I Believe in Santa Ending: Do Lisa and Tom Get Together?

The friendship between Lisa and Tom is the focus of Alex Ranarivelo’s holiday romantic comedy “I Believe In Santa.” Lisa is a single mother and a writer. Tom is an accomplished attorney. They appear to be living the dream, enjoy a quick romance, and get along well—that is, until Christmas comes and upends everything. The film, which stars Christina Moore, John Ducey, and Violet McGraw, centers on the important practical vs imaginative issue. Due to how your beliefs and points of view differ, it causes you to wonder about the viability of a partnership. This is the ideal Christmas watch when combined with the festive spirit. You probably smiled at the end of the endearing film “I Believe in Santa,” but you probably also had some questions. So let’s get rid of them. Spoilers follow!

I Believe In Santa Plot Synopsis

Tom and Lisa first meet at the Fourth of July festival. When Ella, Lisa’s daughter, gets separated from her mother, she encounters him. Tom’s legal advice booth is where Lisa discovers them. Tom and Lisa go on a date because they get along well. They get to know one another and fall in love in just five months. Ella gets along well with Tom, thus their relationship appears to be ideal. For the newlyweds in love, everything is sunshine and roses.

Lisa, however, dreads writing an article about her least favorite holiday as Christmas approaches. She looks around but can’t come up with something good to write about. Tom, on the other hand, is ecstatic to finally savor the magic of Christmas. He adores the celebration and all of its components. As the couple becomes aware of this disagreement, things become tense.

Lisa moves forward and hesitantly decides to go on a holiday adventure with Tom. He creates a jam-packed agenda of things to do in the days before the event. Together, they have a blast putting the finishing touches on Lisa’s Christmas tree. Lisa also enjoys seeing Ella smile while everyone is having a good time. When Lisa finds out that Tom still believes in Santa, their relationship is put to the ultimate test. Tom firmly and passionately believes that Santa Claus is a real person.

The plot thickens as the pair talks and thinks their way through this conflict, which pits the rational against the supernatural. Tom fires the festival’s innocent amazement to entice his love, while Lisa tries to convince Tom of capitalism’s and business’s methods in keeping Christmas alive. Due to their extreme differences in opinion, the couple had an argument after reaching a saturation point and decides to separate. The climax that follows provides some clue into how their relationship will turn out.

I Believe In Santa Ending: How Does Santa Bring Lisa and Tom Together?

Christmas is not Lisa’s favorite holiday because of her parents. When she was little, she discovered that Santa Claus is not real after finding her Christmas present in the closet. Her parents ceased the custom of exchanging gifts and even accused her of ruining the holiday. The incident left a lasting impression on her and spoiled every Christmas after that. Lisa still recalls the episode, despite the fact that it occurred when she was very young, demonstrating the importance of parents in influencing their children’s mental development. Lisa’s life was profoundly touched by her parents’ conduct. Instead of holding their children responsible for such behaviors, parents should be understanding and encouraging.

Lisa hasn’t celebrated Christmas since that time. In Lisa’s version of Christmas, tinsel, presents, and gladness were replaced by broken promises and futile intentions. Then Tom shows up; he has an innocent, childish passion for Christmas. He gets Lisa to reconsider her opinion of Christmas. Ella is brought by the couple to a mall to see Santa. The festival and the man in charge are viewed differently by the three characters. Ella is still debating her beliefs and hasn’t made up her decision. However, after speaking with Tom, she decides that having faith is preferable to having no belief at all.

Ella keeps her longing for an iPhone from her mother and Tom even though she has been coveting one for a time. While this is going on, when Lisa and Tom can’t agree on their values, it strains their relationship. The circumstance highlights the significance of respecting one’s partner’s thoughts and opinions without compromising one’s own. To be in a relationship, one does not need to persuade the other person or have the same opinions. Eventually, Lisa and Tom come to see the importance of one another in their life.

In the end, Lisa accepts Tom’s marriage proposal. The pair agrees to put their disagreements aside and emphasize their shared strengths. Ella is the happiest of them all. She at last confesses what she wanted for Christmas, which was for Tom and Lisa to wed. Ella requests that Santa keep them together always. She uses the fact that Santa fulfilled her wish as evidence that he is real.

This reasoning seems to be accepted even by Lisa, a non-believer, and Tom is overjoyed to see young Ella maintain her faith. Ella can be happier and see both sides of the story with Tom and Lisa together. She will develop an understanding of both magical and realistic perspectives. In many respects, Lisa and Tom complement one another. They bring out a previously unnoticed quality in one another and support one another’s improvement. Tom pushes Lisa to have higher dreams, while Lisa helps to keep Tom grounded in reality.

Does Lisa End Up Believing In Santa?

Since the start of the film, Tom and Lisa have both steadfastly adhered to their convictions. Because of the capitalist motives, Lisa views Christmas as more of an obsession than a holiday. Tom, on the other hand, loves nothing more than to decorate his home and spread holiday cheer. Even though the pair struggles to get used to this aspect of their relationship, they try their best to get through it.

In the end, it all comes down to individuals being more accepting and appreciative of other people’s beliefs and points of view. Both you and other individuals have the right to express your thoughts. Nobody has to persuade others to share their viewpoint. Every relationship, including Lisa and Tom’s, will experience some conflicts. The key goal should be to emerge through them stronger, just like the movie’s protagonist pair does.

Lisa eventually changes her mind and begins to take pleasure in the Christmas festivity. She lets go of the past to make room for fresh experiences with her family. Despite not taking part in the holiday cheer quite as much as Tom, Lisa begins to believe. On Christmas Eve, they leave out cookies, milk, and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. Thus, it assures the audience that Lisa has made the decision to fully embrace the enchantment of Christmas. She feels secure enough around Tom to allow her inner dreamer come out. True love is demonstrated by their acceptance of one another as they are.

Who Wins The Family Sleigh Ride Competition?

Tom stays by Ella’s side even after Lisa and Tom decide to split up. She want to compete in and take home the prize in the Family Sleigh Ride Race. Lisa and her buddy Sharon keep trying, but they can’t seem to get it right. Ella implores Lisa to accept Tom’s assistance.

Tom abandons all of his plans to stay in and construct Ella’s sleigh. This is a significant event for Tom because it helps him put his priorities in perspective. Tom is well-organized and methodical. He genuinely cares for Lisa and Ella, and he would sacrifice anything for them. Thanks to Tom’s well-built sleigh, Lisa, Tom, and Ella triumph in the race and take home the award. It is robust, strong, and successfully completes the journey without incident. It actually soars to victory.

Tom’s efforts are appreciated by Lisa, and as a result, the couple reconciles. Lisa is able to see Tom’s devotion and compassion for Ella after seeing the lengths he goes to for her. Additionally, it emphasizes how Tom differs from the macho and stereotyped modern guys. He is a breath of fresh air in terms of character. He has no qualms about acting on his beliefs and doing as he pleases. Tom maintains his sense of play, which helps him relate to Ella.

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