Who is Grant Amato? What’s He Known For? Where Is Grant Amato Now?

Grand Amato was spending excessive amounts of money to maintain his growing fixation with a webcam model. Money he had stolen from his family and money he didn’t possess. However, despite all of their efforts to support and shield him, Grant’s family was murdered, and in 2019, he was found guilty of their slayings. This exact situation is investigated in the Investigation Discovery programme “Signs of a Psychopath: Fantasy Over Family.” Are you curious as to what went wrong and where Grant might be right now? We have your back.

Who is Grant Amato?

The eldest child of Chad and Margaret Amato is Grant. The other two boys of the couple were Cody, the middle son, and Jason, the oldest. The remainder of the family resided in Chuluota, Florida, together while Jason lived elsewhere. Growing up, Grant and Cody were close friends. They had both joined the weightlifting squad at their high school. They couldn’t be separated. They even attended nursing school together before transferring to a programme for nurse anaesthetists. However, issues surfaced in June 2018 after Grant was expelled from anaesthesia school. Grant was fired after he was accused of stealing medication and giving a patient the wrong dosage of medication, even though the accusations were eventually dropped. As a result, he developed depression.

Grant started to spend more time online after finding himself jobless. He would broadcast while gaming. He eventually crossed paths with Silvie, a Bulgarian webcam model. He began to pay her with funds from his family in order to speak with her. He eventually started purchasing her clothes and sex gadgets as a result. In an effort to present himself as a wealthy and accomplished professional gamer, Grant had already acknowledged to stealing more than $200,000 from his family. After a disagreement with his family about his behaviour in December 2018, he went to his aunt’s house and grabbed her credit card information. The family encouraged her not to file a complaint, and Cody offered to reimburse her on his brother’s behalf.

The family continued to care for him, and later in December they allowed him to enter a facility for voluntary behavioural rehabilitation. Grant was expected to abide by a set of guidelines if he wanted to stay with the family after his return. His phone connection was cut off, he had to start paying off his obligations, and he had to stop speaking to Silvie. Grant’s mother still gave him permission to text Silvie on Twitter using her phone. On January 24, 2019, Grant told Chad that there had been a confrontation and his father had asked him to leave the house.

Police visited t he home on January 25 in the early hours after Cody’s alarmed coworkers called to report that he had missed work. The officers forced their way inside when there was no response at the door and discovered a gruesome crime scene. Chad was discovered shot twice in the head and died in the kitchen. He was carrying a weapon in a holster around his hip. Margaret was discovered shot in the head while seated at her home office. Investigators thought she had probably been shot first. Between the gym and the garage, Cody was discovered shot below the eye. Also, a gun was located not far from his body. There was no sign of Grant.

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The following day in a nearby motel, the cops located Grant. He spoke about the issues in his family, but he never inquired as to their fate. He denied any involvement in their murders when he was questioned about them. He acknowledged taking the cash, but said that on January 24, his father had expelled him from the residence. He initially told the police that night that he left at about 9:30 PM, but afterwards admitted lying and amended it to about midnight. He claimed to have spent the night in the parking lot of a nearby supermarket before attending a job interview. Police had also discovered images of credit cards belonging to Grant’s grandmother, uncle, and one of his cousins on his computer. He was eventually accused of three murders.

The court case started in July 2019. According to the prosecution, Chad was shot when he arrived home from work after Margaret was shot at 4:40 PM. Cody was dead when he got home from the hospital after a few hours. Additionally, they claimed that Grant had positioned the handguns and shell casings next to the victims in order to simulate a murder-suicide in which Cody killed the parents. The bullets that killed them came from a different gun that had not been discovered, despite the fact that the casings found close to the victims were from the gun next to Cody. The defence argued that additional suspects were overlooked and that the crime scene analysts did not sufficiently examine the scene. After around eight hours of consideration, Grant was ultimately pronounced guilty.

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Where is Grant Amato Now?

Grant was found guilty on three charges of first-degree murder in August 2019. The jury had the choice of recommending the death penalty or a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Jason had testified during the sentencing phase in a tearful manner. Though they are no longer with us, he declared, “I want everyone to know that Chad, Margaret, and Cody were incredible people who will live forever.” According to prison records, Grant is still detained at the Madison Correctional Institution in Florida’s Madison County.

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