Who Is Judy Warren? Where Is Judy Warren (Judy Spera) Now? Ed & Lorraine Warren’s Daughter’s Update

According to rumours, Ed and Lorraine have worked on over 10,000 cases and are well recognised for their paranormal research and investigations. Today’s public knowledge of their works comes from films like “The Conjuring,” “Annabelle,” “The Amityville Horror,” etc. The duo frequently lectured in colleges about their research and case studies. While Lorraine was a noted clairvoyant and served as a medium in the majority of the cases they took on, Ed was a well-known religious demonologist.

Another member of their family who has garnered significant attention in the numerous films in which they have appeared is Judy Spera, their daughter. Even though Ed and Lorraine are both no longer with us, their legacy is continuously upheld by the family.

Who is Judy Warren?

The daughter of Ed and Lorraine is Judy Spera, formerly known as Judy Warren. She spent the majority of her childhood years in Bridgeport with her grandmother, Georgiana, as her parents frequently travelled. She attended a Catholic school as a child, and nobody really knew what her parents did. “When I was in sixth grade, I asked my father, What should I say you do?,” she recalled in an interview. I’m a landscape artist, he added. Say it to them. When the nun heard it, she gave me the rest of the year’s responsibility for the class plants. I’m not sure if they were alive or not.

Judy has frequently said that she is afraid of the Raggedy Ann doll, better known as Annabelle, in contrast to everyone else who has been intrigued by it. She nevertheless abides by her parents’ two unbreakable laws, which are not to touch the doll or acknowledge it in any way. In any case, Judy feels reasonably at comfortable carrying on her parents’ heritage because her husband, Tony Spera, does so more or less obediently. He is currently a paranormal researcher and claims that the Warrens were his mentors as well. After a while, he started leading tours of the renowned occult museum where Annabelle is housed. Judy also takes criticism of her parents’ work very personally. “I still get depressed reading articles about my parents,” she admitted. The fact that I was an adult reading about it is the only way it differs from the movie. and becoming enraged.

Judy was able to confide in Tony Spera, who would later become her husband, about the specifics of her parents’ employment despite the fact that she was unable to fully open up about it to many other people. Tony Spera has largely inherited Ed and Lorraine Warren’s interest in the demonology industry.

Where is Judy Spera Now?

Based on her Facebook profile, Judy Spera and her husband Tony Spera appear to be doing well. Despite having no interest in ghosts, she appears to be a huge animal lover based on her Facebook page. Through various photos, as well as images of her father’s paintings, she has shared on her page, it is also apparent that she treasures her parents and their memories.

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