Why Some People Think Jim Halpert In The Office’s Jim Was A Terrible Character

When Tim was played by Martin Freeman on The Office (UK), do you recall how we all sobbed during the Christmas special when (SPOILER) he and Dawn finally made love? Was it not fantastic?

When his wife Pam unintentionally forgot to videotape their daughter’s dancing recital while he was in Philadelphia working at the company he had invested in behind his wife’s back, Jim Halpert yelled at her and made her sob. Do you remember that? Was it not awful?

Rewatching The Office: A US Workplace is difficult for a variety of reasons, including the fact that some scenes (such as “Diversity Day,” “Gay Witch Hunt,” and almost all of what is said about Oscar these days makes me flinch in my seat) are uncomfortable to watch. It’s undeniable that humour has evolved over time, and some gags just don’t cut it anymore (Steve Carrell acknowledged as much in an Esquire interview from 2018). In addition to all of that, Jim’s character in The Office always leaves me speechless when I watch it again (just to be clear, I have nothing against actor-director John Krasinski who seems like a very nice man).

Jim Halpert doesn’t treat women well

We understand that Jim and Pam were meant to be. He lusted after her, kissed her (while she was engaged to someone else), dragged a few other women along (including Amy Adams’ Katy, whom he regarded with complete contempt, and Rashida Jones’ too-good-for-him Karen Filippelli), and then he ultimately won Pam.

Let’s talk about Jim’s crimes against Karen. He persuaded her to move to Scranton despite the fact that he was in love with someone else and that Karen harboured feelings for him (‘Branch Closing,’ Season 3, Episode 7 – “Scranton’s not that bad so if they offer you a job there I think you should take it”). When Karen finally arrives in Scranton, the workplace is a lot of fun for her because everyone at the Scranton branch is aware that Jim is in love with Pam. Then, in “Back From Vacation,” Season 3 Episode 12, and in “Ben Franklin,” Season 3 Episode 15, she is painted as a terrible person for trying to live close to him — not with him, but close to him. Karen deserves justice!

Jim Halpert doesn’t think his wife’s opinion matters

You may remember Jim buying his parents’ home in “Frame Toby,” Season 5, Episode 8 without telling Pam. Although it seems sappy, is it? How many of you would actually wish to live in the previous house of your partner’s parents? Since the house was literally his childhood home and he had already purchased it, Pam could never tell him if she detested it. Of course Pam pretended to be in love, but I think she really wanted to give Casa Halpert the Real Makeover: Home Edition treatment.

Then, in a move that was by no means romantic, Jim invested $10,000 (‘Here Comes Treble’, Season 9, Episode 5) of their savings in a company that is not even based where he lives with his family (I’ve done some research and it’s two hours by car and three hours by train from Scranton to Philadelphia). Jim did this without telling Pam. The consequences of his choice are severe, and Pam is left to care for their two children while Jim frolics at his company with the moronic names of Athlead/Athleap. Jim’s shoulders are in Philadelphia, so it’s a good thing she has the kind sound man Brian (‘Customer Loyalty’, Season 9 Episode 12) to cry on. Then, to top it all off at the panel in the season 9 finale’s “Finale, Pt. 1,” a bunch of naive ladies began picking on Pam (“If I had Jim he would have a free pass to do whatever”). Although I am aware that these women are actors, I am not familiar with them, and their portrayal of Jim as some sort of demi-god for putting his family above his career inflames my anger.

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