Hijack Episode 5: Recap and Surprising Ending Analysis

The aftermath of the hijackers’ demands being met is explored in the fifth episode of Apple TV+’s thriller series “Hijack,” titled “Less Than an Hour.” To learn the truth about Flight KA29, he speaks with the foreign secretary. Lewis manages to fight for his life and stay alive after the plane takes off again, only for Sam Nelson to utilise the same tactics to perhaps protect the crew, passengers, and plane itself from the hijackers. Sam makes a critical choice at the end of the interesting episode, which ends on an unexpected cliffhanger. Let us express our opinion on the episode’s climax if you’re interested in digging deep into the same! Spoilers follow.

Less Than an Hour, the fifth episode of Hijack, opens with the English home secretary discussing the requests he got from an unidentified guy with the foreign secretary. He tells the foreign secretary and other officers that the hijackers want Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown released from prison after receiving information regarding the hijacking of Flight KA29. The “Cheapside Firm,” an international drug trafficking organisation that Edgar and John ran before being apprehended, is run by them both. Although the pair doesn’t deal with drugs directly, they give traffickers and dealers a network to trade drugs through. Lewis is able to survive, and Sam Nelson comes up with a solution to the situation on board.

When Sam learns that Lewis and Stuart are siblings, he asks Stuart to fly to Hungary and save his brother by delivering the necessary medical attention. Sam requests that the co-pilot of the aircraft, Anna Kovac, speak to Hungarian authorities in Hungarian in order to alert them of the hijacking, which was done under the pretence of caring for Lewis. Despite the objections of his fellow hijackers, Stuart finally decides in favour of the same after considerable consideration. Anna contacts Hungarian officials and alerts them to the incident. In order to coordinate a thorough investigation into Stuart and Lewis, Daniel and Zahra speak with their mother Elaine. Elaine informs the former that the Cheapside Firm is suspected of killing the father of her children.

Then Elaine flees from the police. Lewis commits suicide after hearing about the emergency landing. He might have believed that if the mission of his mother and brother was ruined in his name after the emergency landing, the leaders of the Cheapside Firm would murder them. When Dubai police break into Neela’s home, they find the deaths of Neela, her family, and Abdullah. The English authorities are shown pictures of the dead bodies and are made aware of the seriousness of the threat they are facing.

Hijack Episode 5 Ending: Why Does Sam Abort the Landing?

Sam understands that Lewis’ struggle for survival presents an opportunity to force the hijackers to make an emergency landing so that the situation may be resolved. He makes use of Anna’s proficiency in Hungarian, which the hijackers are unable to understand. He believes that the Hungarian government will assist them in disposing of the few hijackers once they arrive. He almost succeeds in carrying out his plan, but two factors force him to abandon it. Sam first discovers that the hijackers’ allies are aware of who his family is and where they live. The negotiator understands that his family is in danger and that what he does on the plane will have an impact on their lives.

Sam must have known that if the hijackers and the Hungarian government clashed, his estranged wife Marsha and his son Kai would be killed by the former group’s allies. He cancels the plane’s landing in Hungary, perhaps to give himself more time to come up with a different plan that won’t put his family members’ lives in danger. The negotiator must have realised that the emergency landing did not meet the criteria for deliberate action that would not endanger Marsha and Kai. Sam might not, however, be considering his family alone. Lewis must have understood after he committed suicide that continuing with the landing would simply incite the hijackers, especially given that the idea to land was first planned in an effort to save Lewis.

Stuart may have been agitated by the attempt to land the plane following Lewis’ passing, which could have caused him to endanger the lives of the passengers. Sam might desire to prevent the demise of another traveller. Additionally, he might not want Stuart to alert Stuart’s allies to the trap because that might lead to their murdering his family. Moving on with the landing might potentially destroy the respect Stuart has for Sam. He might not have another opportunity to save the flight or his family, forcing him to abort the landing.

Will Kai Get Killed?

Two guys posing as cleaners who appear to be employees of Edgar and John’s Cheapside Firm arrive at the negotiator’s address as Sam aborts the landing. To make it apparent to Sam that he shouldn’t take them for granted, they plan to kill his family members in the same way that their allies killed Neela and other people in Dubai. Kai, Sam’s son, is waiting for his father outside the home as they enter. Since the two murderers are unaware that Kai is around, he may be able to preserve his life for the time being. Given that he sees them as soon as they arrive, he might be able to hide from them or even flee the area.

That being stated, even if Kai manages to flee the house and the two murderers for the time being, his life might still be in danger. Until their demands are met and the mission is successful, the leaders of Cheapside Firm could want their men to keep an eye on Sam’s family. Sam’s actions on board may have severe consequences for his son’s future. Therefore, we may anticipate the negotiator to come up with a new strategy that doesn’t directly endanger the lives of his wife or son.

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