Todd and Julie Chrisley fraud trial : Mother Faye Chrisley Testifies She Didn’t Know Her Name Was Being Used on Financial Records

In the Todd and Julie Chrisley fraud trial, the defence side put another family member to the stand on Wednesday. This time, it was Todd Chrisley’s mother, the head of the family. According to Elizabeth “Nanny Faye” Chrisley, she was unaware of the precise manner in which her son and daughter-in-law were using her name on financial documents. The 78-year-old claimed that she forgets things and doesn’t read contracts before signing them. The elder Chrisley testified that although she may have signed the financial documents, she was unaware of their contents when they were presented to her. The documents claimed that she was an owner of the 7C’s Production company, a loan out business that pays the Chrisley family for their reality TV show.

Julie Chrisley allegedly transferred ownership of the 7C’s Productions business to her mother-in-law in order to carry out their plan to deceive the IRS. Faye Chrisley was named as the company’s president, shareholder, and board member on documents that were submitted to several organisations and bore her signature. Additionally, the prosecution said that Todd and Julie Chrisley started transferring their earnings from the show into Faye Chrisley’s bank account when the IRS started looking into them for possible fraud.

Allegations and Denials Abound in Chrisley Court Trial

“Honey, except from signing, I had never been involved in anything. Never have I possessed it. I’m not interested.

Faye Chrisley testified that she spent 40 years working in a textile factory, along with her late husband and son Todd, who later left the industry after finding success in real estate investing. Living her best life was her part on the show, according to Chrisley. Federal Judge Eleanor Ross had to interrupt Chrisley at one point in her evidence to tell her to stop calling Peters, a professional in a courtroom, “honey.”

When the couple was going through a “hard time” financially following Mark Braddock’s theft from them, Todd Chrisley’s mother claimed she provided them access to her account years before. Faye Chrisley stated that she had no recollection of the Bentley finance application that Todd and July Chrisley had submitted in her name after Peters had given it to her.

“I’m getting up there in years, and I’ve had a lot of experiences. I therefore can’t recall certain details.

The Chrisley Knows Best podcast Faye Chrisley rarely gives off the impression of being your typical, genteel Southern beauty; instead, she strikes me as an intrepid spitfire who enjoys gambling. Official court records were obtained by Radar Online in 2014, proving that the U.S. Bank National Association and Homebanc Mortgage Loan had begun the process of foreclosing on her house. According to reports, Todd Chrisley was accused by the bank of skipping payments of $33,533.38 on a property loan worth $362,300.

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