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Saraya Jade Bevis: Rising to Wrestling Stardom as Paige in the WWE

With her extraordinary talent, alluring persona, and unwavering resolve, Saraya Jade Bevis, better known by her electric ring name Paige, has inscribed her name into the annals of professional wrestling history.

Paige, who is originally from Norwich, England, has had an incredible journey from a wrestling family environment to international celebrity.

Paige made her debut in the world of professional wrestling with a unique aura and great in-ring abilities.

Her destiny was to make a lasting mark because she was raised in a family with a strong wrestling history.

She built a solid foundation through training and exposure in her family’s wrestling organization, which propelled her into the public eye.

Through WWE’s developmental league, NXT, Paige was first introduced to a larger public. There, she quickly attracted recognition for her unwavering resolve and distinctive charisma.

Women’s wrestling was no longer relegated to the background thanks to Paige’s rise to the main roster; she was a key figure in the movement that would later be known as the “Women’s Evolution.”

We learn about the turning points, struggles, and victories in Saraya Jade Bevis’s incredible journey as we explore the world of professional wrestling.


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Paige’s tale is one of empowerment, resiliency, and a significant influence on the wrestling industry. Paige’s biography spans from her departure from WWE to her personal relationships and the reinvention of her identity.

Saraya Jade Bevis Age, Early Life & Wrestling Roots

Age, Early Years, and Wrestling Roots of Saraya Jade Bevis Paige was born in Norwich, England on August 17, 1992, and she seems destined for a wrestling career.

Paige was up surrounded by the world of wrestling because she comes from a family that has a strong background in the sport and has working parents and siblings.

Her age will be 31 as of 2023.


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The ring’s images and sounds encircled her, influencing her future.

Her eventual destiny was paved by the wrestling company her parents, Ricky Knight and Sweet Saraya, managed.

Paige’s family served as her teachers as she began her training at a fairly young age.

She developed her abilities quickly and started wrestling both locally and internationally.

She was positioned as a prodigious wrestling phenomenon on the rise thanks to her intrinsic talent and her family’s knowledge.

Why Did Saraya Change Her Name?

Her ring name, which she adopted for the wrestling ring, is an alluring aspect of Paige’s image.

She made a profoundly transformational choice when she changed her birth name, Saraya Jade Bevis, to Paige.

The character Paige Matthews from the well-liked television program “Charmed” served as the model for the name “Paige.”

The name change symbolized the beginning of a new chapter in Paige’s life and her determination to growing as a wrestler and having an influence within WWE.

As Paige accepted her distinct individuality and set out on a quest of self-discovery, it evolved into a symbol of empowerment.

Why is Paige called Saraya now?

Her birth name, Saraya Jade Bevis, has been shortened to “Saraya” to represent a step toward moving over previous trauma.

She has known this moniker since she was a young child, therefore she is accustomed to it.

For a British family with strong English origins, “Saraya” might seem exotic, but her parents’ decision has an amusing backstory.

The name was inspired by her mother’s mistaken perception of a Slayer song while high in a mosh pit as a hit by someone named Saraya.

This story was told by Saraya’s mother, also known by the stage names Sweet Saraya and Saraya Knight. She changed her name to Julia Hamer-Bevis and used it throughout her wrestling career.

NXT and WWE Debut

WWE and NXT When Debut Paige entered WWE’s developmental division, NXT, her rise to international fame acquired significant momentum.

Paige’s incredible journey, which propelled her up the ranks, started with her debut. She stood out among her peers thanks to her gothic appearance and mysterious demeanor.

Just one day after making her main roster debut, she made history in April 2014 by becoming the youngest WWE Divas Champion. She was only 21 years old at the time.

She became a formidable force in the wrestling industry thanks to her prowess in the ring and excellent connection with the crowd.

In-Ring Mastery and Championship Reigns

Beyond her distinctive demeanor, Paige’s wrestling knowledge went beyond In-Ring Mastery and Championship Reigns.

She frequently performed dazzling performances that delighted audiences with a dynamic blend of technical prowess and high-flying maneuvers.

Her championship reigns demonstrated her versatility as she shifted between face and heel positions without losing her charisma.

With her fierce rivalries and competitive matches, Paige’s stint as Divas Champion helped WWE’s women’s division to come back to life.

Her contributions played a crucial role in the “Women’s Evolution,” a revolutionary era that propelled female wrestling to previously unimaginable heights.

Challenges and Triumphs

Although Paige’s accomplishments in wrestling were without a doubt exceptional, her road was not without difficulties.

She was temporarily sidelined by injuries, which offered substantial challenges, causing her to go through intensive rehabilitation.

Paige overcame these obstacles because to her tenacity and unyielding resolve, proving her indomitable spirit.

The biographical film “Fighting with My Family,” which portrayed her life, her legacy in wrestling, and the nuances of her family’s connection to the sport, further highlighted her inspirational path.

Why Did Saraya Leave WWE?

When she had a neck injury in 2016, Paige’s career as a wrestler experienced a significant setback.

She was also having an abusive relationship with wrestler Alberto del Rio at the same time. In response, the WWE suspended him and gave Paige another shot.

Paige’s mother announced publicly on Twitter that her daughter needed neck surgery.

When Paige was twice suspended by the WWE for substance addiction, things unfortunately became worse.

She insisted that the medications were required to treat the pain brought on both her neck injury and the impending surgery.

Paige had a second neck injury on December 27 during a tag team match after being kicked by Sasha Banks.

The impact caused the referee to stop the game. She was forced to miss the 2017 Royal Rumble as a result.

Her relationship with the WWE deteriorated, which led her to change her job and publicly reveal her new name, Saraya.

In April 2018, Paige finally declared her retirement from in-ring combat.

Her ambition to pursue new opportunities inside the organization also played a role in Paige’s decision to leave WWE.

Paige embraced new opportunities to make a contribution to the wrestling industry as she made the transition from an active in-ring fighter to a manager and authority figure.

Is Saraya in a Relationship?

Numerous admirers have expressed curiosity in Paige’s personal life. She has made her connections and experiences known to the public.

Her engagement to fellow wrestler Alberto Del Rio, also known as Alberto El Patrón, was one notable relationship.

Both inside and beyond the wrestling community, attention was drawn to their connection.

However, the relationship did not last, and they chose different paths. Paige has decided to keep her romantic life more secret at the moment.

Although she occasionally posts peeks of her intimate contacts on social media, she has opted to keep some details of her partnerships secret.

Legacy and Impact

Beyond honors and championship victories, Paige has left a lasting impact.

Her impact on women’s wrestling is significant since she was crucial in changing attitudes and giving female wrestlers opportunity.

The groundwork for a more welcoming and respectable women’s division inside professional wrestling was built by Paige’s pioneering efforts and her passion for the sport.

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