Incredibles 3 Release Date, Cast And Other Major Details

After Incredibles 2 pulled off the almost impossible feat of surpassing the original, Incredibles 3 is probably something that every Pixar fan craves.

It’s a bit surprising that two years after the much anticipated sequel’s $1.24 billion global movie office haul and near-universal critical acclaim, Pixar hasn’t formally approved a third adventure for the superhero Parr family.

What can we anticipate from Incredibles 3 if Pixar confirms it? After the sequel was released, producer John Walker stated that he “wouldn’t ever rule it out” that we could see a third film.

Incredibles 3 release date: When will Incredibles 3 be released?

Incredibles 2 came out after a 14-year wait, and while we hope a third film won’t be released in 2032, the exact release date is still unknown.

Naturally, writer/director Brad Bird isn’t in a hurry to finish it. In November 2018, he stated to Deadline, “I would rather say I’m not closed to it, but it’s not on my mind.”

“Going for a swim is like the last thing you want to do after swimming in the ocean for a month. For the time being, I need to do something else, and we’ll see what the future holds.

Without Bird’s support, it’s unclear that Pixar will produce a third Incredibles film, and even if he does decide to, there will certainly be a delay after the announcement.

Considering that it took Incredibles 2 three years from announcement to release, even if Bird begins production this year, it seems likely that you won’t see it until 2023 at the earliest.

Incredibles 3 cast: Who’s coming back for Incredibles 3?

All of the Parrs are expected to make a third appearance, thus Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, and Huck Milner will reprise their roles as Bob, Helen, Violet, and Dash, respectively.

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However, depending on how long the wait is, Dash might be recast in the same role that he played in the sequel because it was decided to “cast a new person that’s the exact age of a 10-year-old” rather than have Dash’s voice go much deeper.

We may expect Brad Bird to play Edna Mode again, and Samuel L. Jackson to return as Frozone.

It is unclear if any of the other new characters from the sequel will make a comeback, but Sophia Bush has expressed a desire to reprise her role as the portal-building, aspirant superhero Voyd.

She told EW, “I think we’re all rooting for a third movie, so it’s a beautiful opportunity for those girls to start ideally working together, whether that’s in the continuum left after the second movie or in an eventual third.”

Incredibles 3 story: What will Incredibles 3 be about?

Despite Bird’s reluctance to age anyone up, we’d like to see a time jump in the major plot of Incredibles 3 so that infant Jack-Jack is older and, possibly, leaning toward the evil side.

Let’s add a Star Wars-style wicked family member who is in desperate need of atonement to the heroic setup. Disney does appear to believe that Bird would be competent in Star Wars-related tasks.

The Underminer’s comeback is one very conceivable potential direction that the third Incredibles movie might take. In a very, very quick 2D appearance, the minor/miner villain appeared in both the 2004 original and the sequel.

The figure that escaped is now free to wander, according to Bird, even though it’s simply his drill moving across the screen: “The Underminer escapes. The bad folks occasionally get away with it. similar to real life

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Additionally, Bird told EW that he had certain ideas for the sequel but was unable to implement them due to the production schedule adjustment (Pixar accelerated Incredibles 2’s release date).

They cut a year off our schedule, so if an idea didn’t take off right away, you simply had to kill it and try something else. And I murdered like a city teeming with darlings,” he said.

We created characters and storyboards, and they turned out extremely well! Some of them covered specific topics and were incredibly humorous and cool. You should never rule something out since you never know when you might need it.

Could the third film offer that chance? So let’s hope.

Incredibles 3 trailer: Any Incredibles 3 footage?

We’re afraid not yet, for the simple reason that Pixar hasn’t even officially confirmed the movie, much less begun production.

Expect nothing for a few more years if our release date estimation is accurate.

Disney+ offers The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2 for viewing.

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