What Does Klept Exactly Mean In The Peripheral? Post-credit Scenes Of The Finale Explained

The Peripheral on Prime Video creates a complex world set in two separate timelines based on William Gibson’s novel of the same name. Flynne Fisher, the protagonist, becomes involved in a confusing series of events that occur roughly 70 years after her time. She learns that a lot has happened in the world since the year 22. It operates substantially differently than it did during her time and looks and feels completely different. It appears that the Klepts are at the top of the food chain. Who are these klepts, though? In “The Peripheral,” what does the word mean? Let’s investigate. Spoilers follow.

What Does Klept Mean?

William Gibson used several elements of the present day and extended versions of them to create the dystopian future in his sci-fi novel “The Peripheral.” One of them happens to be the word “klept.” It is a condensed version of the word kleptocracy, which is used to describe a corrupt political system in which the government, to put it simply, steals money from the people and uses it to further its own influence and control. The term “kleptocracy” is put into perspective because the word “klept” has a meaning that is something akin to theft.

Although the roots of this system date back to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Gibson, who has characterised klepts as “fundamentally postnational,” may have based their identity in his novel on the Russian system, which has frequently been regarded as a kleptocracy, especially under President Vladimir Putin’s rule. This reveals how Lev Zubov, the most notorious klepto in the show, is connected to Russia.

Kleptocracy is thought to typically manifest in developing countries when the wealthy gain more wealth by utilising available resources without having to answer to anyone. Only a small number of individuals have the resources to survive the series of cataclysmic catastrophes, according to Gibson, who expanded this idea to be a global phenomenon. In the post-credits scene of the end, the programme mentions this specifics. Zubov meets with three men in this situation who are substantially more senior in the hierarchy. They all identify as Russian and speak of “the Putin diaspora.” This could be a reference to the Russian populace leaving Russia after the invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

The klepts in “The Peripheral” have their origins in our timeline, so to speak. They left their country under fictitious pretences and settled in various locations, including London in Zubov’s instance. They grew wealthy over time, and the globe experienced the Jackpot. When the true chance presented itself at this point, they seized it to the fullest. Something had to be done to put things under control because disease, death, and pollution had engulfed the entire planet. In the name of rescuing the world, the klepts turned to all kind of immoral acts that they might get away with because they reasoned that it might as well be under their control. It is also noteworthy that the usual system of government must have failed during the Jackpot, in which case the wealthy got to act as they pleased and were presumably applauded for it.

They, in particular the Zubov family, engaged in the horrific act of killing those who appeared expendable. Wilf learns from Aelita that both of their families were murdered and buried alongside thousands of others, and that implants were used to erase the memory of the incident from their memories. This demonstrates that the klepts went to extraordinary lengths to not only establish their own dominance but also to find a way to shape the future generations in the manner they desired. No one would consider disputing their position as the world’s saviours if no one was aware of their atrocities.

Now that the Jackpot has passed and the klepts are wealthier and more powerful than they ever dreamed possible, they continue to misuse their position of authority in various ways. They experiment with human lives in other timelines using stubs, and nothing ever comes back to haunt them. Despite the Met Police’s efforts to control them and the Research Institute’s attempts to undermine their power, the klepts have become an integral part of society and a pillar that cannot be removed without also removing everyone’s access to a roof over their heads. In essence, the klepts have given themselves a free pass to act however they like and without interference from anyone else. Until people like Aelita West and Flynne Fisher appear, that is.

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