Did Kanye Praise Hitler? What Did He Say About Hitler Inventing Microphone?

After publicly glorifying Adolf Hitler, Kanye West, who is already suffering cancellations left, right, and centre due to his ongoing antisemitic and racist outbursts, is now facing even more criticism. In a recent interview, the rapper claimed that the fascist leader had some redeeming features.

People were startled when you even asserted that Hitler invented the microphone. Many people are now speculating as to whether the Nazi leader truly created the microphone. For more information, keep reading.

Did Adolf Hitler Invent the Microphone?

In spite of what Kanye West claims, Adolf Hitler did not create the microphone. In reality, the idea had nothing to do with the head of the Nazi party. So who was the microphone’s true creator? Well, there has been much discussion on this subject in the past.

The microphone’s creation is widely attributed to English inventor and practical experimenter David Edward Hughes. The innovation in the middle of the 1870s in the US is also credited to Thomas Edison and Emilie Berliner.

In the end, Edison was given the patent rights to create the carbon microphone in 1892. Berliner, though, was also attempting to get the patent issued in his name. The foil electret microphone was developed by acoustician James Edward Maceo West.

More than 250 patents for the creation, manufacture, and design of the transducer were given to him. Adolf Hitler was therefore most definitely not one of the inventors who is credited with creating the microphone.

What did Kanye Say about Hitler Inventing Microphone?

Ye recently participated in an interview with Alex Jones and said he liked Hitler because he did have some redeeming features. He continued by saying he didn’t want to link Nazis to the word “evil.”

“Well, he seems like a good guy. I cherish everyone. The Jewish people won’t tell me that I may love them or what they’re doing to your contracts, but you can’t say aloud that this man, who created the freeway system and the same microphone I use as a musician, ever did something stupid,” West added.

I’m done with that, he added. I’ve finished classifying things. Every person, especially Hitler, contributes something worthwhile to the world. Ye even linked his dismissal to the Holocaust and declared, “Right now, Jews are essentially concealing me beneath their floorboards.” It resembles the Holocaust in reverse.

Fans scorned Ye’s allegations on social media after being stunned by his statements. “Kanye is not only a flaming antisemite, he is also a complete moron. Highways and the microphone were not created by Hitler. It’s not funny to live in Kanye’s fantasy reality. It has never been. It has consistently proven risky. Stop providing a Neo Nazi with a forum to promote hatred, one person tweeted.

For the record, Hitler did not create the freeway or the microphone, despite what Kanye West claims. Actually, that is absurd. Ye’s Nazi sympathising would still be abhorrent even if it were true. But it’s important to note that it’s completely untrue,” a third person chimed in.

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