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Meet Gigi Sohn’s Wife, Lara Ballard: Who Is She?

Lara Ballard, Gigi Sohn’s wife, is well known for being the partner of Gigi Sohn, a well-known American attorney.

The couple has been in a committed relationship for a long time and was married in August 2007. They both proudly identify as LGBTQ+ people.

They are not extremely active on social media, though, and have opted to keep their private lives private.

Gigi Sohn, who has held a number of important roles throughout her career, has established herself as a very successful attorney.

She was the Ford Foundation’s former employee and founded Public Knowledge. 2013 saw Tom Wheeler elevate her to a senior staff position at the American Federal Communications Commission.

Gigi Sohn left her position in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. Yet starting in July 2017, she kept up her active participation in a number of institutions, including the Open Society Foundation, Mozilla, and Georgetown Law Center for Technology Law and Policy.

Gigi has also worked as a project expert in the Ford Foundation’s Media, Access, and Privacy Program and as the Executive Director of the Media Access Project, a public interest legal firm with a communications concentration.

Division of Arts and Culture. Also, she has served as an adjunct lecturer at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and Georgetown University.

Gigi Sohn’s focus was shifted to her legal career and personal advocacy after Joe Biden was elected as the next president of the United States and appointed to the fifth seat on the Federal Communications Commission.

Lara Ballard, Gigi Sohn’s spouse and a federal employee, promotes equal rights. A new generation of lawyers and activists can take inspiration from the couple, who show that it is possible to balance a demanding professional life with a fulfilling family life.

About sohn’s girlfriend lara ballard

Lara Ballard, who was born on June 30th, 1969, was raised by her parents, Cynthia and Bruce Ballard, in Tennessee. She has two siblings: a younger sister whose identity is unknown and Amy Ballard Riley, who lives in North Carolina.

Between 1987 until 1991, Lara Ballard attended Georgetown on a full-tuition Army ROTC scholarship. She studied non-Western history and diplomacy as part of her Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS) coursework.

She received her appointment as a second lieutenant in the Air Defense Artillery after completing her studies, and she was sent to Kuwait. Before to coming home to finish her law degree, Lara also spent some time in Germany.

After graduating from Columbia Law School in 1998 with a J.D., she worked for a year as a law clerk in the Hon. Fed I. Parker’s office. After that, Lara began working as an attorney-consultant for the US Department of State.

Lara worked as an attorney-adviser for the US Department of State from 1999 and 2011. The State Department then hired her as a special adviser for privacy and technology, a position she maintained until 2021, to help with international communications and information policy.

Meet gigi sohn children and family

Even before she wed her wife Lara in 2004, Gigi Sohn adopted a daughter, who is the only child she has. Regrettably, information like her daughter’s name, age, and whereabouts are still unknown.

President Biden’s nomination of Gigi Sohn as an FCC Commissioner has drawn a lot of media interest. Together with the rest of Biden’s picks for his new cabinet, her hiring has been hailed as historic by NPR.

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