Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown Kids – All 6 Kids’ Name And Pictures

a household affair. With their six children, Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown and ex-husband Kody Brown have been busy for the bulk of their marriage. For complete information about Janelle and Kody’s children, keep reading.

How Many Kids Does Kody Brown Have?

Kody has a total of 18 kids. He has one child together with Meri Brown, six with Janelle, six with Christine Brown, his ex-wife, and two with Robyn Brown. He also looks after Robyn’s three children from a previous relationship as their stepfather.

Who Is Logan Brown?

Kody and Janelle welcomed their first child, Logan, in May 1994, and he is their oldest child. He proposed to his longtime love Michelle Petty in 2017, and they got engaged in October 2022.

Logan said of his proposal at the time, “Unfortunately nothing in my complex plan had successfully gone through. So, out of desperation, I located Congress Bridge, which had the most picturesque Colorado River perspective. I proposed while we were walking across the bridge in the middle.

Although he had previously starred on Sister Wives, viewers started noting his disappearance during the show’s 13th season, and he has since left the reality series, which is presently in its 17th season.

Who Is Maddie Brown?

Maddie, Janelle and Kody’s oldest child, was born in November 1995. She is married to Caleb Brush, and the two of them have two children together: daughter Evie was born in August 2019 and boy Axel was born in May 2017.

Maddie revealed she and Caleb are expecting baby No. 3 in a sweet announcement on Instagram in July 2022 that featured “big brother” Axel and “big sister” Evie.

Baby Bump of Sister Wives Maddie Brown via Maddie Brush on Instagram
The following month, the reality star updated her fan base on her pregnancy by showcasing her expanding baby bulge in a video uploaded to Instagram.

Baby made the decision to POP! Every pregnancy, I swear, my body announces the presence of a baby with increasing speed. ‘POP time!’ I’ll take it even though it’s probably 80 percent muscle memory and pregnancy bloat. 14 weeks along with baby #3, she said in the caption.

In a different video uploaded to Instagram in September 2022, Maddie disclosed the gender of the child. Girl Brush, Baby! in February 2023! [emojis of a beating heart] The sound of Ultra was excellent! A few items were too minor, so we will just conduct one follow-up. No significant issues,” she wrote.

Who Is Hunter Brown?

The second-oldest son of Janelle and Kody is Hunter, who was born in February 1997. After completing his education at the Air Force Academy, he pursued his master’s degree in nursing at Johns Hopkins University. “I’m very eager to begin my nursing master’s programme with these girls. There is nothing more beneficial than showing love and supporting others in the crazy environment we now live in, he stated in an Instagram post from August 2020.

Hunter enjoys socialising with friends and family, is a committed gym goer, and is a devoted boyfriend to Audrey, a surgical ICU nurse, as can be seen by a quick read through his Instagram.

“Happy birthday, beautiful lady! I’m very appreciative of the time I’ve spent with you and the time still to come. I appreciate you for being who you are,” he said in a heartfelt ode on her birthday in July 2022.

Who Is Garrison Brown?

Kody and Janelle’s third child, Garrison, was born on Halloween in 1998. At the age of 17, he joined the National Guard, and in 2019, the reality TV star started Bob’s Floral, an online store that sold Hawaiian shirts and other tropical themes.

The online store was “temporarily on hiatus” just one year later, according to Garrison’s Instagram post.

Star of “Sister Wives” Despite their disagreement, Janelle Brown claims her son Garrison is “becoming his parents.”
Garrison Brown/Instagram, with permission
At the time, he stated, “My reopening plan is BIG but needs time to be carried out. “I hope Bob’s Floral products are created in the United States with love and care for people who want an easygoing lifestyle.”

In Touch announced in January 2022 that Garrison had bought his first house in Flagstaff, Arizona, despite the fact that his little business had been placed on hold.

Who Is Gabriel Brown?

Janelle and Kody welcomed their first child, a son named Gabe, in October 2001. The reality star hasn’t been very active on social media; his most recent Instagram post was made in April 2020; nevertheless, a look through his earlier postings reveals that he enjoys the outdoors and is creative when it comes to photography.

According to a Janelle posted Instagram image from August 2022, Gabe and Garrison appear to be close.

She commented, applauding her sons, “It does a mama’s heart good to know she produced guys willing to help out – even each other.” “When Gabe ran over something in the road, Garrison immediately arrived to assist him in removing the tyre, which of course had a stripped lug nut. AND it was pouring buckets of rain. I went over to help, but because I wasn’t actually needed, I wound up being the cheerleader.

Although the boys have a close bond with one another, they haven’t agreed with dad Kody regarding his COVID-19 guidelines, as was shown on Sister Wives, despite the growing pandemic.

Who Is Savanah Brown?

Savanah, Kody and Janelle’s youngest child, was born in December 2004. Currently, she is a senior in high school.

Brother Wives Savanah, Janelle Brown’s identical daughter, is shown in a photo wearing a homecoming dance dress.
In August, Janelle said on her Instagram Story, “My baby just drove herself (new licence) to her first senior school function.” “Today is bittersweet. I’ll just sit here for a moment, sip my coffee, and think about how soon the empty nest will be here.

In the same month, Savanah announced the addition of a new member to her family by sharing a charming Instagram photo of her new black Labrador with the sweet caption, “I got a new puppy. Caroline is her name. Yes, she is my lifelong love.

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