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Lacey Evans Husband: Love, Family, and the Personal Side of a WWE Star

Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec, Lacey Evans’ spouse, is a crucial support system in her life.

One person stands out as a symbol of resiliency, commitment, and empowerment in the dynamic world of professional wrestling, where charisma, athleticism, and larger-than-life personalities combine.

A fearsome superstar in the WWE, Lacey Evans has mesmerized audiences around the world with her unmatched talent, military training, and tenacity.

Her extraordinary path from being a Marine to rising star in the entertainment business is nothing short of motivational.

She has reshaped perceptions and destroyed boundaries along the way, forever altering the sport.

Early Life and Military Service

Evans, who was given the name Macey Estrella-Kadlec when he was born on March 24, 1990, in Georgia, grew up with a natural sense of order and an adventurous spirit.

She would grow to be known for these traits both inside and outside the wrestling ring.

Evans had a fascinating path in the US Marine Corps before entering the world of sports entertainment.


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She upheld the fundamental virtues of honor, bravery, and devotion while serving as a military police officer; these qualities would eventually play a crucial role in her wrestling identity.

Entering the Squared Circle

After serving in the military, Lacey Evans made her debut in professional wrestling in 2014, entering a ring for the first time.

Trainers and fans alike were immediately drawn to her commitment and agility.

At several independent promotions, Evans sharpened her skills and developed a reputation as a hard competitor with a distinctive presence.

She soon found herself at the front door of the famed WWE thanks to her dedication to her trade and distinctive personality.

Redefining Womenโ€™s Wrestling

Evans made her main roster WWE debut in 2018, and she made an immediate impression.

She defied the expectations of women’s wrestling by demonstrating that power and femininity can exist side by side in harmony. She did this by adopting an old-fashioned Southern belle image and wearing distinctive military-inspired gear.

Her strong in-ring performances and engaging on-stage persona attracted the admiration and respect of both spectators and competitors.

Evans distinguished herself as a trailblazer during a time when women’s wrestling was developing quickly by taking part in innovative matches and storylines that displayed the breadth of her skills.

Her battles with some of the biggest WWE stars proved how adaptable and determined she was to test herself as an athlete and a character.

Empowerment and Advocacy

Beyond her successes inside the squared circle, Lacey Evans has developed into a supporter of self-determination and personal development.

She uses her experience in the military and professional wrestling to encourage others to embrace their uniqueness, confront preconceptions, and tenaciously pursue their goals.

Her inspirational social media messages and fan interactions have a significant influence on people looking to build resilience in the face of adversity.

Who is Lacey Evans husband?

Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec, Lacey Evans’ husband, is a caring spouse who sticks by her side while she navigates her profession in the WWE.

Alfonso plays a crucial part in Lacey’s life, providing continuous support and encouragement despite not being as well-known as Lacey.

Alfonso Estrella, a 33-year-old general contractor who works in the building sector, is Lacey Evans’ spouse.

With around 11,000 followers, Alfonso maintains an active presence on Instagram (@theladsmaestro).

He frequently posts tender pictures of Lacey, their family, and memorable occasions.

Alfonso Estrella, Lacey Evans’s husband, is a committed expert in the construction industry.

As Lacey pursues her goals and has an enduring impact on the wrestling profession, Alfonso’s position serves as a testament to the significance of having a dependable support system.

What does Lacey Evans husband do for a living?

In Lacey Evans’ life, Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec has been a steadfast support system.

Alfonso is essential to helping his wife Lacey Evans succeed in her wrestling career.

Even if his personal professional achievements may not be as prominently featured, it is obvious how committed he is to Lacey.

He gives Lacey unrelenting support behind the scenes so she can pursue her goals and succeed in the competitive world of wrestling.

He stands by her, acting as her pillar of support and encouraging her to progress in her wrestling career.

Lacey can concentrate on her wrestling goals knowing that Alfonso supports her and believes in her every step of the way because of his support and presence.

What age did Lacey Evans get married?

Lacey Evans and Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec began their adventure as life partners on August 5, 2015, when they exchanged vows.

At the age of 19, Lacey Evans, who is now 30 years old, wed her spouse Alfonso.

Summer was born when Lacey was 22 years old. Eight-year-old Summer has frequently seen on WWE television alongside her mother.

In 2020, Lacey and her husband appeared in a Foster Farms corndog commercial in addition to their WWE performances.

Summer played a “hangry kid” in the advertisement who develops into a “hangry monster.”

Lacey currently resides in South Carolina with her spouse.

The pair, who are currently residents of Parris Island, North Carolina, became friends while they were teenagers.

Domestic harmony triumphs despite the challenges of a wrestler’s tough life on the road, thanks to her husband’s support.

Lacey expressed her thanks for her husband’s important influence on her life in a 2017 WWE interview. He has been a constant source of motivation for me over the past 13 years and has always acknowledged my drive for personal development. They have supported me all the way, from South Carolina to California and from Paris to numerous cities in Europe.

Alfonso Estrella, Lacey Evans’ husband, serves as a steadfast source of encouragement throughout her incredible journey.

In the course of their marriage, they have supported one another through both good times and bad, building a strong bond based on love and camaraderie.

Their relationship is significant not just because they are deeply in love with each other, but also because of the extraordinary journey they have traveled together.

Alfonso shared his love and thanks in a birthday Instagram post, highlighting their persevering 16-year journey together, their dedication to marriage, and their love for their family.

Alfonso values Lacey’s assistance and views her as his soul match.

Alfonso, a steadfast rock by her side, fervently supported Lacey in her goal to become a WWE superstar.

She was able to focus on her profession and maintain a solid, loving relationship because of his presence.

Did Lacey Evans really serve in the military?

Her military experience is one of the fascinating facets of Lacey Evans’ demeanor.

Former US Marine Corps military police officer Lacey Evans uses her military background to enhance her wrestling persona.

Regarding the depth of her military service, however, misunderstanding and false information have emerged.

Despite only serving for a brief time, Lacey Evans was a Marine.

She joined the Marine Corps at the age of 19, and she graduated from Parris Island’s basic training program with honors.

She was, however, honorably released before finishing her whole term of service owing to personal reasons, including her being pregnant.

Despite being brief, her military stint has had a significant impact on who she is. Her wrestling persona has been formed by it, giving her a unique blend of strength and discipline.

Support and Empowerment from Lacey Evans husband

It’s important to acknowledge the crucial role that partners like Alfonso Estrella-Kadlec play in a field where the limelight frequently focuses on the solo accomplishments of wrestlers.

Fans are enthralled by Lacey Evans’ performances and unabashed magnetism. Her husband, Alfonso, has a big impact on her progress since he offers steadfast support.

Their cooperation shows strength in overcoming obstacles and enjoying victories.

While Lacey’s physical struggles are displayed in the wrestling ring, her mental and personal struggles are fought side by side with Alfonso by her side, providing encouragement each step of the way.

Future Endeavors

Future Projects Lacey Evans’ adventure is still very much in progress.

The journey of Lacey Evans is ongoing. She underwent a transformation from a Marine to a WWE superstar, displaying tenacity and the capacity to overcome challenges.

She leaves a lasting impression on the history of sports entertainment by inspiring both wrestlers and spectators.

Evans demonstrates her unrelenting dedication to her art with each match, promo, and appearance while also empowering those around her.

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