I Am Legend 2: Is It Happening? Could It Be The Revival Of Will Smith Post The Oscar Slap Incident?

The character of scientist Robert Neville is depicted in the film I Am Legend as he carefully navigates the horrific post-apocalyptic streets of New York City while clinging to his beloved dog Samantha and the memory of his wife and small daughter who perished in the war. Robert devotes his scientific expertise to a desperate last-ditch effort to cure the mutants’ disease and save mankind after nearly 100 percent of the world’s population has either been transformed into ravenous, murderous, physically enhanced mutants or killed as a result of a virus engineering experiment gone wrong.

All is well for Robert and Sam as long as a mother and daughter arrive trying to reach the last colony of uninfected humans upsets his strict daily protocol, which includes using salt to mask his scent around his apartment to keep the mutants from finding him, killing them wherever he finds them, feeding and bathing Sam regularly and talking to her like she were just another human being.

The conclusion of I Am Legend makes the news of a sequel captivating and mystical, especially now that society can identify to the battle against a fatal global epidemic and the ensuing terror and suffering. The cast, storyline, release date, and how this came about are all included in this list of everything we currently know about I Am Legend 2!

Everything Else We Know


In terms of culture, the follow-up movie is likely to exploit the gap between two societies that actively seek to destroy one another due to their inability to cooperate and get along with one another. Hollywood actively contributes to the de-othering of groups and individuals that stereotypes or mainstream society could imply. Although the original film softened the harsh realities of being one of the last remaining individuals in a species that is becoming increasingly rare, the source material and the original movie were far ahead of their time and are full of insightful details that can instruct and instruct audiences of today. We have very high expectations for this film and are excited to see what the authors and producers have in store!

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The Plot

Both the original novel and the movie’s alternate ending contain hints about where the I Am Legend sequel film will start up. The main theatrical finale of the movie is very moving but extremely biassed. Neville notices the shape of a butterfly in the crumbling wall between him and the angered mutants after finding the virus’s cure and creating a plan for his fellow citizens to escape the mutants smashing down the glass door of his lab. Neville interprets this as a sign that this is the end because his late young daughter, Neville, had a tendency of pointing out butterflies. After the mother and daughter flee with the cure, he ploughs himself into the glass and blows up a grenade, and this appears to be the conclusion of his tale.

The hard part comes at this point. In both the book and the movie, Neville learns from his research on the mutants that, despite his attempts to exterminate all non-infected people, they maintain their own structured society with established norms and relationships. However, he can’t help but feel appalled by them because they pose a threat to the survival of what he formerly thought of as mankind. The word “legend” actually refers to how Neville’s heartless treatment of the mutants, including his use of cruel experiments and his desire to eliminate them in any way possible, has made him an outsider rather than how the movie suggests that his eventual discovery of a cure for their disease will make him an icon.

Neville will be portrayed in the book as a symbol of murder and annihilation to their people because the mutants are now the dominant species and he has vehemently converted himself into their mortal adversary. After coming to this conclusion, Neville accepts that he will die at the hands of the mutants and passes away without ever again wanting to murder them—only himself. In the meantime, Will Smith’s film offered an alternate conclusion to placate those who were offended by the movie’s portrayal of Neville as a self-sacrificing hero. In this alternative conclusion, Neville had the same epiphanies without dying. He is abandoned, to live a life of brutality and sorrow.

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In conclusion, there are three possible outcomes for the first movie that will influence the plot of the sequel: Neville’s death and legacy as the legendary healer of the mutants’ virus; Neville’s death and legacy as the monster who tried to exterminate the mutants simply because they were different from him; and Neville’s survival and lifelong guilt for having tried to exterminate the mutants simply because they were different from him. The reality of the original movie’s finale can be bent in a variety of ways to accommodate a stunningly awesome sequel, which seems inevitable. In practise, we will undoubtedly witness a concoction of all these conclusions that will, ideally, completely wow us.

The Cast & Crew

According to reports, Will Smith rejected all the I Am Legend sequel pitches before Michael B. Jordan’s. Jordan, who will co-star in the movie with Smith, contributed to the success of the films Black Panther and Creed. Even the first film’s screenwriter, Akiva Goldsmith, will be involved with the sequel. One of the film’s producers claimed that Jordan’s concept for the sequel movie is so “unbelievably amazing” that they simply had to bring this universe back to the cinema.

These incidents are especially important because the first movie finished on a supposedly conclusive tone. In order for the mother and daughter to escape to the final human colony with the cure that Neville ultimately discovered, Smith’s Neville sacrifices himself in a grenade explosion. What possibly might Jordon’s pitch have been to convince Will Smith to bring this narrative back when he has no need to do so if he doesn’t want to?

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