Elden Ring : How The Respec System Actually Works And Change Your Stats?

Altering your character’s stats and rebuilding anything you’ve made is possible with the Elden Ring respec system. You can reset all of your skill points and reinvest them in a variety of ways by utilising Larval Tears. To acquire the power, though, you must first fight a specific boss and gather the Tears required to pay for the procedure.

Whether you want to tweak your build or entirely scrap it and start over, it’s a very powerful system. We’ll go over all you need to know here to make the most of it all, including which boss you need to locate and take down as well as where to collect Larval Tears. With the knowledge we have provided, you will soon be able to modify, change, or completely construct characters by reusing every point you have ever accrued in Elden Ring. Thus, this is how the respec system functions.


You must speak with Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, a character in Elden Ring, in order to change your stats. But Rennala isn’t just any character—a she’s crucial boss in the game who must be defeated before she can be appeased and turned into a helpful NPC.

After defeating Godrick, you can access Rennala at the top of Elden Ring’s Raya Lucaria Academy, the enormous magical building in the heart of Liurnia of the Lakes, the watery region north of Stormveil. You must specifically locate the Raya Lucaria Grand Library, which serves as Rennala’s primary battleground (or at least a portion of it).

She will be a pleasant NPC in the library after the boss battle and will give you the opportunity to “Rebirth,” the game’s pompous word for a respec. Simply said, this offers you the freedom to redistribute all the levels you’ve already gained anyway you see fit and allows you to completely alter the appearance of your character. Want to put more emphasis on your Dexterity and less on your Strength power? To change from intelligence to faith, click here. This is your chance. Of course, we have Elden Ring metrics described here if you want to know exactly what each attribute performs.

The only drawback is that you need to pay a rare and special item called a Larval Tear each time you want to respec. That requires its own type of work.


There are only 18 larval tears in the entire Elden Ring, some of which can be found in the same spot, and there is currently no known method of farming them. Below, we’ve included every Larval Tear that is currently known, roughly in the sequence that players would probably find them (though your own experiences may differ). Larval Tears are frequently thrown by disguised adversaries, also known as enemies who transform into completely other enemies when being harmed. Cut any of these down if you discover any; you’ll probably get a larval tear in return.

Soldier who, when attacked, transforms into a bear is located east of Agheel Lake South Site of Grace. To obtain a Larval Tear, kill him. (Limgrave)
A soldier who transforms into a troll when attacked is located south of the Caelid Highway South Site of Grace. To obtain the Larval Tear, kill the troll. (Caelid) South of the Academy, in the Albinaurics Village cemetery, there is a Larval Tear. On the island south of the Raya Lucaria Academy, east of the Rose Church, there is a Giant Lobster that, when attacked, reveals itself to be a Grafted Scion. If you want the Larval Tear, kill the Scion. (Liurnia)
Discover the Resurrection Painting in the Artist’s Shack northeast of the Caria Study Hall to bring about the appearance of a spectral NPC seated in a chair in the graveyard east of the Caria Manor. To obtain Larval Tear and Scholar’s clothing, interact with them. To access this location, you must slay Royal Knight Loretta. On the cliffs southeast of the Three Sisters, there is a trader named (Liurnia) Pidia, Carian Servant. He will sell you a Larval Tear for 3000 Runes if you descend to him. (Liurnia) You can purchase a Larval Tear for 3000 Runes from the Nomadic Merchant under the Siofra River’s underground ruins. (Siofra) There is a frightened soldier inside the Woodfolk Ruins east of the Minor Erdtree who transforms into a scythe lion when wounded. Get the Larval Tear by killing the lion. Two Larval Tears are dropped by the Mimic Tear boss battle at the beginning of the Nokron section (Altus Plateau). (Nokron) The Eternal City Site of Grace is a corpse in a stone mausoleum with a Larval Tear on it, southeast of Nokron. (Nokron) On a corpse in the Gazebo near Nokron’s entrance; however, when you take it up, slimes will fall on you. (Nokron) The enormous silver ball that you encounter in Night’s Sacred Ground attacks you and, when killed, drops a Larval Tear. A burned undead that, when damaged, transforms into one of the Wormface adversaries may be found near the wrecked military camp east of the Road of Inequities Site of Grace in Nokron. Get the Larval Tear by killing the Wormface. In the city of Nokstella, there are three more hostile huge silver balls that, when killed, all discharge Larval Tears (Mt. Gelmir). (Nokstella) A man lies partially buried in snow between two other hostile troops, one of which is brandishing a flaming torch. This is located southeast of the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace. When attacked, the partially hidden person transforms into a bear. For the Larval Tear, kill the bear. Ad for (Consecrated Snowfield)

It is obvious that Larval Tears are sufficiently infrequent to warrant extreme caution while respecing; ensure that you want to make the commitment and that you’re satisfied with the outcome. If there are only a few levels separating you from the build you like, it might be preferable to simply visit one of our Elden Ring Rune farming areas to level the necessary stats.

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