What Happened To Jorge Bacardi? Is Jorge Bacardi Dead or Alive?

In the heartwarming love drama “2 Hearts,” the amazing tale of how one young man’s passing granted another a second chance at life is told. The essential organ transplant that saved Jorge Bacardi’s life started a chain of events that has gained the medical community a lot of support, particularly in the field of regenerative medicine. The appreciative organ recipient and his wife also contributed to the funding of “2 Hearts,” which honours his life-saving “angel.” Discover Jorge Bacardi’s tale by reading on.

Who Was Jorge Bacardi?

A member of one of the largest family-owned spirit enterprises in the world, Jorge Bacardi was a member of the Bacardi family. Jorge Bacardi was born in Santiago de Cuba to Caridad and Joaquin Bacardi on April 6, 1944, the same year that his family’s business entered the American market. Jorge, who was already a member of a powerful corporate organisation, later pursued studies in industrial engineering and economics at Miami University and Stanford University, respectively. Jose Alberto, Jorge Enrique, and Carmen were his sisters, and he had two brothers.

For his family’s business and as a member of the board of directors, Jorge spent many years of his life. To survive, Jorge had to endure numerous operations and recurrent infections due to a lung ailment that he battled for the majority of his life and made it difficult to breathe. He had cystic fibrosis when he was a toddler, and at the time, doctors said he wouldn’t live to be older than 7.

Despite having challenging lungs, Jorge persisted and even lived to be beyond 40, which was exceedingly unexpected according to the medical community. However, it was discovered in the late 1990s that Jorge actually had a congenital disorder called primary ciliary dyskinesia, not the condition that had initially been thought to be Jorge’s problem. Jorge registered himself for a lung transplant since he was left with few options and his condition was becoming worse.

Jorge received a set of matching lungs as a result of the untimely death of organ donor Christopher Mark Gregory, who died at the age of 19 from a brain aneurysm. Consequently, on March 27, 2008, at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Jorge underwent a 7-hour double lung transplant procedure after having lungs that were not functioning properly for 64 years. Jorge was able to breathe via a set of healthy lungs for the first time after the procedure, which was successful.

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In the years that followed Christopher’s operation, Jorge started referring to him as his “guardian angel, Gabriel,” and he assisted in creating the Gabriel House of Care at the Mayo Clinic hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. The care facility is intended to assist long-term patients who need housing while receiving treatment. Jorge and his wife Leslie established a fund for regenerative medicine research as part of their donation so that they could continue to support work in the area that enabled Jorge’s life be saved. In an effort to share their remarkable tale and motivate people to donate their organs, they also contributed funds to the film’s development, “2 Hearts.”

How Did Jorge Bacardi Die?

At his residence at Lyford Cay, a private gated enclave in the Bahamas, Jorge Bacardi passed away on September 23, 2020. When he passed away, he was 76. Jorge was survived by his wife Leslie Bacardi and sister Carmen. His brothers Joaquin and Alberto had already passed away. The Bacardi CEO admitted that his lung capacity tested at 128% in the years after his lung transplant and that he was able to engage in outdoor sports during that time.

Regularly, he expressed his gratitude to the person who saved his life. Jorge even made friends with Christopher Gregory’s parents, Eric and Grace Gregory, and sent them images of himself “with Chris” engaged in activities like fishing that were made possible by the young man’s lungs. Even in Jorge’s obituary, it is highlighted how Christopher gave Jorge a new lease of life.

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Thus, the Gabriel House of Care at the Mayo Clinic Hospital honours Christopher and remembers the remarkable conditions that Jorge Bacardi overcame. While they receive ongoing cancer treatment or organ transplants, the care home continues to offer patients and their caretakers cosy lodging.

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