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Kathryn Grant Obituary – The Tragic Story Of A Murderer Mother

Since it was learned that Kathryn Grant killed her newborn infant 27 years prior, the case of her suicide has recently gained attention.

The infant, given the moniker “Jonathan Foundling” by authorities, was discovered decomposing in a lavatory in the Oglethorpe House basement in 1996.

There were over 200 individuals present for the 8-pound baby’s funeral.

Until detectives conducted DNA genealogical testing in March 2021, the case remained unsolved for 25 years. It was found that Kathryn had killed the infant boy with a knife after giving birth to him.

At the time of the murder, Kathryn Anne Grant, a UGA student, was residing at Oglethorpe House. There is no evidence in the documents that Grant was questioned about the baby’s death during the preliminary investigation.

UGA detectives sent blood samples from the mother’s placenta and the infant to a Texas lab in June 2021.

In September 2021, the lab reported that it had discovered two individuals who might be linked to the victim, one of whom was probably the father.

Both guys were found to be present at UGA at the time of the murder, according to identification. The police then obtained a search warrant in order to collect their DNA.

The man who was most likely the father of the dead baby was questioned on December 14, 2022, and he admitted that he had sex with a woman he only recalled by her last name, Grant.

Kathryn was residing in room 301 of Oglethorpe House at the time of the murder, the detectives discovered when looking for a female student by the name of Grant.

It was noted that they also discovered Kathryn Grant’s obituary, which revealed that she passed away in Wilkes County in 2004.

Grant’s grades started to fall after she became pregnant and gave birth to the child, the investigators discovered after searching Grant’s university records.

The infant boy was really Grant’s, as claimed by UGA, but it was later made clear that she was struggling with her mental health at the time of her passing.

Eight years after killing her kid, Kathryn committed herself in Wilkes County in 2004 at the age of 29.

After detectives located the lady who is said to have given birth to the child, the case was resolved.

In response to a disclosure request, UGA police provided records to the Athens Banner-Herald that showed they had recently concluded the case.

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