Who is Jake Harrison? What’s The Truth About Rick Harrison’s Youngest Son, Jake Harrison

Jake Harrison, son of Rick Harrison, finally made an appearance on Pawn Stars in the show that aired on March 29, 2021, a Monday. Jake hasn’t previously been on the reality television series because he is so much younger than Rick’s other kid Corey (also known as “Big Hoss”). Jake chose to check out the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which has made his late grandfather, father, brother, and family friends household names, now that he is old enough to take on a summer job.

The adolescent shares many traits with his father, but in contrast to Rick, who lacks thick locks, he has a full head of hair. While the public is well-aware of both Corey (who nearly quit Pawn Stars himself) and Rick’s son Adam, who wasn’t interested in the pawn shop lifestyle, nothing is known about Jake.

Jake, the son of Rick’s second wife Tracey, hasn’t been in the public eye all that much, which is also a result of his age, but there are a few things people do know about him. There are a few known facts about the teen, including information from public appearances and material from the show.

Who is Jake Harrison?

Although Jake Harrison is far from a pawn shop expert, the most recent episode of the show does show some promise for him. Jake is able to tell a fake Rolex from a real Rolex after Rick teaches him how to use a loupe, a powerful magnifying glass equipment. Rick’s only question to Jake throughout the sequence is, “What looks wrong on the green section of the fake Rolex?” Jake discovered the green paint rather quickly; most people would probably never notice it. Even Austin “Chumlee” Russell failed to notice when he inadvertently paid the price for a genuine Rolex.

The father and son team’s similarities don’t end there because they both backed former American president Donald Trump. Many people think Jake is a Republican like his father and brother Corey because they were pictured together with Trump back in 2018. As evidenced by him playing video games with the Pawn Stars team at the end of the episode, he too seemed to enjoy them.

Only time will tell if Jake joins the Pawn Stars team permanently in the future or if he decides to finish school so that he won’t be “stuck” at the store for the rest of his life.

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