Meet Every Futurama Main Character That Left An Impression On Us

In the hit television series Futurama, pizza delivery boy Phillip J. Fry unintentionally freezes himself in a cryogenic chamber and wakes up in the year 2999, 1000 years later. Futurama, from the same producers as the longest-running television programme The Simpsons, chronicles the exploits of Fry and his Planet Express coworkers as they travel the cosmos making deliveries. Seven seasons in total were produced for the programme, and several feature films were also produced, all of which are available to view on Disney+.

Futurama has caught the interest of new viewers, who are eager to learn as much as they can about the show after it was recently confirmed that it will return for its eighth season. Futurama, like any sci-fi series, has a diverse cast of characters. From the cunning industrialist Mom to the well-known performing robot Calculon, the primary cast in particular is genuinely one-of-a-kind. Here is a ranking of each main character from Futurama.

Amy Wong

Amy is the professor’s youthful intern and the Martian Wong family’s multibillionaire daughter. While Amy occasionally acts like a spoilt princess, she actually manages to complete her internship with Farnsworth and earn her PhD while continuing to work with Farnsworth at Planet Express. Amy appears to be little more than simply a gorgeous face for the professor to admire. Amy first has a boyish obsession but soon finds love with cowardly extraterrestrial second-hand Kif of Zap Brannigan. Amy is anticipated to make a comeback in the new season of the show.


Bender the robot is selfish, unethical, and a fan of folk music. The most popular character on the programme is this robotic thief. In order to acquire the Olympic medals he gained without being discovered cheating, he even went as far as to get a robot sex-change, coining the amusing tagline “bite my bright metal ass.” Bender was the best character on the programme since he managed to creep into listeners’ hearts. He was spoken by the renowned voice actor John DiMaggio, who also provided the voices for Marcus Fenix in the Gears of War series and Jake the Dog from Adventure Time. Futurama’s reboot will unfortunately not feature John DiMaggio as Bender, leading viewers to question how they can manage without the show’s original voice actor.

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Phillip J. Fry, sometimes known as Fry, is another person on the list who became a meme because of his distinctive narrow-eyed expression. The main character of the show unintentionally freezes himself and finds himself in the future, where he is more at home than he was in the 20th century. In situations like when the brains arrive on Earth and make everyone stupid except for Fry, who is already stupid, and make him Earth’s saviour due to his extreme stupidity, Fry’s lack of intelligence is not only humorous but adorable and even keeps him out of danger. Fry is also much in love with Leela and makes a variety of romantic and less-than-romantic attempts to win her over. One of these attempts is successful, as Leela and Fry eventually get married for a short while. Billy West provides the voice for Fry and several other characters, and he is anticipated to return for the revival.


Hermes Conrad, a level 34 Rastafarian bureaucrat, is in charge of Planet Express’ whole bookkeeping department. Hermes enjoys filing and paperwork just as much as he does limboing, and he has competed in Olympic limbo competitions in the past. Even though Hermes isn’t given much screen time, his personality is nonetheless admirable, along with that of his driven son Dwight and stunningly beautiful wife LaBarbara. Hermes experiences many ups and downs in his relationships, from losing his wife and son to his limbo rival and LaBarbara’s ex-husband Barbados Slim to being demoted from his Bureaucrat level. However, Hermes is also a great source of humour because all he wants to do is fill out some paperwork and eat his Manwich.

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Futurama-Leela Fox Turanga AKA: Leela Leela is a mutant one-eyed girl whose parents left her in an orphanage pretending she was an alien so she could live above ground. Despite having only one eye, Leela performs admirably as a pilot for Planet Express, displaying the greatest level of proficiency as the ship’s captain and the supervisor of the delivery crew. In an effort to discover love for herself, Leela rejects Fry’s approaches in the hopes of finding someone better until she finally gives in since she can no longer fight her affections for him. The character will be voiced by Married… with Children and Sons of Anarchy actress Katey Sagal, who is already on the cast list for the revival.

Professor Farnsworth

The abnormally senile, insane scientist Professor Farnsworth, who is 150 years old, is probably one of the most underappreciated characters in the ensemble. The comment from Farnsworth himself, “I don’t want to live on this world anymore,” has also succeeded to make him famous. Despite the fact that Farnsworth was too preoccupied with his profession and never had any biological children, despite the fact that their illicit love child was born as a result of their relationship with “Mom,” Qbert, a clone of Farnsworth, has continued to carry on his legacy.


Despite being the most despised character on the show, Dr. Zoidberg remains a favourite of the audience. In contrast to the stereotype that doctors are successful and wealthy, Zoidberg is the exact opposite. Zoidberg’s antics only irritate his coworkers because he lives in a dumpster and eats whatever is put in front of him. Curly from The Three Stooges imitated Zoidberg’s famed “woop woop woop” sound while he ran away while clacking his claws. Despite everyone loathing him, Zoidberg’s stinking alien self has become highly famous among fans due to his level of confidence.

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