Does Harry Styles Have A Daughter Named Darcy Anne Styles?

This week saw the release of Harry Styles’ long-awaited third studio album, Harry’s House.

The album contains thirteen tracks that listeners are utterly smitten with, ranging from bouncy pop songs in the manner of the 1980s to sad ballads.

Harry’s House is one of the biggest releases of 2022 so far, and it’s trending on Twitter, but that’s not all that’s being talked about.

Social media users are perplexed by a peculiar rumour that the former member of One Direction has a daughter named Darcy Anne Styles.

Let’s disprove this false information once and for all.


On the internet, individuals have been claiming for years that the 28-year-old has a daughter named Darcy Anne Styles.

This is untrue, though. It’s all phoney news; the singer doesn’t have any kids.

Darcy is a fictional character from a well-known Harry Styles fan fiction narrative, according to followers on Twitter.

Fanfiction is a fictitious work created by a supporter of a certain artist, performer, or celebrity.

In fanfics, fans develop characters to tell stories about celebrities, including spouses and kids.

In a fan fiction, Darcy Anne Styles was previously described as Harry Styles’ daughter; ever since then, the name has become very popular on social media.


The fanfic’s title was inspired by Harry’s declaration that he wished to call his future kid Darcy during a radio appearance.

I’ve always wanted to name my first child Darcy, and is it true that you plan to name your first daughter Darcy too? questioned a fan of Harry.

The star’s response, “That is truly true, yeah,” served as the model for Darcy Anne Styles in the fan fiction.

It’s unclear from the interview whether he still intends to name his daughter Darcy because it was conducted back in 2012 when he was a member of One Direction.

Nevertheless, Darcy Anne Styles will always be known as the singer’s fictitious daughter because the name has stayed.


Fans are still perplexed about Harry’s fictitious daughter on Twitter in 2022.

Some individuals genuinely believe he has a daughter.

Others find it amusing because some individuals believe Darcy to be genuine.

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