Remembering Leslie Hamilton Freas , Linda Hamilton’s Twin Sister and Stunt-Double | How Did Leslie Hamilton Die?

Tragically, Leslie Hamilton Freas has passed away. The 63-year-old twin sister of Terminator actress Linda Hamilton. She apparently passed away on Saturday, August 22, one week ago. But the information is only now beginning to circulate. Her death has not been given a cause, and the details of her passing are now unknown.

Leslie Hamilton Freas had previously worked as an emergency room nurse before becoming a hospice nurse. As Linda’s twin sister’s stand-in, Leslie made a significant contribution to some of Terminator 2: Judgment Day’s most recognisable scenes. They appeared together on screen. Leslie contributed to the creation of a specific sequence in which Sarah Connor’s identity was assumed by the T-1000. Without the aid of CGI, which was still being developed in 1992, the visual trick was accomplished.

Hardcore fans may also be aware that Leslie Hamilton Freas contributed to a deleted sequence that was ultimately omitted from the renowned James Cameron movie but was later made available on home video releases. The T-800’s CPU is being reset to learn mode at this time by Sarah and John Connor. While her sister Linda was visible in a mirror illusion holding a life-sized Schwarzenegger puppet made by artist Stan Winston and his company, Freas stood next to actual actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in the scenario.

Director James Cameron had the twins mimic each other’s body language and feelings in this particular scene. It was intended to give viewers the impression that what they saw in the mirror was real. James Cameron hasn’t been hesitant in showcasing the sequence, even though it didn’t work for the final movie.

Leslie filled up for her sister Linda during the playground apocalypse scene in a third session on site. Leslie reportedly took over this role after Linda reportedly permanently damaged her ear during filming a scene in an elevator in which she fired a gun before donning her earplugs.

The only screen credit Leslie Hamilton Freas has is for Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Despite the fact that she contributed significantly to a movie that is regarded as innovative in the world of visual effects. She was originally developed as Leslie Hamilton Gearren at that time.

In Salisbury, Maryland, on September 26, 1956, Leslie and Linda Hamilton were born. Linda went on to become a well-known actor in the 1980s while Leslie chose to pursue a career in medicine when the two attended Wicomico Junior High School in Salisbury. When the twins were only five years old, their father died in a vehicle accident. They also have a younger brother and an elder sister.

The passing of Leslie Hamilton Freas was not immediately announced to the general public. No one from the family has yet commented on Leslie Hamilton Freas’ passing. As of right now, no funeral plans have been arranged. Let her soul rest in peace.

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