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Shocking Details Emerge From Gannon Stauch Autopsy Photo – Find Out What Happened

The autopsy images of Gannon Stauch provided fresh information regarding his horrible slaying. Three years after the 11-year-old child went missing in January 2020, the case is finally coming to a close.

Letecia Stauch, Stauch’s stepmother, was the main suspect in his disappearance and eventual murder, according to the initial inquiry.

The cold-hearted mother stabbed the child 18 times before shooting him with a rifle to extinguish what little life he still had.

According to a police inquiry, Gannon made an effort to defend himself from Letecia.

The youngster sustained 18 injuries from sharp objects, 4 from blunt objects, and 1 from a bullet.

The autopsy images of Gannon Stauch provided more clarity into his horrible slaying. On the contentious website “Reddit,” there has apparently been a leak of the autopsy image.

At the time this article was being written, there were no comments on the thread. No source has yet been able to show the leaked image to their viewers, despite the fact that other sites, including Reddit, claim to have access to it.

Letecia, the main suspect in the murder of 11-year-old Stauch, made every effort to tie up any loose ends. She tried to get rid of the dead body of the victim by stuffing it inside a suitcase.

For the victim’s family’s benefit, Letecia’s half-brother witnessed her carrying the bag containing Stauch’s body while she was moving her home.

It is unknown if he was the one who informed the police about Letecia.

What did Gannon Stauch autopsy photo reveal?

The autopsy photograph of Gannon Stauch was used as hard proof in his murder prosecution. Stauch’s autopsy was performed by Dr. Susan Ignacio.

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The physician testified in Stauch’s murder trial. She stated that the victim’s body was fully decomposed, some of his bones were visible, and he was still wearing the clothes that he was murdered in at the time of the autopsy.

Gannon Stauch’s cause of death was determined to be homicide by the autopsy physician and the police as a whole.

The victim, according to Dr. Susan, also had a hole in his jaw, which indicated that he had likely been shot in the face. He also had blunt force injuries to his skull.

Acetaminophen, a painkiller, and hydrocodone, an opioid, were discovered in Gannon’s system during a toxicology examination conducted concurrently with the autopsy.

Even though the medicines were not the reason of the victim’s demise, they still provide a glimpse of the anguish that Gannon endured just before his heinous murder.

The medical examiner thought hydrocodone’s presence in the victim’s body was unexpected because it is not an OTC drug like paracetamol.

Authorities suspected that Al Stauch, Gannon’s father, had been using hydrocodone after writing a prescription for it.

Al asserted that he never gave the medication to Gannon and that only he and Letecia were aware of its whereabouts at home.

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