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Here’s All About The ‘Knife Rule’ As Superstition Goes Viral On TikTok

The “Knife Rule” is the newest wacky trend in town, and TikTok is all about wacky trends. Some people are still unsure of the significance of this trend as it spreads throughout the video-sharing platform. What, therefore, is the “Knife Rule”? See everything about this bizarre trend below.

What Is The Knife Rule On TikTok?knife superstition,tiktok knife rules,knife tiktok trend,** knife rule superstition tiktok,superstition knife gift

Cool superstitions like “Three on a Match” are not exclusive to the military. The “Knife Rule,” a crazy trend that claims it’s bad luck to close a pocketknife that someone else has opened, has took over TikTok. So, it is preferable to give someone a closed pocket knife.

The practise resembles the politeness of giving someone a fork or knife with the sharpened edge pointed in their direction. The knife can be opened by the recipient, used, and then closed with the blade securely inside. Hey, isn’t that just good manners?

Trying to figure out which knife we’re talking about? The jackknife, also known as a folding knife, EDC, or pocketknife, has one or more blades that fold into the grip and is currently popular. Well, I just remembered Ellie’s awesome knife from “The Last of Us,” which she always carries with her.

When Did The Superstition Start?knife superstition,tiktok knife rules,knife tiktok trend,** knife rule superstition tiktok,superstition knife gift

According to the “Knife Rule,” we don’t know when this superstition first appeared, but it has been circulating online since the 2010s and will likely explode on TikTok in March 2023. Once Blaise Mahon, a user of the video-sharing app TikTok, submitted a film that had over 3.3 million views, the rule essentially became viral on the site.

“Gave a girl a knife; she returned it closed. Since then, nothing has been the same,” he wrote in regards to the rule. Well, people immediately began to express their knowledge of the “Knife Rule” in his comment section. “Real ones know if you open it you have to close it because it’s bad luck,” one user wrote.

“If somebody ever opens my knife,” added another another. It is the standard. Someone someone said, “NEVER EVER EVER!!! Never change it back from how you received it. Since many users of TikTok said that their fathers had taught them this rule when they were young, it appears to be a widespread superstition.

After her video became more famous on TikTok, TikToker @lil.nichole joined the trend. She captioned the video, “I feel it spoiled me. My brother taught me what I call the knife rule.” “So from now on, I won’t open or close a knife when a guy is nearby.”

While the majority of people accepted the superstition, other people didn’t think the “knife rule” trend made any sense. Now let me ask you this: Why would you give someone a pocketknife to open? To me, that seems dangerous,” commented TikToker @nevaehxdanielle. Hey, who are we to blame them? In actuality, it has more to do with good manners than superstition.

Another laughed, “Was looking for the one about closing a knife without first opening it. If a knife I borrowed from a buddy was open, he would not even touch it. It got to the point where I would always open a pocket knife I found lying about and leave it. He eventually overcame that superstition when he ran out of usable knives.

More Knife Superstitions…knife superstition,tiktok knife rules,knife tiktok trend,** knife rule superstition tiktok,superstition knife gift

Knife superstitions have been around for up to 2.6 million years, and they are prevalent all throughout the world. The following are some of the most intriguing ones, aside from the “knife rule”:

If you give a knife as a housewarming gift, your neighbour can become your enemy.
To lessen the agony of labour, tuck a knife under the bed during childbirth. Moreover, it is considered to ward off evil.
Giving a partner a knife as a gift is a sign that the relationship is about to end.
Give your pal a penny if they give you a knife. As the old adage says, “Never gift knives and shoes to a friend,” this converts the gift into a purchase to ensure a lasting friendship.
Knives should never cross at the table since this will cause conflict.
If you didn’t open the pocket knife, closing it is considered unlucky.
Always use a knife to slice bread rather than breaking it with your hands. It is stated that if you don’t, your life will be ruined.
Never hand a knife to someone else directly. It’s stated that this will lead to a battle between the two of you.
A dull blade indicates that a new sharpener is required.
Such beliefs have always been considered superstitious. In addition to knives, some people also adhere to superstitions like the rule of throwing a slipper in the direction of a cat. You can use this to look for a bad omen.

A black cat crossing the street denotes bad luck, a crow cawing signifies the arrival of guests, drinking milk after eating fish causes skin diseases, seeing a mongoose denotes great luck, and itchy palms indicate that money will soon come your way are just a few of the wackiest Indian superstitions.

The “Knife Rule” made me think of the “Three on a Match,” a long-standing military superstition that was allegedly practised by soldiers from the Crimean War through World War II. The third soldier in the match would be shot if three troops lit their cigarettes in the same match, which would result in the death of one of the three soldiers.

Three people sharing a light from the same match has been regarded as bad luck ever since, even though it actually happened during the war. Why not? War movies have done a good job of adapting it. Are you one of those persons who publicly denies having any superstitions but actually practises a few of them in secret?

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