The Powers Of King In Seven Deadly Sins Explained | How Old Is The King?

The fact that “The Seven Deadly Sins” concentrates on seven separate protagonists rather than having a single main character is one of the characteristics that distinguishes it from most other anime series. The group of seven immensely powerful Holy Knights known as the “Seven Deadly Sins”—located in the Kingdom of Liones—were accused of killing Zaratas, The Great Holy Knight, before the series began. The King of Liones has also found each member of the gang guilty of a heinous crime, and each one has been assigned a particular title pertaining to their “sin.”

As a result, even though these seven knights are the protagonists of the story, they are originally cast as villains and hated all over the country. It also doesn’t help that most of them are exceedingly vicious and dangerous. Since the majority of the Seven Deadly Sins aren’t even human, each member of the group possesses a special set of powers and talents, and nearly all of them have at least a longer lifetime or some type of immortality.

Take King, the team’s “Sin of Sloth,” as an example. He is nearly 1,300 years old and possesses a set of skills that can only be used by Fairy Kings.

King’s fairy abilities give him control over life and death

King’s full name is Fairy King Harlequin, and he guards the Fairy Realm in addition to being a member of The Seven Deadly Sins. King has various special abilities because he is a fairy, including levitation, metamorphosis (which allows him to change his appearance at will), heart reading (which effectively allows him to read people’s hearts and emotions), and disaster (which he may use as King Harlequin). Only fairies with the title of Fairy King are given the ability Disaster, which gr ants the user total control over the Fairy Kingdom (via The Seven Deadly Sins wiki).

Disaster effectively grants King total control over life and death by enabling him to influence living things at the molecular level. We have saw him employ Disaster in combat to transform a minor scrape on an adversary into a severe bloody wound as well as to transform a mild poison into a highly fatal venom. With this power, he is able to manipulate nature’s development and vitality outside of combat, giving different kinds of flora the ability to live or taking it away at his discretion. Although there are practically no limitations to the Disaster ability, King mostly just utilises it to unleash the full potential of his Sacred Treasure, Chastiefol.

King can change the form of Chastiefol at will

When the Seven Deadly Sins initially came together, the King of Liones gave each member of the gang a potent magical weapon; these weapons are referred to as Sacred Treasures. The Fairy King’s Forest is home to the Sacred Tree, which was used to manufacture the Spirit Spear Chastiefol, which is known as King’s. King can change the shape of Chastiefol at whim thanks to his Disaster power, and there are ten distinct forms for the spear to take (via The Seven Deadly Sins wiki). It can manifest in a variety of unusual shapes, such as a stuffed bear that can deflect opponent blows, a crab-like claw that transforms anybody it touches into a fossilised statue, or a huge flower that fires damaging missiles at King’s adversaries.

When King draws out Chastiefol’s “True Form,” the Sacred Tree’s entire power is activated at considerable bodily cost to King. As a result, Chastiefol becomes even more potent. The 10 forms (or procedures) from the regular form are essentially presented in the real form, but with much greater potency. After King fully grows his fairy wings and is able to use up to four different Chastiefol forms at once, things become much more difficult. Given how many attack forms he may combine or deploy at once and the virtually limitless options offered by his Disaster ability, it appears that King’s strength is only truly constrained by his own creativity.

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