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TikTok Star Jehane Thomas Dies at 30, Days After Revealing Struggle with Migraines

Jehane Thomas, a popular TikTok user, died unexpectedly on March 17 at the age of 30. The influencer was diagnosed with optic neuritis and had months of debilitating headaches.

In a few of her TikTok videos, Thomas detailed her battle with the illness. She mentioned that she was having surgery in her most recent video, which she posted last Wednesday from the hospital.

TikTok Star Jehane Thomas Dies at 30

Her pals corroborated the information that Thomas had passed away. A few days prior to the sad incident, the TikToker revealed her diagnosis of optic neuritis, a disorder that “causes swelling of the eye’s optic nerve,” on Instagram.jehane thomas husband,jahan tiktok,*jehane thomas tiktok

After being told my headaches were caused by stress for over two years, I was finally given the proper diagnosis of ocular neuritis a few months ago. The pressure in my head literally knocks me off my feet now, but they initially believed I had MS, which was ruled out (for now), Thomas wrote on March 5.

“I want to begin by expressing my gratitude to my parents, who are always there to help me with the boys. They will always be the first to take the boys for a few hours when I’m incapacitated by a migraine or another illness, and I’m very thankful to have you both.

“This week has been our busiest week financially while simultaneously being my worst week health-wise. We have already handled slightly under 60 orders on the fifth day of the month,” she had noted. Thomas leaves behind two sons: Isaac, age 3, and Elijah, age 1.

Jehane Posted her Final Video Last Weekjehane thomas husband,jahan tiktok,*jehane thomas tiktok

Uploaded her Last Video was Jehane. On TikTok, Jehane had over 67,000 followers the previous week. Her final video, which she broadcast on March 15, was a discussion of her imminent surgery and a week-long hospital stay. She captioned the touching video, “I am still waiting to go down for surgery.

They decided against doing it last week since injecting fluids into me would have resolved the problem. I’ve consumed 4 litres of fluids, yet my head feels terrible this morning. As no other painkiller can handle this pressure, I’m waiting to see whether I may take one of my Frovatriptans before the procedure.

“Or if I need to endure it and hope that the procedure would provide me with immediate relief. I’m unable to stand up without feeling queasy, and since I can’t walk, I have to be transported everywhere. This agony is so awful,” Thomas continued.

A GoFundMe Campaign has been Set Up to Help the Influencer’s Children

Alyx Reast, a close friend of the TikTok star, has created a GoFundMe to support her children and pay for her funeral. The campaign page states, “Her demise was utterly unexpected and we are all absolutely heartbroken,” despite the fact that she had been dealing with migraines and bouts of illness for several months.jehane thomas husband,jahan tiktok,*jehane thomas tiktok

“I created this page in the hopes of earning some money to help her adorable babies enjoy the finest childhood possible, create lasting memories, and ensure their comfort. Nothing will bring the boys’ mother back, but we hope that knowing how much they are loved and supported will bring some relief to her family,” it continues.

We send our sympathies to Jehane Thomas’ loved ones. Peace be upon her soul, please!

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