyfriend is a New York-based chef, not some famous celebrity. The way she describes how she met her boyfriend and met him in her blog makes their meet-cute-up quite engaging. Prior to that, the American lifestyle blogger was nearly eight years married to Kyle Martino. They were unable to save their marriage, though. She and her ex-husband have three kids together as well.

The American lifestyle blogger has previously made her current boyfriend’s identity public in a blog post. In reality, she frequently hangs out with her ex-husband, her boyfriend, and their children. Thanksgiving was when they last left. Additionally, they were seen celebrating Halloween and the birthday of their daughter Marlowe together. Eva recently said on Instagram that she never imagined spending time with her boyfriend, ex-husband, and their children. Despite everything, the mother of three is radiant and cheerful.

Eva Amurri’s Boyfriend: Who is the American Lifestyle Blogger Dating in 2021?

New York-based chef and baker Ian Hock is Eva Amurri’s boyfriend. Early in January 2021, the American lifestyle blogger had a revelation regarding dating. On January 7, 2021, she announced the relationship on her Happily Eva After blog. She wrote in her blog that she is overjoyed to be dating once more following the breakup with her ex-boyfriend Martino. Eva continued by calling her lover amusing, incredibly affectionate, attractive, and creative. She added that they share a lot of traits with one another. Her partner, who is 6’4″, makes her feel small and frail because it’s difficult to do to her because she’s just 5’10”. In the meantime, she and her spouse split in 2020.

Eva Amurri Met Her Boyfriend in His Restaurant

Eva Amurri described how she met her boyfriend in her blog post. She visited his eatery with one of her pals. They were sharing a meal. Her pal has known her guy since they were in high school. After talking for a bit, there was a spark and an instant connection between the two. He was considered charming and approachable by the former New Girl star as well. However, neither she nor her buddy were aware of his romantic or personal life. After that, he followed her back on Instagram after she had done so. They start conversing with one another. After texting and joking together for a month, the two were able to comprehend one another.

The American Lifestyle Blogger and Her Ex-Husband Ended Their Marriage in 2020

Kyle Martino, a former athlete, and the American Lifestyle were once wed. The former couple wed in 2011. They did, however, make the decision to split in 2019, with the divorce becoming official in February 2020. The former couple kept the details of their divorce private. Later, the former athlete admitted in an interview given in 2020 that despite their efforts to make their marriage work, it was failing. He was going through depression at the time but was unaware of it. Kyle was unsure of how to handle it. They adore one another. However, they shouldn’t be married because they are bad at it. The former couple will continue to be co-parents in each other’s lives forever. Additionally, their connection is presently at its best in a very long time.

Eva Amurri Spends Thanksgiving with Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, and Kids

The amount of time Eva Amurri spends with her family is undeniable. Her recent Instagram post about Thanksgiving lends credence to the notion that she still gets along well with her ex-husband. In fact, her ex-husband and boyfriend get along quite well. The three of them and their kids were wearing matching jammies in the most recent post. Eva also alluded to the group’s escape in the post’s caption. While uploading a throwback video and post, she also discussed how she had evolved in the previous two years. The lifestyle blogger previously discussed in a blog post from last month how they were arranging a trip for the kids and a few other pals in time for Thanksgiving.

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